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Bangsar Bubbleians spit at DAP’s own Chinese-educated grassroots

So YB Ong Kian Ming is planning to beat a strategic retreat.

Smarter operatives like him are correctly guessing that similar to the backlash at party level, there will be a bigger backlash against DAP come the next election.

It is a case of the virtue signalers becoming too habituated to spitting. After having spat incessantly at rivals and opponents, the lines became blurred and these perfect Pious Ones even started to spit at their own party base who’re not in lockstep with DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia bullshit.

Below are two headlines from yesterday. Ong and Hannah Yeoh are political birds of a feather in the way they operate.

News item #1 — Bye, Felicia

DAP’s tudung-wearing Bangsa Malaysia icon Hannah lamented the decision of her fellow Bangsa Malaysian MP, the songkok-wearing Ong, not to defend his parliament seat.

@hannahyeoh tweeted that the Bangi MP’s announced departure wrt GE15 is “a great loss for Malaysia”.

“A great loss“ … Oh, really? Her comment just shows how much DAP Bangsa Malaysia leaders are full of themselves.

And why not? After all, to their cheerleaders, these A+ (konon) DAP Christian politicians can do no wrong compared with ‘fail’-grade Malay politicians (who in the Bangsar Bubble opinion) can do nothing right.

News item #2 — Dong Jiao Zong not a fan

The Dapster Sentral news hub (see tweet above) yesterday speculated that Damansara MP Tony Pua – another Bangsa Malaysian – might also sit out GE15 too.

A little over two months ago, Pua publicly castigated the Foon Yew school board “for destroying the moral fibre of our society”.

Pua characterized the gesture by Foon Yew (an independent Chinese school in Johor) to invite Najib as reflecting “something really screwed up” in terms of fomenting decay in Chinese “culture”, “righteousness”, “dignity” and “honour”.

As mentioned before, DAP Bangsa Malaysians see themselves as the better righteous and honourable people living here. Other folks who don’t share their woke worldview are deemed immoral and uncultured.

BELOW: Ong is a male version of his evangelical party colleague in their love of photo op gimmickry (even the Malays are not wearing songkok in this indoor pix)

Their posturing and preening have worn thin

‘Oxford man’ Pua and ‘Cambridge man’ Ong have been rejected by DAP delegates. Both did not win a seat in the party 30-member elected exco.

Reacting to the duo’s recent loss in the party election, their Bangsa Malaysia fanboys immediately accused DAP delegates of being racist, chauvinist and Chinese supremacist.

In an analogous vein last December, Hannah issued a statement saying “I will continue to do so [wear tudung “appropriately”] in the face of a handful of extreme voices in this land”.

Critics of her cosplay do not comprise only a small “handful of extreme voices” as Hannah is pitching. A wider swathe of the public certainly look upon her as a hypocrite.

Responding to the criticisms, Hannah chastized her detractors as an immoderate, selfish lot who need to be taught how to show religious respect to those around them and furthermore to be learn to kind to their neighbours.

DAP’s Chinese-educated base who lack the Segambut MP’s Christian virtues – as per the book of Matthew 22: 36-40 Bible verse quoted by Hannah – are depicted by the opposition choir as extremists.

Virtue signallers in the Harapan exco chamber follow the beat dictated by DAP’s social media-savvy poseurs.

Since 2008, the DAP leadership has been dominated by preachy, self-righteous, Bible-thumping Christians of Hannah’s ilk.

BELOW: Hannah – “appropriately” (?) – head covered when speaking from her bully pulpit in other people’s religious space

Meludah ke langit

Bangsa Malaysians spit on Cina totok just as much as they spit on non-liberal Malays (whom they call “stupid” for voting BN), on orthodox Muslims (whom they label “Taliban” for supporting PAS), and on the B40 low-income class (whom they disdain as “cruel and inhumane” for rejecting the Rohingya boat people).

Non-Bangsar Chinese voting in the DAP party election not too long ago obviously had little fancy to be spat at by the playacting elitist politicians.

DAP’s exemplary elites regard themselves as above the old guard such as Ronnie Liu who they mock as “low class” (incidentally or not, one of Hannah’s favourite words).

Hannah herself characterized Ronnie as “toxic” while Tony Pua slammed Ronnie as a “Chinese chauvanist the party doesn’t need”.

DAP‘s diversity-touting trailblazers – ever since their spectacular debut in GE12 – have been encouraging a hybrid of simultaneous virtue-signalling and vitriol-spewing.

These Dapsters are so used to spitting that they cannot refrain themselves even when it comes to targeting a faction within DAP, i.e. party members not as attuned to wokeism as the Hannahs and the Tonys.

Spitting venom at the Chinese-educated grassroots, however, is merely alienating DAP’s own voters. Most importantly, remember that it is DAP itself which has cultivated this spitting habit among its fanatical supporters — therefore deservingly, Senjata Makan Tuan.


