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The cognitive dissonance of Tajuddin Rasdi

“Cognitive dissonance is a term for the state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other,” is an explanation of the condition as given by Psychology Today.

I’m suggesting that Prof. Tajuddin Rasdi is suffering from a lack of cognitive assonance. Allow me to explain.

He is holding in his head contradicting thoughts and they’re dissonant — two opposite ideas that grate against each other.

ONE, he believes – i.e. he’s ‘cognizant’ – that our national language should be accorded dignity, and those who call themselves Malaysians (First) ought to be embarrassed if they speak it poorly.

TWO, he also believes that the opposition is the lesser of two evils, and therefore he is inclined to the Harapan side of our political divide.

However, a vocal section of the opposition supporters and some of their YBs do not accord BM the dignity it deserves.

Moreover, this anti-BM crowd have never made their criticisms – writing in our national language – through any articles that Tajuddin has ever read. In short, Tajuddin would be more persuaded if they could first articulate in BM.

I will add my own observation that most DAP press statements are issued in English and Chinese (perhaps this state of affairs will soon change under Anthony Loke’s new stewardship), and the majority of DAP Yang Berhormats speak poor BM too.

Factors (1) and (2) above – I suggest – is creating cognitive dissonance in Tajuddin. And his two modes of contradictory thought are causing him mental discomfort.

In order to reconcile (1) and (2) in his conflicted thinking, Tajuddin has spun a comforting narrative that it is really Umno’s fault. Allow me to explain further.

Tajuddin trying to square a circle

‘Criticizing BM initiative further divides the nation’ is the headline a few days ago (June 6) of Tajuddin’s Sinchew column.

Tajuddin’s dilemma is the harsh criticism of BM openly vented by oppositionists.

A catalyst for the most recent deluge of scorn is Prime Minister Ismail Sabri placing renewed emphasis on our national language.

Let’s call these critics of the PM and of BM, the ‘Camp D’ group.

According to Tajuddin, “the government’s sudden initiative to use Bahasa Malaysia as the official language in international relations” is a tactic to help “win Barisan Nasional the next general election”.

According to Tajuddin moreover, this initiative is arguably akin to “Umno or any ultra Malays using Bahasa Malaysia as a tool to gain political popularity”.

Is Tajuddin all that upset that “an Umno PM uses this ‘memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia’“ move? After all, Tajuddin is willing to acknowledge “There is nothing wrong with Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Ilmu, falsafah, sains dan politik. Nothing at all.”

So, if there is nothing at all wrong with usaha memartabatkan BM, then why be upset? I venture to say that Tajuddin penned his June 6 Sinchew article because he was feeling upset.

I’m further prepared to argue that it’s the knee-jerk negativity regarding BM from a hostile Camp D that is causing Tajuddin’s upset.

For normal people, we would address our upset at its the root cause. Unfortunately for Tajuddin though, his cognitive dissonance prevents him from directing any remedy for the upset at its rightful source. Hence he diverts to blaming Umno instead for alleged election baiting.

BELOW: Election bait is – one example – fishing for Malay votes like how the DAP non-Muslim operatives don tudung (see seated second row)

Only “election bait”, really?

Tajuddin projects upon Umno a tactic normally practiced by DAP, which is manufacturing outrage. Remember how Dewan Speaker Art Harun once told off DAP’s Jelutong MP, admonishing: “Saya lihat YB macam kilang marah”.

Because DAP behaves like that – always intent on making Chinese feel angry at the Malay establishment – Tajuddin assumes that the ruling party would behave in the same way.

Tajuddin makes an assumption that the Umno strategy is identical to DAP’s, and thus he assumes that Umno “wants” Malays to get angry at the non Malays who insult BM.

Tajuddin writes: “When Malays read these [anti-BM] articles, they will immediately and angrily assume what Umno and BN want; that non-Malays have insulted their language and culture and threatened the nation’s Malay heritage and the Sultan”.

Why does Tajuddin blame Umno when it is the non Malays who are expressing their clear animosity to BM?

Well, Tajuddin faults Umno for dangling what he calls an election bait, konon.

But wait! Why should stressing the importance of BM trigger the non Malays?

Urm, yes, the Camp D people were mightily triggered.

