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Table troll and other goblins (photos)

UN sec-gen Antonio Guterres met with President Putin at the Kremlin yesterday — below.

Virtue signallers united around the world were triggered by the letter ‘Z’ painted on Russian tanks which invaded Ukraine.

Caveat: I cannot verify whether the troll photo below of the A–Z complete alphabet recently on the tanks – or army vehicles below – is genuine or photoshopped.

This one of the ginger cat sitting in the hollowed out shoulder-held anti-tank gun, however, appears real (undoctored).

Again, another caveat. I’m unable to provide context for the picture, so please treat it as just one of the viral Internet cat photos.

Nato is off-loading its ‘old’ (past expiry date?) war materiel to Ukraine.

If such weapons misfire, it is the Ukrainian patriots firing them who will injure themselves (macam budak bakar mercun meletup yang cederakan jari sendiri).

In the meanwhile, American weapons manufacturers will now get to sell a whole bunch of very expensive, newer materiel to Europe and make even more money.

Anerican taxpayers are also footing the bill — see Biden’s  new $800 million military aid for Ukraine (above).

And the White House continues to ask Congress for more and more money to spend on the USA’s proxy war in Ukraine.

The longer this conflict goes on, the more profitable it is for the military industrial complex, i.e. BFFs of the neocons and the Democrats, both.


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3 thoughts on “Table troll and other goblins (photos)

  1. “Freedom must be better armed then tyranny”
    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Will you rather armed with American hardwares and softwares or just rolled over and let China takes what it wants
    Who is at your doorsteps?
    You gonna…play dead?

    1. I don’t know enough to make an informed comment on the Ukrainian situation.

      I don’t know much about military matters but I do know the English-language media well.

      And one thing I’m sure about is that the Western media is highly partisan, very biased, mostly hypocritical and I don’t trust the ‘news’ they report — one example, I don’t believe Nato allegations that Russia committed any massacre in Bucha.

      I would say too that the Western media is disinforming and misinforming the global public, and at the same time promoting Russophobia and hysteria.

      However I do agree with the general consensus that:

      (1) Russia carried out an invasion of a sovereign country

      (2) Russia is inflicting war on Ukraine to grab land

      (3) The people of Ukraine are the unfortunate victims of Russian aggression

      Nonetheless, there are still some broader issues. It’s good that Russia is breaking the Western hegemony over the world (i.e. the UN vote on sanctions) and challenging US currency as the petrodollar.

      1. I also agree with 1,2 and 3
        In return ,full force of sanctions participation from free and democratic nations plus the continuous pipeline of military hardwares and softwares from military complex of these nations I hope will paralyze Russia and reduces it to the size of the state of Rhode Island and to further breakup of Russia Federations
        I want to see Tartars and Chechen
        statehood out of this mess up

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