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9 thoughts on “Bangsar Bubbleians spit at DAP’s own Chinese-educated grassroots

  1. I went to my college Christ’s reunion recently. I found only one other did not parachute into Christ’s for a one year course. Pua was recorded to be educated in OZ fiirst and was a Cambridge parachutist. But Ong never left Duke U famed for its Afro-American sportsmen. He Is no Cambridge alumnus. Finally, the 36th step taken by any ambitious DAP aspirant deeply reflects the attempted coup by the born again christtians recently in their insidious attempt to return to Power via a rapproachmet with UMNO. Or Is it time the DAP joins the BN Family ? The two are now officially with the hard core oldies of 1966. The battle for seats will reveal the extent of control by the born again christians inside the DAP ! A time these BAC folks change their clothing for the very first time. May be they forgot Deng Xiao Peng’s “ It does not matter a cat Is black or white,as long as it catches the mice !“

    1. Uncle,

      OKM’s biodata says he holds a MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

      TP also says he spent three full years in Oxford.

      1. I apologise for my mistakes. However, It takes one year to gain a Cambridge Master’s not three. And an undergraduate of Oxford or Cambridge must be accredited to a college unlike London U.

  2. How many Malaysians noticed there are 2 major types of Chinese in Malaysia ? The English educated type, argumentative, loud mouth, empty of Chinese cultural ballast. The Vernacular school type, introverted, with an inferiority complex, a propensity to cheat. Since 1981, I have always been cheated by Chinese relatives, friends or tradesmen. One Jaffanese lawyer. No Malay. Not before 1981. The Mandarin speakers led the field in the number of cheating cases on the Bursa eg the recent conviction of one in Singapore. May be Tony & MK are just stereotypes of their origins who could could not adapt to local conditions which are not Oxbridge.

  3. Out of curiousity, I accompanied my grand-daughter to the Anime Festival at Paradigm. OMG. I landed in a jam-packed Mall of 10,000-15,000 young people aged 16-21 ! Well-dressed and well-behaved, 90% Malays 10% Chinese ! Obviously, the Chinese went to the SMK schools. The absentees from the vernacular schools. This reflects poorly on the efforts of the DAP and the MCA on National Unity since 1957, 65 years ago.

  4. The. DAP Is now caught between the rock and a hard place. Or chauvinism and the harsh reality of the voting place. With the sudden ascent to Power in 2018, the raw sinews of the DAP were exposed to all and sundry. The much advertised AG was found to have feet of clay by the alleged dropping of high profile charges of public interest like those dealing in drugs. Other matters of National Interest were either dropped or approved like the CPTPP. Its aged PM travelled the World in a World of virtual meetings which none noticed. All in all, the PH lost its bearings to govern in a country which lost its good governance since 2003. The PH was distracted by its own perceived goodness and their eagerness to press charges which may now seen to be politically motivated as exposed by its AG’s overt actions ! With the many years of how good the DAP was as publicised by themselves when they were not in Power, Power not only corrupts absolutely, it can divide absolutely as it has happened in the DAP well before the 15th GE ! Is the DAP happenings, a mirror Image of its counterpart in Singapore ? Only the future can tell !

  5. It Is beyond any pundit’s imagination that the redoubtable DAP has twisted itself into a Gordian Knot. As fellows who eschew all things Chinese, naturally they forgot the ancient saying “ You must have harmony at home before you can win fighting in the street.” To drop Tony & MK Is an unmitigated disaster. That Is the difficulty of Malaysian Chinese politics today. With their esoteric beliefs founded in 1975, I do not think the born again christians will make an impact at the 15th GE. This leaves the 90% Chinese leaderless ! Hence, it pays for UMNO to field Mandarin speaking candidates in Chinese or mixed areas. Or UMNO in Power appoints talented Chinese as ministers, ombudsmen, GLC experts etc. In Malaysia, all should contribute in the National Interest. It takes two to tango always !

  6. By now any Ahmad, Ah Kow and Samy would know that only properly qualified candidates are suitable to be the PM. The huge deluge of information since 2018 made sure of that. History will tell us who was responsible for the dire lack of pukka Malay elite which Malaysia Is experiencing now. History Is the finest arbiter of the Truth. People can be fickle. Even the good and capable President Joko’s rating is down. Here in Malaysia, we paddle along serenely in a World of our own regardless. In a serendipity World. Long long ago Sri Lanka was like us till its human resources over-ran its natural resources in recent years. Now unrest Is a common occurence. When Sri Lanka was first discovered it was called the Isle of Serendipity !

  7. Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! One media reportted today a majority of Malaysians feel comfortable with the present 75 Ministers. Something Is wrong somewhere ! There has been no announced Policy / Policies on how the Government rules the country in the near and distant future which Is the administrative norm for all governments. Even the Pandemic, for years we only listened to the official stats with snippets from Sky TV ! Being comfortable Is only applicable today. What about tomorrow and the days thereafter ? The many committees which were formed, are like Rip Van Winkle in deep slumber. Have we forgotten Malaysia Is one of 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia in a globalized World ? Achtung bitte !

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