Noticing fire ants crawling up their pants, Tajuddin writes: “I have read several opinion pieces by Malaysians disagreeing with the Bahasa Malaysia initiative by extolling the great virtues of English.”

“These articles seem to place Bahasa Malaysia as a ‘small’ or a ‘pariah’ language,” he adds ruefully.

It is not only the several opinion writers who place BM as a “pariah” language. Beyond such op-ed pieces, the Camp D people piled on, heaping their derision lock, stock and barrel.

We need to clarify here that the non Malays who insult BM are opposition, meaning largely Cina DAP.

On the other hand, Chinese BN voters are BM friendly. Take me, for example.

Aptly named Tanduk Rusa plant that looks like a deer’s antlers

On 16 Nov 2011, I blogged ‘Apa kurangnya BM?’ I wrote then (a full decade ago): “Setiap pohon dan pelepah, setiap unggas dan setiap mergastua di bumi yang dipijak kita ini ada namanya dalam bahasa tempatan”.

I listed ‘misai kucing, tanduk rusa, lidah buaya’ and ‘paku langsuir’ as the Malay names for plants which demonstrate the wonderful imagination contained in our national language.

Chinese who are not Cina DAP are positive about BM but Tajuddin missed this dichotomy.

A little over two weeks back on May 22, I’d blogged about the launch of the BM symposium held at DBP.

Like Tajuddin, I too had noticed the Camp D (opposition supporters) antics.

I’d said in my blog: “Cuba tengok perangai penyokong pembangkang sekarang yang mengejek hasrat Perdana Menteri Ismail Sabri untuk memartabatkan bahasa Melayu. […] Bacalah komen-komen dikeluarkan oleh mereka yang menghina peranan BM di samping mengagung-agungkan bahasa Inggeris dan Mandarin”.

So, the attention of Tajuddin and I were both caught by the jeer squads. But unlike Tajuddin, I don’t suffer cognitive dissonance.

As someone unconflicted, my analysis of their signals is simple — Those jeerers don’t seem to possess any sense of civic nationalism.

On the other hand, Tajuddin is unable to be straightforward about the jeering that he hears. His cognitive dissonance compels him to take a circuitous route to explain away why his ‘good guys’ display disturbingly bad attitude.

Rather than address the Camp D jeering at bahasa Melayu, Tajuddin deflects to the Umno president, saying “This BM initiative is just an election bait”.

Tajuddin tells himself and his Chinese readers in Sinchew that Ismail Sabri is merely “rallying his own Hidup Melayu mantra” through the said BM initiative.

He also tells his Sinchew audience that the “shield thumping on language will go away when the election is over!”

Tajuddin surely knows what he’s saying is not true. This issue on the status of BM always crops up every now and again whether there is any election or no looming on the horizon.

I earlier cited my defence of BM which appeared in my blog November 2011 which was not an election year.

The truth is our language debate is a recurring dispute where Camp D perennially mocks BM. Yet Tajuddin prefers to view current efforts to elevate the status of BM narrowly through a GE15 lens as “bait”.

He writes that when “an Umno PM uses this ‘memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia’ as a “war cry”, it is only for the purpose of “taunting Malaysians who are still gullible enough to take the bait”.

He accuses Umno of taunting. He does not mention that the anti-BM jeers were tantamount to or even direct taunts against Malay culture and heritage.

BELOW: DAP Aduns showing their genuine love of tutup aurat or another “election bait”?

Where else do minorities diss their national language?

I’ve prepared a five-question checklist for Tajuddin below. I ask Tajuddin to reflect on the following hypotheticals:

Q1. If Tajuddin was a minority ethnic living in Poland, would he slag the Polish language just as the Camp D people are continually slagging BM?

Q2. If Tajuddin was living in Finland, would he object to Finnish being the country’s first language even though it is only a small language spoken by five-and-a-half million Finns?

Q3. If Tajuddin was living in Ireland, would he declare that Irish is a lesser language as the Camp D people are always doing when comparing BM to English and Chinese?

Q4. If Tajuddin was living in Thailand, would he ever scoff at Thai as “a seventh rate language” and one belonging to an inferior culture?

Q5. If Tajuddin was living in the Netherlands, would he propose that Dutch take a backseat locally to English, French and German which are the three European big languages used in the EU?

