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Kit Siang apologists walk back Sri Lanka “violent imagery”

Even the staunchest Harapan fans had to grudgingly concede that Kit Siang “raises violent imagery of political operatives [PM and cabinet ministers] having their houses burnt by mobs”, as highlighted by Najib in his Facebook two days ago — see below.

For this reason, police are investigating DAP’s 81-year-old spiritual totem on incitement to disrupt public order.

Did Kit Siang merely misspeak?

“Harapan fans” – to use the phrase described of them by Najib – would have it that Kit Siang really did nothing provocative to warrant any investigation by the state security apparatus.

According to the Kit Siang apologists, it is only because of “cretins” (crawling out of the woodwork to pounce! on the DAP retiree) – see Najib’s FB ‘Drama bangang Uncle’ poster above – that our authorities are viewing this matter so seriously.

These Kit Siang apologists also trot out the tired excuse that DAP’s old dinosaur is once again being used as a “convenient bogeyman of Malay political insecurities”.

BELOW: Sendiri menghasut “tapi Uncle [Kit] masih tuduh saya putar belitkan kenyataan dia” — Najib

These defenders of Kit Siang accuse critics of believing, wrongly in their (Kit Siang defenders’) opinion, that he deserves his bad rep, i.e. with reference to a popular belief that Kit Siang was involved in the May 13 riots or that he is a foreign agent (whether true or false) tasked to foment disharmony among the multikulti.

It is clear that these self-appointed ‘public defenders’ for Kit Siang harbour a Manichean weltanschauung where the DAP leadership is all ‘Victimhood’ (no involvement in inciting May 13, nada; no connections to foreign powers, nada).

Whereas on the other hand, those opposed to the DAP leadership are regarded as being all about ‘Oppression’ — “desperados” tied to a supremacist political establishment who are oppressing the polity.

In short, Kit Siang apologists recycle an easy trope that DAP is continually the object of crude attacks from mindless racists and bigots.

BELOW: The better ‘political operatives are always being unfairly demonised’ … oh, poor lambs (of God)

Musang berbulu ayam

Kit Siang partisans see critics of DAP as only capable of viewing the party, quite simplistically, to be some sort of a monster (or some sort of “Hitler”? “Nazis”? — to cite a couple of related terms au courant among the liberal class).

Kit Siang apologists are equally convinced of the incapacity of DAP critics for nuance.

By pure happenstance and on this particular issue though, the view of DAP critics is coincidentally in accord with Najib’s FB postings.

Our ex-PM managed to screen capture a fiery image featured in the tweet by @limkitsiang before it (the controversial tweet) was deleted.

Bukit Aman CID director Comm Abd Jalil Hassan said police had detected a May 18 tweet which read “Will the houses of the prime minister and ministers of malaysia be set on fire by angry protestors as happened in Sri Lanka last week?”, local media reported.

In other words, Kit Siang continues to menghasut as he has done for decades.

It is some consolation for the DAP partisans that not all the party leaders are as reflexive as Kit Siang. These smarter wolves have a wardrobe of sheep’s clothing.

Harapan fans take comfort that cloy words and the even more cloying actions – such as mucking around in Muslim religious spaces – by some of the less Jurassic YBs resonate with the majority ethnic because after all, Malay voters are largely pious.

In the age of social media, photo ops which feature tudung-wearing and staged infaq events can be successfully disseminated beyond DAP’s traditional base to win brownie points.

Such ploys by the savvier DAP political operatives do work to some extent. “Foolish cosmetic gimmicks“ adopted by DAP cosplayers are lauded in the Bangsar Bubble with pieties portraying the party Christian politicians as “respecting” Islam and “menyantuni” budaya masjid.

Tudung-wearing public relations aside, Harapan propagandists are however generally more habituated to grandstanding and riling up the base ala Kit Siang’s most recent invocation of the anarchy in Sri Lanka.

It is not Kit Siang alone who throws red meat to Cina DAP with warnings like “Malaysia will become Zimbabwe” or “Najib will make a return, Marcos style”.

DAP’s younger leaders may possess better PR skills and create improved optics but still, they operate not all that much differently from their octogenarian mentor.


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20 thoughts on “Kit Siang apologists walk back Sri Lanka “violent imagery”

  1. In our beloved Malaysia, do our politicians retire or not ? All professionals are licensed to practice and some have an expiry date.. Also, do our politicians begin at 18 years of age and only stop when they kick the bucket ? And who qualifies as a politician ? There are 30,000+ lawyers, 20,000+ doctors and as alleged 40,000+ datos and 5,000+ tan sris. Years ago in the 20th Century, I was told the alleged ennobles breached their statutory limits !

