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Mahathir and DAP have one thing in common

Both are champions of the Rohingya.

Mahathir is the most high profile defender of the Rohingya cause on the world stage whereas DAP has most politicized the plight of Rohingya just as it most politicizes Sum Ke Ting and every other thing.

Mahathir is a strongman leader (PM of 24 years), DAP is a strong party (biggest number of MPs in Dewan Rakyat) and Rohingya are a strong people (see above their handiwork on the grill door). Birds of a feather flock together.

Imagine having so much strength in just your bare hands alone … Wow! The bending of these iron grills (another pic below) by Rohingya strongmen happened early this morning in the DAP-ruled Penang, we’re told.

BELOW: Tweeted by DAP Penang MP Kasthuri Patto — see how not only the grills are bent but the door itself is torn from its hinges

If there is a man who is the one person most responsible for the 200,000-plus Rohingya choosing to stay in our country, that man is certainly MAHATHIR MOHAMAD.

Mahathir has been the loudest advocate of Rohingya’s right to remain as refugees here in Malaysia.

When it was ethnic Chinese refugees (Vietnamese boat people in the 1970s), however, he famously threatened his “Shoot on Sight” order.

If Mahathir and DAP do not display double standards, they will have no standards at all.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said – see his press statement above – that all of the 528 Rohingya who busted out from their detention centre today are detainees from earlier batches of boat arrivals to Langkawi.

Langkawi is Mahathir’s parliamentary constituency. It is the place in Malaysia where the Rohingya have been given the widest corridor of entry.


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4 thoughts on “Mahathir and DAP have one thing in common

    1. Uncle,

      • Putin claimed that Ukraine committed genocide in the Donbas (not true)

      • Biden claimed that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine (not true)

      • Rohingya claiming that Myanmar has committed genocide in the Rakhine (not true)

      The Burmese generals leading the Tatmadaw may have committed “war crimes” … Myanmar is experiencing civil war.

      They brutalize everybody — the Bamar (ethnic) insurrectionists in the Burmese heartland, the Christian separatists among the hill tribes and earlier, the Rohingya also.

      Rohingya villages were burned down in 2016–17.. Ever since the 2011 coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi, Buddhist villages have been razed to the ground too.

      Birds of every feather suffer the brutality of the Tatmadaw. The Rohingya have not been singled out for genocide.

      1. HA. Hence both of us have a mission to uphold Peace, Harmony, Goodwill in our beloved Malaysia. Hopefully, all Rakyat are of the same mind and spirit. I have always been aware that our beautiful country and its beautiful peoples must have Leaderships which do not lead us down. Justice and fair play are paramount in any society around the World whether, Karens, Rohingyas,, Myanmar Buddhists, etc. It pays to keep Peace, Harmony, Goodwill at all costs under the Law. Once, blood is spilled through poor Leaderships, it will be complicated and difficult to repair the bridge again. Just look at the agonizing and protracted Russia-Ukraine negotiations. In any country, the top Leadership must really be the top and not something else.

  1. It is good, very good that your distinguished Blog brings up current affairs topics not only about Malaysia but cogent informative issues from around the World. In the early 1960s, I was a Fellow Trustee in a Government entity together with Tan Sri Runme Shaw and Dato Loke Wan Tho, the film moguls. Tan Sri Runme always said, ‘ Very good. Never bad about anything.’ I learnt much from him. Your Blog does not matter whether it attracts or not as long as it captures the audience.’ Courtesy Deng Xiao Peng. Today CNN reported the befuddled President Biden was confused with a question posed to him by a journalist on a legal issue. His faltering fitness is catching up with him. The World may yet see an Asian Indian US President who speaks good ENGLISH, American English, not the Queen’s English but definitely NOT Singlish !

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