No, no, no, no and no. I take the liberty of answering on Tajuddin’s behalf because I have good faith in his intention of dignifying one’s national language.

Put in the simplest terms, just show respect for the language of the land lah — something Camp D refuses to do.

And no, BM status is not limited to “a winning formula for Umno and BN” to fight elections as Tajuddin posits. Rather, language is the key universal underpin of national identity.

In fact, language is so important that it can even be one of the contributing causes of civil war as seen in the Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk regions which broke away from Ukraine.

I hope Tajuddin will contemplate what it is that differentiates the Chinese who hate BM (the jeerers) and the Chinese who embrace BM.

Tajuddin advises the BM critics: ”So, don’t take the bait! Just keep silent and when the election is over, much of these rabble rousing and shield thumping on language will go away or reversed”.

Oh, I see. Tajuddin is okay with their contempt for BM. He’s apparently not alright only with them expressing disdain on the eve of GE15. He even telegraphs to DAP to heed his words about not “accepting the bait, hook, line and sinker”.

Kelebihan BM sebagai bahasa serantau

Since I share the opinions of professor emeritus Teo Kok Seong with regard to the topic, I’ll rehash the exposition he provides.

Prof. Teo possesses the requisite academic credentials to discourse authoritatively on the subject and I refer to his article ‘Strategi bahasa rasmi ASEAN’ published last month (May 10) in Utusan.

Teo wrote about “Cadangan untuk menjadikan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa rasmi kedua ASEAN yang tidak dipersetujui sesetengah pihak …” (this sesetengah pihak being those who are “so arrogant in [their] superiority of the English language” as well as the Mandarin-language supremacists.

Teo explains that our umbrella language – which he dubs “gagasan bahasa Melayu supra” or perhaps ‘Melindo’ – has been codified for uniformity between Malaysia and Indonesia from the early 1970s onwards. Brunei and Singapore too employ this linguistic consensus.

To the naysayers who doubt the heft possesed by BM, Teo responds that bahasa Indonesia is already “amat mantap di mandala dunia”.

Asean comprises ten countries. Melindo as bahasa watan enjoys national standing in four of them (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore).

The Asean countries have a collective population of some 680 million with 275 million living in Indonesia.

The Melindo language sphere has overall some 300 million speakers including the ethnic Malay inhabitants of southern Thailand, thus conferring a ‘keberadaan’ (presence) for BM regionally.

It’s therefore not unreasonable to claim “nilai keantarabangsaan” for BM in southeast Asia, and indeed in other parts of the world where Melindo is taught as a desirable foreign language.

Yet why does Camp D pour so much scorn on the mere possibility of BM playing a role in shaping an Asean ‘jati diri’?

The EU which has 27 countries uses three procedural languages, one of which is French — the language of the union’s largest country France.

Well, Indonesia is the largest and most populous country in Asean. So why not Melindo (bahasa Melayu Indonesia)?

As I’ve mentioned some years previously in my blog, I see us in relation to the Austria scenario, i.e. Austria being the smaller country compared to Germany but Austrians speaking the German language nonetheless.

Malaysia is smaller in size and population than Indonesia. In my humble opinion, we should integrate more closely with bahasa Indonesia.

Mine is likely a minority viewpoint within the Chinese community. After all as Tajuddin himself acknowledges — “There is hardly any place for BM” in private universities.

By extension, we can say in the private sector too and most crucially, there is hardly any place for BM in the Camp D ecosystem.

Such a language divide is as if Malaysia is, for practical purposes, a binational country.

Together with his blame of Malay “opportunist politicians”, Tajuddin advises his non-Malay political allies to “please do not criticize the Bahasa Malaysia initiative openly and harshly. It will all pass after the election”.

Actually, the language debate will not pass after GE15. If Tajuddin is unable to process even this obvious detail, he is destined to be stuck in cognitive dissonance for a long time to come.


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17 thoughts on “The cognitive dissonance of Tajuddin Rasdi

  1. The significance of the Judgement of the Federal Court on DSN’s Appeal on his High Court case will definitely reflect on the good governance of the PH Government May 2018-Mrach 2020. If it turns out that DSN was a victim of a cruel political conspiracy, then, Justice must be seen to be served under the Rule of Law. As always, the Law depends on solid evidence not on conjecture or hearsay !

