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DAP fighting nobly for Muslim (Rohingya) causes

More Rohingya are on their way here — see latest news below.

Kasthuri Patto is the DAP Assistant International Secretary.

This Christian MP tweets at @PattoKasthuri and has a Migran Juga Manusia banner as her current Twitter masthead.

Furthermore, DAP’s Christian politicians are outdoing even PAS now in their social media posturing on many matters Islamic.

BELOW: “Menyantuni umat membawa berkat” is Hannah Yeoh’s Islamic message

DAP trying to out-Islam PAS

Unless Kelantan or Terengganu offer to house the Rohingya migrants, then DAP-ruled Penang is otherwise the best location to shelter these continually incoming Rohingya refugees.

Put them in, say, Batu Kawan which is the Penang parliamentary constituency of YB Kasthuri-‘Migran Juga Manusia’-Patto (refer below).

The Rohingya are Muslim, and tudung-wearing DAP politicians are the ones keenest on world Muslim struggles, following in the footsteps of their mentor Mahathir.

The ex-premier had admonished that refusing to allow Rohingya boat people to land on our shores “adalah tindakan yang tidak berperikemanusiaan”. He is our country’s foremost champion of the Rohingya cause.

Meanwhile Mahathir’s most ardent fangirl Hannah Yeoh (above), who is also the DAP Assistant Publicity Secretary, preaches that we must all love our neighbour as we love ourselves (a Christian teaching) as well as extending this love of humanity to the Rohingya.

Hannah said she was heartbroken to see the “sufferings of the Rohingya”.

Isn’t it time for DAP political animals aka Lambs of God to walk their charitable talk?

A couple of weeks ago when visiting Washington DC, Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah said Malaysia was looking at education and employment opportunities for the Rohingya and other refugees.

The planned centres to be set up for educating and training them should be built in Penang.


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5 thoughts on “DAP fighting nobly for Muslim (Rohingya) causes

  1. Malaysia being a democratic country of some standing is not expected not to welcome refugees of any stripe or colour to our shores. A single junior leader from the born again christian ranks of the DAP should not stir more than a storm in a tea-cup. Her fraternizing with a seasoned politician who encouraged others many years ago to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza is a case in point. Where was she then ? Tasmania ? Or when the Vietnamese refugees arrived in the mid-1970s, where was the DAP ? For an amateur to exploit the sufferings of the Rohingyas is self-serving with the hope of reaching into places which is inaccessible to these still wet behind the ears amateurs. I am mystified why the DAP did not make any move to be in the cockpit of Power to formulate policies.. But instead the DAP seemed to relish in the antics of finding the Achilles Heel of any incumbent Government always ! For example, National issues like Malaysia should be a major food production centre not only in the National Interest but the World, is ignored by the DAP whilst nit picking issues like the Rohingyas are important. Hence, the reluctance of the DAP to support issues in the National Interest baffles me. And being tacitly known as a Chinese party, the DAP’s actions are misrepresented as the Will of the Malaysian Chinese WHICH IT DEFINITELY DOES NOT ! I do hope all the Chinese realize that the DAP does not embody their wishes but only that of its original Founder, Lee Kuan Ye, a foreigner. I am certain 90% of the Malaysian Chinese desire PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY under the dominion of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans rather than be involved in the antics of professional politicians whom they are not accustomed to, not even in China ! It is time for the Malaysian Chinese to realize that they have no Politcal Party which represents them professionally, sincerely and holistically ! Both the MCA and the DAP failed because of their communal stance. Hence, we will forever see the unstable Chinese votes shifting from one to the other at every GE. The Malaysian Chinese must always support the incumbent Government like all the Chinese in the World like in China and Singapore. In Malaysia, all sorts of external interference especially from the desolate tiny isle have fudged their minds to create an anomaly peculiar to the Malaysian Chinese. The World’s only peculiarity of these Malaysian Chinese. For many years now, the Chinese have expressed worries. I tell them our beloved Malaysia is the best place to live in for all with cogent reasons. After this, they were assured. Hence, I have said many times that the MCA and the DAP are not doing their jobs as Leaders but something else ! History will be the finest arbiter of both these parties ! The DAP has still a good chance to be the Premier Multi-racial Party of Malaysia. The MCA remains communal.

