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Syabas, Zuraida becomes the face of Bangsa M’sia!


Zuraida is now the Parti Bangsa Malaysia president designate.

As “Ibu Bangsa Malaysia”, she will be giving Mama Dapster a run for her money as to which of the two is more Bangsa Malaysian.

How absolutely thrilling that Zuraida Kamaruddin is the new face of Bangsa Malaysia.

Glory be!

The cabinet minister who is a veteran of three diverse administrations – Harapan (Mahathir), PN (Muhyiddin), BN (Ismail Sabri) – announced the exciting news earlier this week.

BELOW: Poster Girl ofSatu Bangsa, Satu Negara’

Diversity! Multikulti!

Zuraidi was no less than “midwife” to the birthing of Parti Bangsa Malaysia.

Such an insider take on the newish party was provided yesterday by Terence Netto who keeps his keen journalistic eye on matters of internal affairs, particularly in PKR.

To recap, Zuraida was a PKR vice president. Sacked from her party following the Sheraton Move, she hopped over to Bersatu a few months later in August 2020.

Three days ago (May 26), Zuraida issued a statement regarding her entry into Parti Bangsa Malaysia — that is, pending the formality of her membership approval.

According to Netto in his FMT report, Zuraida’s real role in the genesis of Parti Bangsa Malaysia, however, was politic’s “worst kept secret”.

Zuraida it was after all who, as Mak Bidan, had delivered the Parti Bangsa Malaysia ‘bouncing baby boy’ into the world on 21 Dec 2021.

Parti Bangsa Malaysia could be regarded as something of a special purpose vehicle created by Zuraida herself for those homeless Aduns and MPs who followed her (and Azmin Ali) in the exodus from PKR two years ago.

BELOW: Guan Eng the DAP chairman hand in glove with Bersatu (standing to the left of its president Muhyiddin) in Harapan’s halcyon days — file photo

Different-class party members

Some of these ex-PKR people and their associates were soon facing – in Netto’s words – a problem of unbelonging (having no party to join next) or alternatively, “the uncertainties of dhimmitude in Bersatu”.

Bersatu, being an ethnic party, does not accord full membership rights to its non Malays, hence their figurative ‘dhimmi’ status by Netto’s light.

Netto wrote yesterday: “Ten MPs left the Malay-led but multiracial PKR to join Bersatu. They must have been told or were led to believe they could persuade Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin to loosen the race-based criteria for complete enlistment with the party, especially of the non-Malay cohort that followed Zuraida and Azmin.”

“Thursday’s news that Zuraida had quit Bersatu is confirmation that the hopes of the PKR rebels to loosen Bersatu’s race-based locus had been in vain,” Netto surmised.

BELOW: Larry Sng (in casual jeans) is Parti Bangsa Malaysia president

Multiracial branding of Politik Baru

YB Zuraida, the Ampang MP, said she was switching parties because she believed in Parti Bangsa Malaysia‘s core principle of “keterlibatan pelbagai kaum” compared with Bersatu which is essentially mono racial.

Parti Bangsa Malaysia is currently headed by Julau MP Larry Sng, a Sarawakian and like Zuraida, ex-PKR.

BELOW: Parti Bangsa Malaysia is ‘reborn’ from Sarawak Workers’ Party; similar to how DAP was born again from Singapore’s PAP

NOTE:Technically speaking, Parti Bangsa Malaysia is a makeover from Sarawak Workers’ Party established in 2012.

SWP, founded by Larry’s father Sng Chee Hua, was approved its name change to Parti Bangsa Malaysia by the ROS last October.

Steven Choong, another ex-PKR and a sitting Johor parliamentarian (YB Tebrau) is Parti Bangsa Malaysia senior vice-president.

Zuraida’s former pol-sec Nor Hizwan Ahmad is its sec-gen.

Other Parti Bangsa Malaysia office holders include YB Paul Yong and YB Sivasubramaniam Athinarayanan — both being Aduns who had won their GE14 Perak seats on the DAP ticket but later jumped over to Bersatu.

The Parti Bangsa Malaysia protem exco is diverse and multiracial.

As a matter of side interest, Segamat MP Edmund Santhara Kumar, who had also defected from PKR, is still today with Bersatu.

Zuraida reputedly has wide grassroots support among NGOs and community organizers. She says that civil society is tired of Old Politics.

Therefore Parti Bangsa Malaysia represents hopeful New Politics — a refreshing change from the single race strictures of communal party Bersatu.

BELOW: Sec-gen Anthony Loke and his fellow DAP leaders sucking up to the then Bersatu chairman



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11 thoughts on “Syabas, Zuraida becomes the face of Bangsa M’sia!