  2. We talk about cognitive dissonance in ivory towers like the BACs or born again christians fighting for the very few Rohingyas and not FIGHT THE COST OF LIVING for the 32 million strong Malaysians, their fellow country men/women. But daily media reports reveal a tentative disconnect of the Top and the Bottom, the Rakyat on the ground. Today, there are reports of the cost of Living hitting the 2 million strong Civil Servants and the respected group of veterans up in arms concerning the inadequacy of their pensions. Further, Malay contractors and even chicken farmers complained of the lack of efficiency in the release of the subsidy or rising prices of materials. Not only that, plantation owners, hawkers, restaurants, property developers, shops in malls, etc all complained of the lack of FTs to fill the jobs. Our beautiful peoples seldom complained because of their up-bringing and traditional courtesy and good manners.. But it is no longer a joke when common things are becoming to be out their reach like chicken. With meddling in the meat supplies, beef and mutton prices are sky high. The common fish has become a rare dish.. The once common VEAL disappeared years ago because of the meddling in the meat supply chain. It is because of the good behavior of Malaysians that all seemed calm and normal with some learned economists harping a 6% GDP for 2022 BUT did not realize or mention that a 6.1% inflation rate will render a 6% GDP useless or neutralized. Hence, any new Political Party like the Parti Bangsa Malaysia with its slogan LOYAL, CLEAN, DEDICATED will be most welcomed by the long suffering Rakyat. With the rise of UMNO becoming a tiger again, all will be well in quick time !

  3. As I was highlighting the possibility of DSN being the victim of an alleged political conspiracy, and in our beloved Malaysia, we must expect the unexpected in the face of solid evidence. Here is a telling headline in the Malaysiakini today. ” HARAPAN WORRIED OVER DETAILS COMING FROM HIGH PROFILE CASES. ” What happens if this boomerangs with the revelation of the Truth as supported by the solid evidence ? Then, the Rule of Law must prevail ! Thus, another step forward in the development of Political Maturity of our beloved Malaysia ! Cognitive dissonance or no cognitive dissonance ! In passing, the good and ennobled lady has called off her Bar Council March due to the lack of supporters ?

  4. My humble apologies for a typo error. The Malaysiakini headline should read thus, ” HARAPAN WORRIED OVER DETAILS COMING FROM HIGH PROFILE GRAFT CASES.”

  5. How appropriate is the title of your learned subject, ” Cognitive Dissonance ” ! Again the Malaysiakini reported thus,” ECONOMIST. LET PUBLIC GROW VEGETABLES REAR CATTLE TO TACKLE FOOD CRISES. ” For a moment, I thought this remark emanated from a Martian. But I was wrong. The accompanying picture showed a well-dressed gentleman of a certain age in a suit. His remark could only come from a Martian just arrived from Mars. As far as I could remember in our beloved Malaysia, every time there was a crisis,the incumbent Government would trundled out the Policy of being self-sufficient in vegetables and fruits. As soon as the crisis was over, all was forgotten. Within this context, Malaysians just love to eat foreign fruits like apples,oranges and grapes which are produced in hard currency countries. Even bananas from The Philippines flood our markets.And now mangoes from Thailand ! With an established free market, Malaysians have a choice. We cannot have the cake and it eat as well. In other words, which is better ? A Government controlled market or a free market which is dictated by supply and demand ? This is the dilemma of the economists who all want to put in their TWO SENS worth ! Any other comment would be Martian-like. If the good economist traveled by rail in Germany, he would have noticed many small plots of land set aside for the farming of vegetables and fruits along the railway line each with a tiny hut. and an obese owner stripped to the waist enjoying the sun ! That is one type of culture.. Would our Malaysians appreciate such ‘green activities’ ? We are more likely to jam the highways towards the malls and shop around the marts for foreign fruits. In other words, decades of easy living with a low cost of living have spoiled us. Then, it is up to the Leadership to guide the Rakyat accordingly. Cognitive dissonance or no cognitive dissonance ! A lady was encouraged by the Government many years ago to rear cattle in Gemas with at least RM300 million support. It was alleged a small steak restaurant in Bukit Kiara Solaris, a couple of Mercedes, a number of luxury condos etc were all that were established. It was alleged the matter is still not resolved today. The huge piece of land so allotted for cattle rearing was never mentioned again ! In Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected !

    1. Surprisingly, it is alleged by the Patriots, a respectable veteran organization, in the FMT, that the Minister of Defence has proposed to turn military camps into farms and soldiers into farmers. Another Ad Hoc decision, no doubt. A sort of guns into scythes type of manoeuvre. We are not at War and will not be lauded by the United Nations for this peaceful act. Hopefully, the good Minister of Defence realizes that a soldier undergoes training all the time to be ready to defend our beloved Malaysia at a moment’s notice or the professional soldiers refuse to be turned into farmers or Malaysia’s famed Royal Malay Regiments disappeared into thin air overnight and could not be found anymore ! And more ! I have cited the example in Germany where unproductive railways lands are turned into productive agricultural farming lands. Malaysia has thousands and thousands acres of idle lands which can be turned into productive agricultural lands. But recently, the media reported pomelo farmers, durian farms, etc were the targets of official eviction. This untimely act will certainly disrupt our food supplies chains which have been in place even before Merdeka. Until UMNO returns to lead again, we will continue to read all sorts of zany stories in the social media which confirms the country is entirely dependent on the vagaries of the international market place leaving our destiny in the hands of external forces. This will be the price we pay for our own insouciance. It is sooting ourselves in the foot as always these days.

    2. Further, I wish hopefully the good Minister of Defence realizes that the soldiers of our beloved Malaysia come from the famed Royal Malay Regiments, the guardians of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, and Country. The Royal Malay Regiments are the most efficient and disciplined icons in Malaysia today and won the most important battles of all against the Communist Insurgents 1948-1992… Even the tiny isle of Singapore with its 300,000+ strong citizen army employs at least 2-3 Gurkha Regiments to keep a balance. We must always realize our own true worth that given the right Leadership, our beloved Malaysia is just a whisper away to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, not tiny Singapore which is a non-starter !.

    3. I am aghast at the manner in which our beloved Malaysia’s brilliant and august historical records have been treated with disdain these days e.g. the famed Royal Malay Regiment is one of them.. Malaysia has a history which dates back for centuries – the Golden Chersonese.without a peer. We Malaysians must realize our own worth which is among the best societies in this World. We still have a long way to be the best. Switzerland confederated 800 years ago. They still make snide remarks behind each others backs, the Germans, the French, the Italians and the Romansch ! We do not see the slaughter of the innocent Rakyat every day by firearms especially school children. We do not feel the anguish of an empty stomach. We live in a land where there are no earthquakes, typhoons,,forest fires, or endless monsoons. Some of our disasters were Man-made ! We should be very proud and steadfast of ourselves having developed and built by ourselves our beautiful land to what we are today despite massive corruption and abuse of Power in recent times. As normal and decent Humankind, we should definitely give ourselves another chance if not a BIG chance to be one of the 4 small important countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. And this achievement is only a whisper away given the right Leadership. A fact which is as clear as a mountain stream. We must always be aware of little rivals of recent creation who are jealous of our good fortune for us living in a beautiful land with beautiful peoples and beautiful resources and pretend to be our good friends Our beloved Malaysia has lost much by this manner which also impinged on our Sovereignty and National Interest which meant you and me. It is time for all Malaysians to realize in a POSITIVE manner that we are one of the best countries in the World. The political hiatus today is just the NORMAL WAY of finding the right Leadership to govern and lead the Way. THIS IS NOT THE END BUT THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER SCINTILLATING ERA ! This I have full confidence that UMNO will resume its rightful place under the Malaysian Sun and roars like a tiger again but never a pussycat ! WE MUST NEVER PERMIT OUR DESTINY TO BE IN THE HANDS OF OTHERS LIKE A FEW YEARS AGO -. 2004-2018 In fact the British expected Malaya to collapse soon after Merdeka. But here we are in the year 2022. ALIVE, KICKING, QUARRELING AND HEALTHY.! Do not be fooled by the BS emanating forever from that tiny isle in the South.Today, the Singapore Government announced another S$ 1.5 Billion to bolster its economy ! Vide CNA. We must live on facts, not FAT ! WHERE ELSE BUT MALAYSIA ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