      1. Hey! Hey! Hey! HA. Hang on. We must count in the special aides, political secretaries I, II, III & IV for each 75 Ministers, their assistants, hangers-on of many relatives, male and female camp followers, overt and covert. NO ONE WILL EVER NO THE TRUE FIGURE ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-la Hotels And these pols are outside Malaysia’s humongous Civil Service of 2 millions !

        1. How many Malayans remember that the whole of the Federal Government was housed in the Federal House along Jalan Raja on 31 August 1957 ? This building should be gazetted as a National Monument because it cannot house even the Prime Minister’s Department today. The building is still in its original state because this is the place I pay my Quit Rent annually.

      2. HA. Have we forgotten Malaysia’s most beautiful spy 004 who had a penchant for pearl handle Walther PPK, Chanel hand bags, Gucci shoes and watches worth RM 12 million ? She was entrusted with over US$ 40 millions for incidental expenses and her office was attached to the top office in the land ! OMG ! She was part of politics also !

        1. Sorry ! I forgot to mention the beautiful 004 was hand-picked for the dangerous job !

  2. What’s wrong with some pundits ? As a Constitutionalist never a Communalist since 1954, there is no doubt today that UMNO will begin to roar like a tiger and no longer meowed like a kitten. This is Tanah Melayu with a Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. A Constitution which was considered fair and just by all in 1957 including the Minority. In 1963, a self-proclaimed smart fellow parachuted into the Dewan Rakyat who personally thought otherwise. His mis-guided thoughts misled or used by the mischievous to this very day. Of course, being a smart fellow with a pukka legal bent he knew he was leaving behind a time-bomb in Malaysia which he hoped will irritate us Malaysians forever because of its unattainable objectives ! Stupid ! But disaster for Singapore came from the adage.” Man proposes. God disposes.” in the form of the 2020 Covid and the 2022 Ukraine War which wiped out Lee Kuan Yew’s iron-cast Legacy to sustain and survive Singapore completely ! What to do, Singapore ? Only God knows !

    1. See how difficult it is to balance the food supply chain in Singapore a tiny place of 3.2 million locals and 2.5 million foreigners ? As the Singapore Government was encouraging the growth of the aqua-culture industry, chicken and house-top farming in the State, it was suddenly hit by the shortage of chicken, the cheapest source of protein these days ! Singaporeans are now encouraged to buy frozen chicken which is not much cheaper. We may blame the Ukraine War. But my view is that the happenings today date back to 2008 when the traditional World economic system crashed and only ‘band-aid’ measures were applied without resolution since. Have we forgotten that the Base Lending Rate of most central banks is still at an all time low ? As a result, the capital marts in equities and commodities shot up to the ceiling of the World ! Putting it succinctly, the finest brains could not put the shattered financial system back to pre-2008 days. That was 14 years ago. I doubt the Ukraine War will resolve this cancerous financial event of 2008 like World War II which pulled the US and the World out of the Great Depression of 1931. The stakes are much bigger now ! Some countries are still paddling along serenely like yesterday, today and without a care for tomorrow and the days thereafter! Eruptions have occurred in Sri Lanka, Australia, France and other places. The present market disruptions will certainly grow in intensity as the old contracts for all items run out !

  3. What apologists for the retired veteran ? He can look after himself very well. He already said he has packed his clothes and prepared for jail in May 2022 which is different from his lonely days in the lokap in the past.He will be crowded out by drug users who rightly should be in rehabilitation centres. However, what puzzles me is why the BACs (born again christians) backed DAP are still barking the wrong tree as the Opposition ? A political party is formed to gain Power in Putrajaya, not to lose it. It also does not voluntarily declare itself to be the Opposition to all and sundry. Further, no sane politician will ever admit he or she is a born loser. But all these incongruities did occur concerning the DAP in recent times ! In politics, even Malaysian politics, this is no joke. Why these BACs think negatively that they can only win by demanding reforms or amending the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans is beyond any logical thinking because they admitted they are in the Minority ? They have forgotten their ancestors s settled in this country centuries ago without conditions under the rule of a Sultan to whom they salaamed graciously. So much for historical facts. The fact is why a fairly clean political party prefers to be in the Opposition even after 56 years of its founding is beyond any logical thinking when it is just a whisper away to be the only Premier Multi-racial Political Party of Malaysia and bring Malaysia to political maturity ? As alleged by some, the DAP is the cat’s paw of some foreign Power or something else more sinister. As a naive Constitutionalist, I prefer to give the DAP leadership the benefit of doubt that they have mastered the art of political bungling into a fine art ! I like to remind all that even these days with the good medicines (doctors are always the same), we all have 101 years of Life. And another 56 years of the DAP in the Opposition will be indeed an anomaly in the history of Humankind !