  2. DAP fighting for noble Muslim (Rohingyas) causes ? Here is a true story of Malaysia’s political bullies which a person can only experience by operating on the ground, sometimes doing menial tasks. In June 2018, I went into a kopitiam at 7 am. The parking lot was empty. The sky was dark. I finished my kopi-O at 7.40 am. A 4 WD with a Penang number plate was deliberately parked so near to my car that I could not get in. I return to the kopitiam and said loudly for the owner to move his car. There was no response. Eventually, the kopitiam owner spoke up and a rough looking contractor type stood up and scolded me for not parking in my allotted space. So he punished me. After he went to his car, I shouted out to all in the kopitiam.” THIS IS HOW A CHINESE BULLIES ANOTHER CHINESE.”. It was obvious this fellow is DAP from Penang. Who says DAP does not bully others ? However, to put the behavior of political soldiers into perspective, in 2016, I queued up at the Sentral Railway Station to purchase a ticket to Ipoh.. Suddenly, a hefty young man with a crew cut dressed in a black T-shirt cut in front of me without saying anything. Then, I realized our beloved Malaysia’s politics have changed. This sort of behavior was not limited to the foot soldiers. In 2017, as I was driving towards the divide which separated the highway (along the Science Museum) from the direction going towards Hotel Eastin and TDDI and the way to Petaling Jaya and there was a clear double white line at this point, suddenly a white Porsche 4 WD appeared very close to my right with its bodyguard waving for me to get out of the way so that he could squeeze in front of me as that car had no more room to maneuver before the rising highway to Petaling Jaya. There was a crash. Man proposes. God disposes. Nothing happened to my car. The left front door of the Porsche was completely destroyed. His bodyguard got out and took the keys of my car and forced me to drive to the Sime Darby Porsche workshop where the owner identified he was a Tan Sri living in Bukit Damansara. He asked me where I lived. I said,’Bukit Tunku’. I saw his eyes rolled and thoughts entered his mind. Still, he forced me to pay for his self-inflicted damages which cost me RM 10,000 ! I paid without a protest as I was also on the way to an important meeting. By May 2018, this MIC contractor from South Perak, lost all of what he had in Klang which ran into millions of ringgits. Man proposes. God disposes. Later, the workshop manager told me that this fellow was always involved in such accidents created by him !. This was one battle I did not fight. I only fight at the top of a hill, not the bottom ! And God took care of him, a political bully of our beloved Malaysia !

  3. The DAP instead of fighting nobly for a handful or a few Rohingyas, the DAP might as well stand up and be proud to call all the political parties to join hands and BRING DOWN THE COST OF LIVING FOR THE RAKYAT ( 32 MILLION STRONG ) AND ENSURE OUR FOOD AND MATERIALS SUPPLIES ARE NOT DISRUPTED. This DAP call is entirely in keeping with the exhortation of our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong in His Majesty’s Birthday Speech yesterday. It is events like this which are in consonant with our Sovereignty and National Interest, and in the overall view of the Rakyat form a fair picture of our beloved Malaysia’s UNITY IN DIVERSITY. However, all is quiet on the DAP a’la born again christian front. Surely, there must be at least one Leader who is aware of such an important participation by the DAP as a major political party in the National sphere. Do not tell me the DAP is all foreign inside but LOOK LOCAL ( CHINESE ) OUTSIDE ! Thus, the DAP unwittingly confirmed all the nasty allegations thrown at the DAP since 1966 ! It is the DAP’s reluctance to stand squarely in our beloved Malaysia’s camp since 1966 which always baffles and mystifies me. As loyal Malaysian Chinese after 66 years of Merdeka, there is no question which side we should stand firmly on – the INCUMBENT GOVERNMENT – FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE, HARMONY PROSPERITY FOR ALL RAKYAT ! It is as simple and straightforward as this !