  1. YB Zuraida for PM ? Can the Parti Bangsa Malaysia cut down the BACs or born again christian led DAP to size and seize its high ground of the 90% Chinese votes which are based more on the economy than manana from Heaven ? I believe she can do it at the moment. Then, Glory to Malaysia to join the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Remember all, the World does not wait for us ! Sri Lanka or no Sri Lanka !

  2. It is good, very good if our beloved Malaysia has a change of Leadership with YB Zuraida as Prime Minister..For the very first time there will be no more fat little boys of no merit to squander our money by the billions of ringgits on cheap trinkets and female companions, Israelis in boudoirs, circling Indonesian eagles, very hot retreats, Jurassic rocks, KTM assets etc. as expensive presents to dear impoverished but rich Singapore etc. For the very first time, all Civil Servants return from meetings, conferences, courses etc to their jobs on time. All Ministers from 75 reduced to a manageable figure of 35 and could only travel overseas at their own expense. Hooray ! Our much abused beloved Malaysia is alive and well and returned to NORMAL. Hooray ! Hooray ! Hooray ! Malaysia is once again crowded with foreign investors to invest in the long term. And the World polls say Malaysia is the No.1 tiger again. It is as easy as this. THE WORD IS DISCIPLINE WITH PUBLIC TIME AND MONEY.! Yes ! MONEY ! And the Rakyat are happy and satisfied once again with our beloved Malaysia one of the 4 most important small countries of the World.being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Why not ?

  3. If all the ladies of our beloved Malaysia and only 30% of the gentleman vote for YB Zuraida, we have the most popular Prime Minister in the land. No more opacity. No more squander of the Rakyat’s money by fat little boys of no merit. No more official trips to Istanbul. No more expensive free gifts to an impoverished rich tiny isle. A sense of normality returns. 99.99 % of the Rakyat are happy and satisfied. ACTUALLY, WITH A NORMAL LEADERSHIP, OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY ! It is as simple as this. No problem. It is time we realize OUR TRUE WORTH AND STOP SOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT ! The key word is NORMAL.There are many of our own people who kept running themselves down. Stupid !

  4. I have been writing on what ails our beloved Malaysia in a different manner by being not so forthright for years especially at a famous Blog which lost its oomph in recent years. Since the 1960s, I expected the General Administration of the country to slide down slowly on a gentle trend. But horror of horrors,the trend steepened with the beginning of the 1980s with the sanctity of the key institution of any country, Bank Negara Malaysia, compromised. That was the end of the normal show. Another began which went out of control with the trend in standards, propriety, ethics, morals, corruption, etc ever steepening downwards day by day. I know the trend because I got the feel on the ground always because I do all the menial tasks myself and did not depend on the hearsay of others.. For example, in 2018, I turned up at a counter in an important Government Dept. and requested for a form from the Western dressed Malay lady civil servant who refused to speak English even though I was born in colonial times and directed me to get the form in Shah Alam. I went to Putrajaya instead and was most welcomed by Civil Servants speaking perfect English and was given as many forms as I required. I returned to the Western dressed Malay lady Civil Servant and said nothing when I handed in the duly signed form. If I had gone to Shah Alam, who knows what fate awaited me there ? However, these trivial matters should not bog down on the more important problems which afflict our beloved Malaysia today. I draw the attention of all to an article which listed out all the ills which could be discerned via the media. This article written by Murray Hunter in Free Malaysia Today is not complete but it is fairly comprehensive to understand the problems. Murray Hunter did not underline 1) the importance of the use of English, 2) the dire lack of the Malay elites which self-immolated through 3 Generations since 1982 being i) the BMF Scandal of 1982 ii) the Renong Scandal of 1997 iii) the 1MDB Scandal of 2010 beginning in 2004 !. Each Scandal wiped out one Generation of Malay elites until now, our beloved Malaysia lacks genuine Malay elites. Good digits are required in any system to run the show properly. And this lack is showing grievously. 3) the creation of hundreds of GLCs which are not suitable for Malaysia, a democratic State. With the lack of control on the expenditures of the GLCs and the utter difficulty of doing business in a small country, these OFF-BUDGET GLCs will KILL us all through crowding of bank funding, huge losses and unproductive ventures of no repute. I was there in the 1970s when Lee Kuan Yew invented this GLCs which NO Western democratic State permits because it is communistic and corrupts the Government. He was forced to do it because the Jurong Industrial Estate failed due to the fact that Singapore’s traders could not be turned into industrialists overnight ! Only Lee Kuan Yew could control the GLCs in tiny Singapore where sensitive personal information is just a phone call away in an AUTHORITARIAN STATE. China and Russia thought they found the panacea to save their Communist systems by adopting Lee Kuan Yew”s GLCs. Lo and behold ! Corruption became rife in these vast countries which GLCs are difficult to control. Even in Singapore recently, a Singaporean was caught being corrupt in Brazil via a GLC ! Malaysia is the only democratic State in the World to have hundreds of GLCs which do not have up-to-date accounts and are free-wheeling.. Today, there are 100 Chinese on the run from China concerning the GLCs. I strongly recommend all to read and understand Murray Hunter’s article,’MALAYSIA BECOMING A VICTIM OF POLICY COMPLACENCY.’ in the Free Malaysia Today ! Prime Minister Zuraida, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat await you ! GLCs or no GLCs.