  4. Without a normal Leader of a paramount political party, Malaysia’s current affairs do look funny these days. Hopefully, UMNO returns in force to replace all the self-appointed usurpers of Putrajaya Power and continue with its traditional momentum of service to the Nation since 1946. As I see it, UMNO is the political will and back-bone of Malaysia. Even little Singapore jumped the gun in this aspect via its Minister of Foreign Affairs. Interestingly, the daily news items in Singapore’s official TV CNA are Malaysia and culinary delights of the World due to the dire lack of attractive local news. A minor traffic accident is a big thing in little Singapore. With UMNO poised to return to its traditional place under the Sun, the Malaysian game of political musical chairs have begun. The participants are all attempting to edge towards the purported seat of future Power which is UMNO. The fact is all of them were ex-UMNO in the hay day of UMNO before 2018. Strangely, the PH (2018-2020) was found to be like Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘ The Prince without clothes.’ And PH was blown away by a tiny puff accordingly ! Our beloved Malaysia is a great country and should not be led and ruled by just anyone from the maddening crowd. What has brought us down is of our own making e.g.. fat little boys of no merit, Israelis in boudoirs, red hot retreats, circling Indonesian eagles, jurassic rocks as expensive presents for dear Singapore and much more.. The least the Rakyat must expect from a PM who should be a disciplined Man or Woman of the World without a propensity for gaffes in the National Interest, to lead this beautiful country and peoples who are not stupid, with bountiful natural resources because Malaysia is just a whisper away to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World in these trying times of Super Power Transformation being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. As it is, Malaysia is the centre of World espionage for the wrong reasons. A place such as this during the Cold War 1948-1989 was Bangkok for the action and Singapore for R & R for spies. Mark my words. Once all the right pieces are back in place in Malaysia’s Pantheon of Power, overnight Malaysia’s old dynamism and vibrancy returns and the World once again will be OUR OYSTER ! It is as easy as this ! In the meantime, let some begin to contemplate their NAVELS !. The Saga of the Fat Little Boy was an expensive lesson for ALL of us. Fortunately, Malaysia’s well-being and wherewithal were resilient and intact even though we were down to the last lucre. The expectations are strong that a New Era will emerge from the chrysalis of the next 15th GE with UMNO returning in force to serve once again !

    1. Sorry. Typo error. The last sentence should read ‘……….UMNO returning in force to serve once again in the National Interest !

  5. The real issue at hand is to prevent the surging inflation in our daily food requirements. The answer to this is to ensure we have adequate supplies of everything in a free capital market system. Any interference or control will create imbalance and no free marketeer will do business in such an artificial environment which snowballs into more uncontrollable disruptions. Many humongous Government Committees have been established to deal with issues. Like the National Action council on Cost of Living, on the economy, on the Covid etc. I believe that those who have not earned a living in the Private Sector or those who are not qualified should now stand up to be counted and give room to those who can contribute positively ! The issues are of National Interest. This is confirmed by the fact that even with the many Committees, the cost of living shoots up with a shortage of chicken, the economy keeps going down, the Covid is still with us in the thousands etc. What have these important Committees been doing ? Drink Nescafe only ? APs will not solve this World wide problem of rising prices, shortages, or speculation. Corruption will definitely deepens the problems giving rise to black markets and hoarding. Have we the requisite enforcement to make Government Policies if any, compliant ? Our stomachs are more important than putting the retired veteran for blowing some hot air, in jail at His Majesty’s expense even though the curry might not be pukka like Bestari od Pelita ! Prevention is better than cure always !

