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Third time a charm

Just in case Beijing missed it the first two times, President Biden repeats himself again in Japan.

BELOW: Top Gun in aviator glasses says Amerika is prepared to go to war against China


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  1. I am a Malaysian born and bred in Malaysia. I am no Communalist but a Constitutionalist. I was born when Hitler came into Power and the use of the propeller airplane and tanks was becoming an important part of War strategy known and developed by the Germans as the Blitzkrieg. The World War II began as long ago as the Treaty of Versailles which was a one-sided Treaty for the Germans. It only required a demoniacal figure like Hitler to set the whole World aflame. Indeed, Hitler did. As a boy refugee who was machine-gunned once and bombed twice by Japan’s Mitsubishi bombers, the Bettys, I was taken by awe the Power of America’s military. The whole of New Delhi were taken over by the Yanks which called their ops in Asia, the China-Burma-India Theatre or CBI. American aircraft, Republic C45 Commandos transports, Mitchell B-25 medium or B-24 long range Liberators bombers or the odd P-40 Tiger Hawk fighter and the P-39 Black Widow were making their low landing approach right above our house towards the Pajam Airport, day and night at 15 minutes intervals. As an aeroplane fan, I just admired the parade. But in later years, I realized the immense military Power of the United States. That was in 1943-1945 ! Naturally, I was full of admiration for the great United States and the Yanks who gave me gum, candy and comics. By the Vietnam War 1962-1975, my boyhood picture of the knight in shining armor began to change. Coupled with the adventures of the US in Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East and Africa because the slaughter of innocent men, women and children by the thousands to achieve a political objective known as Freedom to me was too expensive a price to pay whatever the reason. In recent years, I gradually realized the Power of History and the historians in inscribing the Rise and Fall of Great Empires in stone. As the Rise was inevitable. So too the Empire will Fall inevitably. Are we seeing the Fall 0f the Great American hegemony of the World this 21st Century – 1945 – X ? Or not till China’s rural areas are no longer poor and backward ? President Biden’s Foreign Policy is awkward and had to garner Allies around the US always unlike the distant past. Is he the US version of Don Quixote titling at the windmills of the World forever without Sanchez ? The other side of the coin is live and let live because the finest Arbiter of the Truth is History. Even the British who once owned the World where the sun never sets, now accept their historical destiny with grace and did not bring down their ex-colonies with them unlike the French, Dutch and the Portuguese in Algeria, Indo-China, the East Indies, Angola, Mozambique.and Timor Leste. Indeed, many will see a great Transformation of World Powers this 21st Century !

  2. For those who can remember, it was President Clinton who invited the World to America in 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 by the spiel, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.” The BRICS or Brazil, Russia. India, China and South Africa jumped at the opportunity and benefited immensely by the 21st Century. Human rights took a back-seat ! This was also the moment when Singapore lost her Uncle Sam’s exclusive support since 1962 with President Kennedy. Even at that moment, America signed a ” Most Favored Nation Trade Agreement with China in the early 21st Century, and her relations with China were at its warmest. By the time of President Obama, the Americans elites think-tanks were warning about the rise and rivalry with China World-wide. With the extremist President Trump, America turned inwards which Policy is now magnified by President Biden’s visit to Japan and Korea promoting his Indo-Pacific Trade Co-operation to counter China. Is he beating the war-drums to a new form of Trade War which the World has never seen before ? A weakened United States in collusion with her cohorts to maintain her World hegemony without a defined objective in sight but only to contain that monster of an authoritarian State, China ? A 5,000 year old Chinese civilization known as China.. This sort of adventurism can only be bad for World Trade which depends on Peace and Harmony amongst all Nations with the United States. As for Singapore, the strategic position which she once held in the Cold War 1948-1989 no longer holds water. She has no bargaining chip to extract Cold War like monopolistic goodies from Uncle Sam this time round. It took a long time for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to hold hands with his Democratic buddy President Biden after his Presidential election, probably the China elephant was also in the White House drawing room.. What was there for both to talk about but Malaysia ? As the diplomats say,’ The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget!

  3. To add to the Singapore Saga of the 20th Century, its Cold War 1948-1989 cosy and exclusive relationship with the US, has anyone heard of Dr Albert Winsemius or any Singaporean for that matter ? Dr Albert Winsemius was the brilliant genius who turned Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour sleepy tropical colonial port, Singapore into what glitters on the tiny island today.! The locals were not involved in the ideas but only in the implementations. Dr Winsemius was employed by the Singapore Government in 1962 – a date which has much significance in the intrepid history of Singapore. He was a Dutchman who was an UN economics expert. Whether he also served the altruistic interests of the US to keep a baleful eye on Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts with the US largesse of the Cold War 1948-1989 or not, no one will ever know. However, he was paid a pittance from 1962-1984 when he retired. Dutifully, he would visit Singapore twice a year with his wife to follow up on his recommendations to the Singapore Government. You may perceive that his immediate colleague would have been Dr Goh Keng Swee overlooked by Lee Kuan Yew. The socio-economic and useful projects like the Changi and Bedok Reclamations, the Jurong Industrial Estate, Asia Dollar and its financial centre, esoteric marine projects, and many others came from his fertile mind. When Dr Winsemius retired, he was awarded 2 medals only one of which was gold and a piece of parchment paper by the Singapore Government. His long relationship and achievements in Singapore were politely ignored by the First, Second and Third Gen Leaders of Singapore for fear that this humble giant of a Dutchman overshadowed the constant flow of BS from the humongous Ministry of Information that Singapore is/was the greatest, like Mohamad Ali ! Reluctantly, a tiny lane was named after Dr Albert Winsemius about 10 years ago. But finally, a definitive book on the Life and Times of Dr Albert Winsemius was launched and supported by the Singapore Government.on Monday 23 May 2022. 0r 38 years after he retired in 1984 ! Or there could only be one tiger on a hill ! Hmm !

  4. Ambiguity in ASEAN also is no more!!
    Choose USA over China!!!
    Choose USA to China hegemony
    We no Chinese!!!!

    1. Agree. Mr M-USA. Malaysia just require a Leader who can lead a NORMAL Administration. She will be one of the 4 most important and strategic geo-political small countries of the World like the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Also, we keep a NEUTRAL stance and not be dragged into the quarrels of others. We are just a whisper from greatness or oblivion ! This is TANAH MELAYU. Right or wrong !

      1. Neutral stance because we can’t fight
        We pick who fight for us
        USA is the lesser evil

          1. If we have Afghanistani, Yemenis and Iranian restaurants in Ampang soon we will have Ukrainian restaurants in PJ. There was a Bosnian who made good having a chain of pizza and German restaurants during the Bosnia-Herzagovina War. He was my tenant who did not pay his rent !

        1. Or we employ Gurkha regiments like in Singapore. Maybe they warehouse some in Brunei. The French have their Foreign Legion, the British the Gurkha, the Americans the South Americans etc..

        2. No need to fight. Like Singapore, just employ a few regiments of Gurkha and call them our own. Presto ! Our military Power same as Singapore backed by reserves of 16 million males ! Strongest in ASEAN ! Shows what money can buy !

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