  5. Syabas ! Syabas ! Syabas ! YB Zuraida is the designate President of Parti Bangsa Malaysia ! Let our beloved Malaysia has a Lady PM for a change. No more fat little boys of no merit running around the Khazanah with our billions of public ringgits ! No more Israelis in boudoirs satisfying their carnal desires ! No more predatory Indonesian eagles to swoop down on us ! .No more free and expensive gifts of Jurassic rocks, KTM assets, free and subsidized water, free US$ 23 HSR compensation for doing NOTHING, and much more for that little desolate isle, called Singapore !. No more famished Singaporeans with the 4th Floor boys (girls) looking for low hanging fruits ! No more PAP cadres to teach us Singlish as the Chief Editor of the true blue UMNO owned NSTP ! And Forbes List of richest Malaysians will be amended accordingly ! LET ALL THE GOOD LADIES OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA and 50% OF THE GENTLEMEN VOTE YB ZURAIDA TO STOP ALL SHAMEFUL ACTS NOT WITHIN OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SELF-WORTH AND DESCENDANTS ! It is time for YB Zuraida to put our beloved Malaysia and all those who command us to return to NORMAL. No more. No less ! YB ZURAIDA WILL LEAD OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AS ONE OF 4 IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING THE UNITED KINGDOM, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, MALAYSIA NOT SINGAPORE which is too small and was artificially created in 1965 ! Let the paramount UMNO join in for this MOST IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA’S POLITICAL HISTORY. SYABAS ALSO TO OUR CARING AND COMPASSIONATE YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG AND THE ROYAL SULTANS WHO RULED OVER US FOR CENTURIES IN PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY ! WE MUST NEVER FORGET THEM. Where are you, veritable DAP ? Still with your best friend ? Join in before it is too late ! A pundit once said that in Malaysia, a week is a long time in POLITICS, Malaysian Politics !

    1. From my experience in Life, I observed that Malay ladies are capable, well-spoken especially in English and that they are as good as anyone else if not better in some cases. All the negative remarks are from outsiders who are jealous of our beautiful beloved Malaysia and her beautiful peoples who have lived in Peace Harmony Prosperity under our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans for centuries. Many countries including the desolate isle paid huge sums of money to PR professionals to tell the World how good they are when actually they are not ! This is a fact which our beloved Malaysia has yet to learn. Or sometimes, swallows, male and female are planted all over the globe, Berlin, Hong Kong, Chicago, Jakarta etc to ensure nothing negative is mentioned about them like in the US media and academia.

  6. My humble apologies.. Typo error. It should read ….. FREE US$ 23 Millions HSR compensation for doing NOTHING…..

  7. Again, the brain-power packed BACs or born again christian Leadership bungled and lost their Way by grovelling and licking TDM’s boots like running dogs ! Whilst they were behaving like running dogs, the clean and dedicated Parti Bangsa Malaysia made a quantum leap by inviting YB Zuraida to be their President. The BEST and CLEANEST candidate to be THE PRIME MINISTER IN THE LAND whom no one can compare !. Hooray ! Hooray ! Hooray ! For the first 6 – 12 months, NO overseas travel to Oxford, Istanbul,Tokyo until our beloved Malaysia returns to a normal stance. NO more fat little boys of NO merit permitted to be advisers to the Federal Government to deal with billions of ringgits belonging to the public..NO more Free gifts to that impoverished rich tiny isle called Singapore. NO more zany human behavior.with Israelis in boudoirs. NO more Indonesian eagles waiting to pounce. All Rakyat are happy and satisfied once again like the old times when CASH WAS NOT THE KING but only the caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong IS THE KING.! Stupid. The DAP has lost BIG even before the 15th GE because the POLITICAL SPACE which rightly belongs to them if they had TRANSFORMED themselves in 2018-2020 into a clean-nose Premier Multi-racial Party of Malaysia, ( Their top Leaders ignored me 4 times in June 2018 when I wanted to beseech them to transform to survive as the DAP were unacceptable as they were. They had NO HUMILITY in victory and later paid in spades for their insouciance ) has been lost forever to the agile and dedicated Parti Bangsa Malaysia at one stroke of the pen ! Strangely, the DAP Leaders put themselves in a strait-jacket and now can only watch the events as these go by.. Even in 2022, the DAP had a chance to TRANSFORM. Unfortunately, their Central Committee Election put paid to any radical ambitions. The DAP is now out-maneuvered as well as outdated by its strategies which are now hampered by the TDM grovelling and boot-licking running dogs tactics of the BACs as long as TDM is around. To make matters worse, the BACs chose to FIGHT for the very few Rohingyas and not for their compatriots, the 32 millions strong Rakyat now facing joblessness and hunger to DESTROY INFLATION AND ENSURE ADEQUATE CHEAP FOOD AND NO DISRUPTION OF MATERIALS SUPPLIES. The Parti Bangsa Malaysia will do all that FOR THE NATION AND HER RAKYAT. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME ! Not in Myanmar ! Paramount UMNO, your moment has returned ! Join Parti Bangsa Malaysia and SWEEP the polls.because PBM is the Party for the YOUNG AND THE OLD, THE HAVES AND HAVES NOT. THE RICH AND THE POOR, THE STRONG AND THE WEAK BECAUSE WE ARE ALL MALAYSIAN RAKYAT UNDER THE REVERED CONSTITUTION AS SAFEGUARDED BY OUR CARING AND COMPASSIONATE YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG AND THE ROYAL SULTANS !