  4. Did the BACs or born again christians Leadership of the DAP asked themselves why they fight for a very few Rohingyas ( Muslims ) when they are already well-looked after by the Government and the UNCHR and NOT for us the Rakyat, their fellow countrymen/women to bring down the COST OF LIVING AND ENSURE THERE IS NO DISRUPTION OF FOOD AND MATERIAL SUPPLIES ? We are 32 millions strong and many of us with families are jobless and starving in our own country. We see these well-fed and well-dressed Government subsidized BACs posing and making themselves pretty with the mightiest in the land. Has it gone to their heads that they are now part of the socialite circle of the rich and the famous and the idle ? A politician is deemed to serve a country and her peoples. The incongruous behavior of the BACs gives rise to the suspicion that there might be something sinister behind all these overt displays.. Strangely, an astute observer would have noticed that all the time and money so spent were on the Muslims. And these BACs are publicly known to have secret esoteric religious interests. Surprisingly, the BACs do not seem to be aware of the long and illustrious history of our beloved Malaysia and her revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Maybe they were only minted in 1975. As it is the BACs are adding more fuel to the fire by their antics in the face of rising crises of monumental proportions by barking up the wrong tree. They cannot differentiate the wood from the trees. Or is it they were just given an agenda to follow by some phantom masters, come what may ? Or they are still wet behind their ears as pukka AMATEURS without regard for our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest which must be given due consideration in all things we do as loyal citizens. And Malaysia is poised to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia, given the right Leadership, NOT SINGAPORE because it is too small and was artificially created from day one in 1965 ! Facts are facts. Even though the DAP is admirable with a fairly clean nose, it still has a long way to go to discover what sort of Political Party it really is to gain more trust and less distrust to be a Premier Multi-racial Party of our beloved Malaysia. In fact, the DAP’s history in the PH Government 2018-2020 created more distrust by its opaque actions which were ultimately revealed to the public to their horror..A once much respected group which shed off much of its self-proclaimed virtues when in POWER 2018-2020.

  5. Fighting nobly for the Rohingyas, BACs or born again christians of th DAP ? Please do not not joke. All of us Malaysians are suffering, the rich and the poor and some are jobless and starving from the effects of your poor Political Leadership since you parachuted into the DAP from nowhere. With the catastrophic Covid Pandemic, compounded by the Ukraine War which disrupted the World’s markets upon which our beloved Malaysia depended on for her exports and most importantly her imports, you BACs have added to the pain and suffering of the Rakyat – a super treble whammy !. You BACs are doing good the wrong way by barking up the Rohingyas tree and not for us the 32 millions Malaysians born and bred in our beloved Malaysia. OR HAVE YOU BEEN MISLED TO MAKE A FOOL OF YOU BACs vis-a-vis the DAP because of your inexperience ? With all the human and material resources of the DAP, you BACs can do a lot of good.for us all the 32 millions Rakyat like holding hands with your worst political enemies to contribute wisely and earnestly to FIGHT THE RISING COST OF LIVING AND THE DISRUPTION OF OUR FOOD AND MATERIAL SUPPLIES.. Even if some are found wanting in this aspect, it does not mean the BACs should seat on their backsides and also DO NOTHING ! Come forward and show the caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans who safeguard our revered Constitution and the World what you BACs are worthy of and not just parrot the BS manufactured by the humongous Ministry of Information of that tiny and desolate isle.. You all know the much hackneyed cliche, ‘ CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.’, Right BACs or born again christians of the veritable DAP? Like this you also show what we MALAYSIANS ARE WORTHY OF, OUR SELF-WORTH and not just a bunch of cringing nobodies of the World. As the sanguine British always said in times of crises, ‘ THIS IS A BALLS OUT SITUATION.’ Oxbridge alumni of the DAP, where are you ?

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