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Syabas, Zuraida becomes the face of Bangsa M’sia!


Zuraida is now the Parti Bangsa Malaysia president designate.

As “Ibu Bangsa Malaysia”, she will be giving Mama Dapster a run for her money as to which of the two is more Bangsa Malaysian.

How absolutely thrilling that Zuraida Kamaruddin is the new face of Bangsa Malaysia.

Glory be!

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Kit Siang apologists walk back Sri Lanka “violent imagery”

Even the staunchest Harapan fans had to grudgingly concede that Kit Siang “raises violent imagery of political operatives [PM and cabinet ministers] having their houses burnt by mobs”, as highlighted by Najib in his Facebook two days ago — see below. Continue reading “Kit Siang apologists walk back Sri Lanka “violent imagery””

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Third time a charm

Just in case Beijing missed it the first two times, President Biden repeats himself again in Japan.

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Cina DAP mucking about in other people’s religious spaces

Politicians, being politicians, will make a show of multikulti. Like for example our succession of PMs (including Mahathir — all of them Umno or ex-Umno leaders) tossing yee sang with chopsticks during CNY open house.

The ultra kiasu DAP, however, takes this festival custom a huge step further. Not content with only wishing Selamat Hari Raya, its party leaders are first off the starter block with their Selamat Berpuasa greetings the minute Ramadan is glimpsed turning around the corner. Continue reading “Cina DAP mucking about in other people’s religious spaces”