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Cina DAP mucking about in other people’s religious spaces

Politicians, being politicians, will make a show of multikulti. Like for example our succession of PMs (including Mahathir — all of them Umno or ex-Umno leaders) tossing yee sang with chopsticks during CNY open house.

The ultra kiasu DAP, however, takes this festival custom a huge step further. Not content with only wishing Selamat Hari Raya, its party leaders are first off the starter block with their Selamat Berpuasa greetings the minute Ramadan is glimpsed turning around the corner.

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DAP’s overeagerness to ingratiate is cheap political gimmickry, considering that these pandering politicians don’t themselves fast from dawn to dusk, what more for an entire holy month.

When PAS leaders speak about bulan puasa, it’s spoken of as a religious matter. They give Islamic sermons and quote appropriate Quran verses related to fasting.

DAP’s non-Muslim politicians, on the other hand, drop their coy and copious ‘Salam Ramadan’ wishes like some sort of formulaic Hallmark (greeting card) ditty.

Understandably, DAP is very keen to expand its Big Tent ever larger to catch more Malay votes. But in doing this, they’re muscling in on Muslim spaces either directly or tangentially.

For example, DAP berates the Malay (hence Muslim) authorities over our country’s treatment of Rohingya, and preaching too (DAP evangelists, PAS Islamists are no different) that Islam teaches this and that.

Increasingly, DAP is also out-Islamicizing the Malay political parties in its rhetoric supporting Palestinians and condemning Israel. But DAP is not as concerned about the Uighurs though (you try and guess why).

DAP’s gambit to muck about in the Muslim religious space is driven by its Christian leadership.

For instance, the Raya video below appears to be a Hannah Yeoh initiative. The party’s most high profile evangelist is the first karaoker to appear on screen, and she has the most singing time too.

The six leaders featured in the DAP Raya 2020 video above reflect the Chinese party core and its necessary tokenism, i.e. Malay and Indian window dressing.

Of the half dozen DAP singers, three-and-half are Chinese, one-and-a-half are Malay and one is Indian.

In their order of appearance:

  1. Hannah Yeoh
  2. Kasthuri Patto
  3. Lim Guan Eng
  4. Anthony Loke Siew Fook
  5. Syahredzan Johan
  6. Jamaliah Jamaluddin

YB Jamaliah, the Bandar Utama Adun, is biracial. Her mother is Chinese.

And of the six, half are Christian (Hannah, Guan Eng, Kasthuri). Anthony may or may not be Christian — we do not readily know.

I’ve opined before that DAP suffers from religious schizophrenia. The reason I say this is because the party’s Christian leadership goes way overboard in their mesra-Islam posturing while its grassroots are reluctant to come onboard the cosplay showboat.

And when certain old school DAP members like Ronnie Liu and Dr Boo Cheng Hau query this ubah trajectory, they’re attacked by siapa yang makan cili terasa pedas, who then sic their lynch mobs on these brave dissenters.

Ronnie and Boo are merely reminding DAP of the party’s once secular manifesto but DAP post-2008 is a changed party from what its stalwarts previously knew.


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