  6. How many Malaysians now agree with me that we must not be distracted by political faux pas as expressed by the politicians like the retired veteran. We should all view the bigger picture. And that the PDRM should focus on security with safety for all the Rakyat in the face of rising unfavourable internal socio-economic events as affected by external events. The PDRM should conserve their energy and reserves to deal with the crooks who disrupt the well-being and safety of the Rakyat. We expect the PDRM to stand proud and strong as always. Not only that, how many Malaysians are aware that there are at least 13 State Governments with the requisite numbers of Aduns to add to the cast of thousands of a similar ilk at the Federal Government level in Putrajaya. And what do these 13 State Governments govern most of the time ? Their main function is to convert jungle land into mixed development lands. But the more important tasks of flood alleviation, conservation of roads, forests and the mangrove shoreline, acqua-culture etc are not the top priorities ! Hence, again a positive lead from the top down the same political hierarchical line of command goes for synchronization of policies in the name of good governance ! Examples of confusion with non-delivery of the political goodies are best illustrated in events which have happened in Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Melaka, Kelantan and Johor. This state of affairs calls for the imminent return of UMNO proud and strong in the National Interest with the right Leadership ! And of course, the concomitant return of the opportunities for jobs and good-living which the Rakyat deserve. Anyone who fits the bill deserves the support of all the Rakyat.

  7. I am definitely no apologist for the retired veteran. I am a Constitutionalist, never a Communalist since 1954. A very long time ago when I was very young, I learnt the hard way that spoken words once released can never be retrieved again. Like bullets shot from a gun. Hence, I always used my frontal brain to scan my words before I speak. Especially in the arena of politics in a diverse country where nuances are likely to be interpreted as something entirely different. I strongly oppose any suggestion of violence in any form in Malaysian Politics. Violence in politics is not our ken. We have never applied violence to further our political causes in any manner EXCEPT FOR THE COMMUNIST INSURGENTS. 1948-1992. Let us keep our CIVILITY AND OUR SANITY and eschew the use of violence in our unique Malaysian Democracy 1946-2022. If violence is a common denominator in the political affairs of others, so be it. IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS TO COPY OTHERS. I would only say every qualified Malaysian political leader has a heavy responsibility to keep the PEACE, HARMONY, GOODWILL in our beautiful country with its beautiful peoples. Those pols who rushed up and down the land performing their political duties should see what I saw the beauty of our beloved Country at dawn and dusk ! Surely, none of us would not like a country which is broken and in smoke and flames ? It pays for all of us Rakyat to consider the feelings of our fellow countrymen and women in all our dealings. Acheh !

  8. There she goes again as we were talking about the verbal antics of Malaysian politicians. She used to have a 2 room suite in my friend’s Wisma MPI. But being wise and astute, she saw the writing on the wall and donned a clean yellow T-shirt and joined the maddening crowd munching a free KFC along the hot and humid streets of ye olde Kuala Lumpur. Not a word was said. Not a body was injured or damaged. Lo and behold ! She was ennobled and a city Down Under invited the good lady to have the Freedom to visit it day or night. Now and then, she pops up like today to remind us she is absolutely relevant but without VIOLENCE. She eschewed politics as alleged. Who says there are no opportunities for those folks at 50 in our beloved Malaysia ? Where else but Malaysia where NGOs are a dime a dozen ? Courtesy Shangri-la Hotels.

    1. Madam was in a profession which is 30,000+ strong.for years. She was lost in the sea of legal eagles and Humanity until she saw the writing in the wall. She made her brilliant and scintillating move ! Presto ! She is now an established figure on top of the World without a peer.. I always admire and respect those who succeed in Life not at the expense of others. It’s the Power of her brain which stood her in good faith. If Madam could do it, why not the others ?

  9. To clarify my position in current affairs, I admit that as a Constitutionalist but never a Communalist since 1954, I have always supported the incumbent Government. On this score, I have spoken in other Blogs until they lost their oomph, years ago on National issues at hand. The most pressing issue now is the INFLATION which hits ALL without distinction, the rich and the poor. It is no use for a country to achieve 5% GDP but crippled by an Inflation rate of 6% say for 2022. As always, I suggested years ago that our Governments should always ensure our rice supply is adequate and cheap to gain the Rakyat’s continuing support in Peace and Harmony.. And that sufficient properly managed store houses were established to house the reserve of rice with the knowledge that during the BMA or British Military Administration 1945-1950, corruption by the Chinese storekeepers and the Chinese rice dealers operated right underneath the BMA’s noses. One storekeeper told me the whole story many years later what happened. Years ago, it was obvious that one day there will be a shortage of cheap rice because the international market place was never the same again since the Crash of the World’s financial system in October 2008 ! I also noticed the rice producing countries were itching to raise prices concomitant with the rest of the World’s commodities market. Indeed, we have arrived at that moment today with the announcement of both Thailand and Vietnam that they will increase the price of rice. Will Australia, India and China follow ? Hopefully, the Government through its wisdom and care for the Rakyat has taken steps to stock pile the rice IN PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED STOREHOUSES MANAGED BY INCORRUPTIBLE STAFF sometime ago or else one day the Government will only find empty storehouses.and colonies of rats. SUCH ISSUES OF RICE SUPPLY, GENERAL SECURITY ETC should always be in our minds, the Rakyat. WE MUST NEVER BE DISTRACTED BY TRIVIAL ISSUES LIKE THE RETIRED VETERAN AFFAIR, FROGS, ETC. Again, the Minister of Finance said that RM 71 Billions may be required for subsidies in 2022, not forgetting that this is a ‘one-off’ unproductive expense by the Government. We must never forget that Malaysia has an ‘open economy’ which does not mean money walks in and out. Many minor factors go to make up the full picture of an ‘open economy’ which together give rise to the SENTIMENT OF ANY INVESTOR concerning a country intended for investment of long gestation and return of profits.. Hence, all these current political bickering by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the lack of official guidance to the Rakyat do not augur well for an ‘open economy’ which are open to analysis by the World’s pundits.And today, Malaysia has many more rivals than the past which are alleged to have overtaken her. Forewarned is forearmed ! Let us conserve our focus and energy on the BIG issues and let the trivial issues find their place in the Sun. Uncle Lim or no Uncle Lim !

