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What does DAP have in common with dirty Democrats?

Both are fond of insulting ordinary people who are unlike themselves.

The corrupt Joe Biden said yesterday: “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

MAGA is the Make America Great Again umbrella for Trump supporters.

In Malaysia, DAP calls its chief opponent Najib Razak “kleptocrat”, label his close allies a “kakistocracy” and frame their party as “Malay supremacist”.

In the USA, the Democratic Party calls its main rival Donald Trump literally “Hitler”, label his close allies “Nazis” and cast their party as “far right”, “white supremacist“.

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Twitter new boss Elon Musk pointed out two days ago how this propensity to smear (by name-calling their rivals as “Nazis”) is prevalent in the ‘liberal’ half of American politics.

Referring to fake news media, @elonmusk tweeted on May 3: “NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis …” —see below.

In the 2020s, who still likes to call others ‘Nazi’?

Russia, for one, is calling Ukrainian militias fighting in the Donbas “Nazi” while claiming that President Putin’s so-called special military operation (i.e. war) is for the purpose of ‘denazifying’ Ukraine.

Michelle Liu earlier wrote in Malaysiakini that “Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats”.

What then would virtue signallers like Michelle make of Hadi Awang who recently said there are ‘rats and cats’ in the Harapan Big Tent?

She similarly accused some skeptical Malaysians of believing that “Rohingya are like dogs”.

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Michelle was falsely implying these Malaysians – by allegedly “dehumanizing” Rohingya – had regarded the illegal economic immigrants as subhuman.

Michelle then lumped these critical Malaysians together with Hitler who she claimed believed Jews were like rats, and with Rwanda’s Hutu tribe whom she also claimed believed that the massacred Tutsi tribe were like “cockroaches”.

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Michelle Liu is Malaysia’s own example of woke Bangsar Bubbleians who reflexively allude to others as “Nazi” simply for not sharing their self-referential ‘virtuous’ opinions.

The DAP Big Tent may or may not be full of rats and cats, but its tentpole preening politicians are champions in calling their opponents nasty names — “racist”, “extremist”, “bigot”, “toxic” and “inhumane”.


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6 thoughts on “What does DAP have in common with dirty Democrats?

  1. The DAP has the record of a fairly clean party since its inception. But the tactics employed by the born again christians have no finesse – crude and unbecoming of its leadership. Your comparison of this lot with the buddies of Lee Kuan Yew Is the truth.

  2. We know who the real Nazis are
    We just do not like others to believe it is us
    It never too late for “ woke “
    Go brush your teeth and change
    The world need you , the world need all of you

  3. Further the DAP having tasted Power now live in deja vu of its wet dream. Not only that, the DAP now skates on the razor’s edge of our unique Malaysian democratic system from which a right move propels it to be the Premier Multi-racial Party of Malaysia. A wrong move brings another 56 years of Oblivion. A political party Is assumed to win Power not to eschew it. Believe it or not !

  4. The Oxford Dictionary only has the word ‘klepto’ no kleptocracy a Malaysian invention . On the assumption, all are kleptos, cryptos or not, the situation has become so politicised that all could now be prioritized into US Dollar billionaires worth US $ 20 Billions++ down to minor malfeasances of the much devalued ringgit. The World awaits. Michelle or no Michelle. The teflon leader wins !

  5. How many Malaysians still remember the recent shocking revelation of all charges dropped By the PH Government against an alleged felon caught in possession of illegal drugs ? The BN Government has never been exposed and embarassed in this manner. This event has smeared the otherwise squeaky clean record of the DAP forever.

  6. The Leadership of the DAP with the recent retirement of its stalwart and the baggage of oldies has yet to be tested in the field. Recent comments by analysts were not favourable which meant back to square one with shades of alleged chauvinism. Without principles, the present tactics for the DAP to win and return to Putrajaya in triumph Is but a pipe dream !

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