    1. My humble apologies. Typo error. The sentence should read thus.;’………THE STRONG AND THE WEAK. THE ROYALS AND THE RAKYAT. ‘

  8. Wow ! If there is a rush of Aduns to join the Parti Bangsa Malaysia from those tiny one tent parties with one big Chief, in no time at all, it has a commanding presence of at least 30 seats in the Dewan Rakyat. Here is a serious Political Party with high principles and commonsense which abides by the revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. The PBM is not in denial that the crises will subside soon or in 2 weeks time. As we the Rakyat are well educated in town and country, the urbanites will vote strongly for the PBM being a Premier Multi-racial Party now occupying the Political Space which should have been the cantankerous DAP’s. Well this is politics, Malaysian Politics, the Devil takes the hindmost !.I am fairly certain after so many years of denial, all the magnificent ladies of our beloved Malaysia will vote to a woman that YB Zuraida IS the best and cleanest candidate to be the PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA which becomes PROUD, STRONG, RESPECTED ONCE AGAIN. no more plane loads of relatives and friends to accompany the Prime Minister overseas to enjoy the sights in Perth, Tokyo, London, New York etc. in times of crises or not, at the Public’s expense. Commonsense and discipline return to our beloved Malaysia’s Leadership which in turn will NATURALLY CREATE A BETTER SENTIMENT AND CONFIDENCE for Malaysia which we lost by sooting ourselves in the foot always ! We must avoid to be a desolate country like tiny Singapore where artificial gardens and breeding grounds for otters were created to balance the huge mass of concrete and Nature.And this tiny place now claims to have done great things for the World’s climate for their TINY EFFORTS. Let us weigh our TRUE WORTH and come to the conclusion that we Malaysian Rakyat are fortunate to live in a beautiful Land of beautiful peoples and beautiful natural resources. Given the right Parti Bangsa Malaysia LEADERSHIP, we will not only be there BUT ALSO ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING THE UNITED KINGDOM, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, MALAYSIA. Hence, we must always be careful of jealous rivals bearing gifts or TROJAN HORSES TO KILL US ALL.

  9. How many Malaysians are aware of the importance of the Rule of Law ? We hear this Rule of Law so very often that its importance in the good and proper governance of our beloved Malaysia does not click in our minds any more. As always, the importance of the Rule of Law is forgotten by many of us. We must also take cliches like ‘ Justice must be seen to be served.’ or ‘ Travesty of Justice ‘ etc. Our Judiciary System is the final arbiter / backbone / defense of our beloved Malaysia’s Will as a normal country within the community of Nations. Its importance is that it is the Final Defense against Evil perpetrated by the wiles of Humankind. No more. No less ! Today, Malaysia is on Trial by the fact that her former distinguished Prime Minister has been convicted for a wrong doing of which he pleads innocence and alleged conflict of interest by the Trial Judge with an alleged political bias.. However, if the facts so presented are correct and true as alleged, then Justice must be served and the perpetrators of this cruel conspiracy dealt with accordingly. From the beginning, this unfortunate incident was like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. A tale of how a fairy tale can repeat itself in real Life centuries later In this World, We must always expect the unexpected, even in Malaysia !. On the other side of the proverbial coin, when the Final Judgement is delivered, it is also a Judgement on the honour of the Judiciary itself – a scenario which has never been tested in our beloved Malaysia since Merdeka, 1957 ! Here lies the True Worth of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat as DETERMINED BY THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF THE HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND. Democracy at work through Malaysia’s revered Constitution as safeguarded by the caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary ! The World and us the Rakyat are waiting with bated breath !

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