  10. As the dust of contention settles over the desolate Malaysian political landscape which is the peculiarity of our unique Malaysian Democracy, the jostle to be relevant by those who are dedicated or fakes is creating a tremendous din of the thirst for Power to rule from Putrajaya ! It is not only the Power but the lush allowances and perks available (plus the free pistol/revolver permitted) to the elected Adun and the subsequent pensionable benefits which accrue to he or she.. Hence, like the good lady ex-the 2 room suite in my friend’s Wisma MPI who always made an effort to stay relevant but maybe available.The retired veteran being his ken, was titillated to say what he thought was in the National Interest. As always, ‘there’s many a slip ‘betwixt cup and lips’. I state again here that I am no apologist of anyone as I eschew all forms of violence pertaining to Malaysia Politics.. Any suggestion of violence in Malaysian Politics should be condemned and punished according to the Rule of the Law. Since the Insurgency of the Communist terrorists, 1948-1992, violence has not been used by anyone to further his/her cause. As a country which is destined to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, all Malaysian politicians must be aware of the heavy responsibility which they must bear to keep the Peace, Harmony and Goodwill which have existed in this beautiful land and its beautiful peoples since the beginning of Time. The flames of Sri Lanka could not be extinguished today even with the end of the bloody internecine battle. The root cause of this human created tragedy was the tussle for Power by vested famillies at the very beginning of Sri Lanka’s independence which led to the unequal distribution of wealth between the Minority North and the Majority South. Instead of jaw-jaw it became war-war to the end in the isle once known for its Serendipity ! In the 1950s, I had friends, a Physics lecturer, an anaesthetist and a physician from the University of Ceylon. One was a Muslim, the others Buddhists. They were respected and admired by me for their professionalism. But soon their World fell asunder through crass politics.created by others. Sri Lanka was like Humpty-Dumpty which fell apart, never to be the same again. Forewarned is forearmed.

    1. As always money could be made again. But precious human resources like the real Malay elites take time to develop which cost time and money. Unfortunately or fortunately, our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans stipulates that for development and progress, the Malay and non-Malay elites must jive together. Hence, any imbalance by either party will hinder the progress of our beloved Malaysia. The advanced countries of the World do look after the development of their elites seriously especially India. India does not boast about her reliance on the use of English, the language of her former colonial master whom she has no reason to love. She developed on it since her Independence in 1947. Her 350 million strong English speaking Indians form the bulwark of India’s strength and vision today. We see Indians commanding the top jobs in the Government and the Private Sector in North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, even in tiny Singapore. The English language pushed the Indians to the topmost jobs in the developed World. As a person who knows India well, the English language made the difference between utter poverty and riches beyond imagination in Mother India and beyond. Little do anyone knows that India has developed a unique educational ‘silicon valley’ in the Dehra Dun and Mussoorie region since the 19th Century. From here, elite schools, colleges and institutes crowd one another. It is time, we Malaysians join in to get on the gravy train of international success like the Indians. India with its unique democratic system and 350 million strong English speaking Indians has indeed a bright future, a very bright future even though she is still hampered by her social system which I discerned many years ago in the Sunday Bombay Illustrated which provided a full page for match making for males and females of the same caste and matching stars ! This is a form of the creation of elitism through breeding ! Perhaps, Mother India’s recipe for success for the World ?

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