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If Mahathir were still PM today…

… his DAP toadies would have spent a considerable fortune on lip balm and lozenges to treat their tired mouth after all the feet-kissing and toe-sucking they engage in.

Even now, Mahathir’s DAP fanboys and fangirls still tag him @chedetoffical in their tweets — see below.



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2 thoughts on “If Mahathir were still PM today…

  1. A common Malaysian political phenomenon is that the extreme opposites are attracted to each other strongly because they do not have the middle ground for support and stability. The DAP was alleged to be in a similar act with the PAS pre-BACs or born again christians which was alleged to break up in acrimony and suspicion. How the veterans of the DAP feel about the feet licking and grovelling by these photo-conscious BACs is another question. The only practical advantage the BACs in all these running-dog activities is that others would have a much longer expiry date. Hence, in the old days of 2018, the BACs went all out to tap the source of apparent Power as they saw it. But the DAP’s bond with the PKR which binds has not given them much advantage but only bungles against the old monolithic BN up to 2013. In 2018, the amalgam of TDM, 1MDB and general unhappiness of the Rakyat helped to push the BN over the precipice. The swift ejection of the PH out of Power from Putrajaya confirmed that the DAP is no better than the MCA in Malaysian Realpolitik in its present form of photo-conscious and loud-mouthed BCAs Leadership which failed when in Power. A ridiculous state of affairs which can only be described as Amateurish which left the NON-MALAYS WITHOUT A CREDIBLE POLITICAL LEADERSHIP TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATIONAL INTEREST ! As it is from all sources of the media, the DAP Leadership is in a flux as regards the question of Transformation or not ? The DAP being the only Party with a fairly clean nose has not decided how to take advantage of this valuable inheritance in Malaysian Politics. In no time at all, this advantage will be gone and the DAP will be back to square one minus one in relation to its worth in 1966. Another bungle created by insouciance which leads to self-immolation. A Premier Multi-racial Political Party of Malaysia which was still-born because of the selfishness of its constituents who did not have the magnanimity to contribute to the land of their birth and the Will of their ancestors. HOWEVER, LET US HOPE I AM VERY WRONG IN MY CONJECTURE ! As for UMNO, the paramount political party of our beloved Malaysia since 1946, it is fast returning to its former Leadership role again as long as its former members perceive its increasing strength i.e. Snow White without the Seven Dwarfs ! The Will of the majority will make this happen. It is a natural with majority group instincts (like Indonesia) as Charles Darwin would have said in 1850 ! Peace, Prosperity and Harmony could only return with a strong and united UMNO which represents the majority without a peer and a NORMAL LEADERSHIP. Our beloved Malaysia was fortunate in having Normal Prime Ministers for many years to administer a Normal Administration. But when the Leadership was SEDUCED by MONEY or little desperate islanders seeking low hanging fruits from the 4th Floor of the Prime Minister’s Office and his home was turned into a night club without a license for contraband goods whilst the World’s jet set thought Kuala Trenggannu was Monte Carlo, our beloved Malaysia, a 3rd World developing country, was hit big-time and stripped by the World’s smart and the clever ! This self-imagery assumed the worst perception when by 2010, fat little boys of no merit took over and went to the World with stolen goods and spent big time on cheap trinkets and women. If this fellow is honourable, he should own up and accept his due.. Other predators swiftly swept in like the Indonesian eagle, the Israeli in the boudoir, the red hot retreats specialists from the tiny isle etc. stripped the Government coffers dry and empty ! Have we Malaysians learnt a lesson that asset stripping of our Government’s coffers ARE ONLY DONE BY FOREIGNERS AND FAT LITTLE BOYS OF NO MERIT ? I AM CONFIDENT UMNO WILL RETURN STRONG, MIGHTY AND ROAR LIKE A TIGER BY THE 15TH GE. THE EARLIER THE BETTER.! All the other Parties have no historical record of note to serve the Nation in the NATIONAL INTEREST, even the DAP !

    1. I do not understand the agony of the beloved friend of the DAP in desiring to be the Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia as far as any adult can remember. Many may have wondered why I put the onus of political bungles on the veritable DAP, his best friend. It all began in 1997 when the DPM could have taken a holiday in the United States and returned in 1998 as the Honourable Prime Minister The Duo would have been in Power in Putrajaya since. The first avoidable bungle was as easy as this.But if I remember correctly instead, it was all brimstone and fire which simmered down to ice as no Malaysian was fired by radicalism in 1998 ! That was the First Bungle. The Second Bungle came in 2008 when the 32 Aduns should have been compromised BEFORE and not AFTER the GE. This would have cost the Duo no money which they now understand.! The 32 Aduns flew the coop to Taipeh, Taiwan, under more than friendly circumstances with all perks provided. Such are the material joys of Malaysian Politics if one is much desired by the Powers in situ. Finally, in 2013, what would have been the final throw of the dice by the Duo, they should have made World headlines by doing a Gandhi – fast for 100 days on water – in the absolute protest against the sins of the BN. They would have been in Putrajaya in good time. But Lo and Behold, the Duo did much better than any one else in 2018, they joined up with TDM and pushed the BN over the cliff. But the Trio had different dreams in bed !. One had Singapore’s desires quickly approved whilst the second was traveling the World from KL to Oxford to Istanbul to Islamabad and on to Tokyo ! The third did nothing because he expected to be the next Prime Minister soon, very soon ! This was exactly what Tun Tan Siew Sin told me that I may be appointed the Minister of Finance by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak IF I do well. Hmm ! I recommended another to be the Deputy Minister of Finance. He failed after 4 years in politics ! Instead of three Bungles, the Duo could not create a TROIKA which produced the goodies they so desire.This ended as the fourth Bungle, the biggest of them all ! As one of them glibly said,’ A week is a long time in Malaysian Politics ! ” Acheh ! In the olde days, Malaysian Politics were known to be boring and dull. Now no longer ?

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