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Hundreds of Rohingya riot in Penang

More than 500 Rohingya escaped from their Penang detention centre this morning in the wee hours, according to the Immigration Department press release.

They broke out from the Sungai Bakap temporary depot by shattering doors and grills — see statement by the Immigration DG (tweet below).

The international media have since provided more details on this breaking news, saying that the Rohingya “rioted”.

Six of them are now dead after having been run over by vehicles on the highway, said Reuters — see below.

The Rohingya killed are two men, two women and a boy and a girl who were reportedly trying to cross a highway some 8km distance from the camp.

Five miles is quite a lot of ground to cover on foot when there is a police manhunt for them. The Rohingya are really a most enterprising people — like that time in July 2020 when they faked drowning at sea.

Their decoy manouvre (to divert attention) had caused our maritime authorities to look quite uselessly for them in the water. Meanwhile, the sneaky Rohingya – who had deliberately sunk their boat off Langkawi – managed to evade Malaysian coastguards and make landfall in their smaller relay vessels.

See ‘Search & Rescue: Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang Malaysia’ — read HERE

When eight boys on basikal lajak were killed, the wokiest virtue signalers in Malaysia said it is the fault of society that the tragic road accident happened.

We can expect these moral paragons to quickly repeat their virtuous posturing, i.e. again blame “society”, and here blame the Immigration Department as well as blame other of our enforcement agencies for the deaths of these half dozen Rohingya escapees.

The Bangsa Malaysia virtue signalers will also start blaming their less woke fellow netizens in social media, faulting especially the anti-illegal immigration crowd which supported previous government action to turn away Rohingya boats.

Not welcoming Rohingya as ‘refugees’ is to reject wonderful diversity and to be lacking in feelings of multiculturalism and inclusion.


Michelle Liu – two years ago (above) – wrung her hands, tore her hair, beat her chest and at the same time wailed how scared she was just thinking there are horrible racists in our country “who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs”.



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One thought on “Hundreds of Rohingya riot in Penang

  1. The facts are that these Rohingyas are refugees from authorized genocide in Myanmar. In this Holy month of Ramadan, 528 of them who were cooped up in a depot, rioted which resulted in the deaths of 6 Rohingyas and only 317 were recaptured. Strangely, our beloved Malaysia is no stranger to mass inflows of refugees since the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975. We have been receiving refugees by land, sea and air. It seems there is no Policy to deal with these unfortunate souls now in our midst seeking security, food and shelter. I have always wondered why Malaysia did not properly employ them whether they are Rohingyas or not in the plantations or factories as guaranteed by the owners instead of treating the refugees like prisoners in a jail ? Why ? This incident also reminds me of the very poor state of our country’s zoos. My opinion is that all zoos should be closed down to stop the animals from suffering unnecessarily and released in the wild.. Those who want to see the real animals could go to Singapore. I was a refugee once upon a time. It was no joke !

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