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DAP ecosystem and its media-fuelled atmosphere

English-language media – particularly The Sun Daily and Malaysiakini – are clearly showing their pro-DAP hyper partisanship.

Meanwhile, The J-Star too has been subtly backing DAP — in part and at critical junctures. (This paper can’t appear too overtly favourable to DAP as it is owned by MCA although its Chinese editorial staff probably do not deviate much from the ‘95 percent’ voting bias.

The Sun’s March 25 article headlined ‘Tunship proposed for Kit Siang’ has not aged well at all.

This dumb proposal of a Tunship for DAP’s ideologue-in-chief was aired in the paper a little more than three weeks ago.

Kit Siang is now being investigated by the police, again.

His supporters really do not have their feet planted on terra firma as they seem to lack any inkling of how strong the Malay negative sentiment against him.

The pro-DAP slant of English-language media is hardly helping non Malays understand political reality on the ground.

Who are the Malaysiakini readers?

Paid subscribers who comment in Malaysiakini would be fairly reflective of the portal’s overall readership.

Take the almost 180 comments in the Malaysiakini Most Commented article today — refer to screengrab above.

Malaysiakini‘s highly vocal readers were there taking potshots at Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff.

Now, who is Kamarul? He is among the top targets of Hannah’s hate — see her tweet below.

Ergo, Malaysiakini readers spewing vitriol
at Kamarul are Hannah Yeoh fanboys — see also screengrab of the website’s Most Commented news reports yesterday evening (below).

Most Commented Story #1 is ‘MP criticises hero’s welcome for PM after US trip’. The MP referred to by the headline is DAP’s Segambut YB Hannah Yeoh dissing the reception for Ismail Sabri organized at the airport.

Toxic remarks about the PM’s return from Washington DC were egged on by Hannah.

The second-most commented article in Malaysiakini yesterday was the same aforementioned one about Kamarul which was similarly instigated by DAP Segambut.

The third-most commented Malaysiakini article was titled ‘Shop owner fined RM3k for placing alcoholic and soft drinks on same rack’.

Story #3 derived from a presser by DAP Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham.

The fourth most commented Malaysiakini article was titled ‘I was quiet in Harapan govt after Dr M rebuked me, says Pua’.

Story #4 concerned DAP Damansara MP Tony Pua.

All four of Malaysiakini’s Most Comnented articles in the above screengrab were initiated by DAP parliamentarians.

English-language media propping up the party are catering narrowly to the DAP base.

Together they’re an echo chamber because the people within this DAP environmental domain are mostly either ignorant or oblivious to how Malay speakers feel about issues contained within the five (four from Malaysiakini, one from Sun) articles cited above.


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2 thoughts on “DAP ecosystem and its media-fuelled atmosphere

  1. There are 2 Chinese political parties in Malaysia operating in its unique democratic environment. The Chinese have over 5 Millennium behind them. Yet these 2 parties are ineffective and sometimes the laughing stock of others. Not only that, these Chinese parties themselves are unique in the World, even in China. Today, we find them tied up in knots like one leader said, “ We have no traffic jam once a year when our billion ringgits ECRL is ready.” Or like another Chinese leader said,” No more condos to stop traffic jams.” Not realising property developers only build condos not cemeteries where peace and quiet are assured . Did some one say smart Chinese are not in politics, Malaysian politics ? Finally, after the downing of MH 17, someone asked the MCA Minister of Transport why MAS flew over war-torn Ukraine. He glibly replied, “ No one asked us not to fly there !” OMG for common sense leadership. Recently, one Chinese leader confessed he talked too much. May be there’s many a slip ‘twlxt cup and lips !” Is this arguably deficit peculiar to Malaysian Chinese politicians ? We need another research project to find out ‘ Which book are the Chinese to follow ? The Analects of Confucius or the New Testament according to King James II.

  2. After the decades of avowed communal politics by the MCA and 56 years but 22 months in the Opposition which is the DAP, is this the best the Malaysian Chinese can contribute to the creation of Malaysian Unity ? This is a cogent question because the World has entered a new era which is entirely different from what we had experienced before. A World of uncertainties in all aspects which are highlighted by super-power tussles at all costs. Malaysia so used to current account surpluses will find itself in a different World to cut her cake . Without policies to safe guard our future, ad hoc solutions are just “ band-aids” to treat something more deadly. With a dire lack of real Malay elites, Malaysia will be flying blind in the clouds. Because our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans stipulates progress can only be achieved when Malay elites jive with the non-Malay elites ! A good and easy overall view of what may happen to any country is Singapore ! For the very first time , Singapore’s innards are exposed like an open book. The 4 days of Anime Festival at Paradigm packed with 15,000-20,000 aged 16-21, 90% Malays. 10% non-Malays made me think hard what the future holds for them with their full trust in our Government as always in this beautiful land and it’s beautiful peoples.

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