      1. Here is the reason why I said the Royal Malay Regiment is efficient and disciplined. At the height of the riots of 13 May 1969, the 5th Royal Malay Regiment was bivouacked in the school field opposite my brother’s house which was just across a narrow road, Lorong Gurney Satu. The soldiers were camped there for over a month. they undertook their military chores normally without fuss. Most importantly, they kept to themselves and did not upset the neighborhood. My brother-in-law’s house was half a mile away, off Jalan Putra ( Prince’s Road ) where it all began. My friend Dato Wong Kok Fun’s house was right in the middle of Kampong Baru. He felt extremely safe throughout the riots. These are the real and unexpurgated facts!

  6. As the pundits wee arguing about Sri Lanka and Malaysia, Sri Lanka has given holidays to the citizens to plant vegetables and other agricultural products for food security. And the Sri Lankans do not have as many public holidays which we Malaysians have ! Just a few days ago, a learned economist asked us to do the same ! I recommend all to read YOU TUBE. History. WHY INDIA IS STILL POOR ? Here are insights of a country which was sometimes mismanaged due to India’s Leadership adopting the wrong policies. It is retrospective for our beloved Malaysia from her previous ‘ TIGER’ stance. External events are looming negatively every day. The latest is the Fed’s interest rate hike of 75 basis points, the highest for more than a decade within a background scenario of (i) The Crash of October 2008 (ii) the Covid, (iii) Ukraine War, (iv) Disruption of supply chains, (v) Rising oil prices and inflation all round and many other factors..Not many Malaysians are aware that Malaysia is now a net importer, not exporter. Cognitive dissonance at work and play in our beloved Malaysia ?

  7. My humbles apologies. A typo error. It should read ‘ Malaysia is now a net importer of oil, not exporter. ………’

  8. There are at present too many Malaysians having this Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome which came from self-indulgence and visions of grandeur. Such afflictions do hamper a person’s progress and mental development. We see such examples every day. Our brains either guide us to success or failure as many Chinese tycoons told us that from their backgrounds of wantan mee sellers, lorry drivers, storekeepers, rubber tappers, auto-gate or insurance salesmen etc, they achieved dreams beyond their imagination. Believe it or no t! One thing for sure, my father who was an illiterate, sent all his children to Methodist Mission Schools to acquire a good command of English under a Colonial regime. His intention was entirely sartorial in keeping with a Colonial life-style with his focus based entirely on commerce with no fun and games politics in Colonial times. With fast changing times and without the luxury of the Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome, I put all my children in the National Schools without regard for the cultural feelings of others on vernacular schools in the environment of an independent Nation. Lo and behold ! One of them became a Director of the British-China Business Council, Beijing ! My grand-daughter without the Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome which was caused by self-indulgence and visions of grandeur, also followed the Family’s traditional of being educated in a SMK. Without any special aids, she scored 9 As in the Final examination yesterday.. Many thanks to the incumbent Government which should continue to keep up with its work on good Education for all ! It is time for some to dispense with the Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome, the Big and the Small, the Strong and the Weak ! It is exactly like hypertension or diabetes mellitus. A person is not aware he or she has the fatal disease until it is too late ! Recently, I lost 2 friends with hypertension at a young age.

  9. The latest revelation of UKSB’s payment recipients showed the utter failure of the PH Government ( 2018-2020 ) afflicted with the Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome which involved Leaders who claimed to be as beyond reproach as Caesar’s wife ! Remarkable ! For solid evidence such as this, the Rule of Law must hold sway as one of the 3 props of Democracy being the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. To be faIr and just, we cannot blindly allege only DSN for wrong doing but also all who had a hand in taking money via the abuse of Power whilst in office as well, No matter how long ago this had happened. This is called accountability in a keeping with being fair and just. No one must be permitted to escape from their dastardly crimes. We cannot have one Law for one group of people and another Law for another group. !

  10. I recommend all to read today’s FMT’s article by an academic,” ACADEMIC LAMENTS DISCONNECT BETWEEN ISLAMIC TEACHINGS AND CONDUCT.”. I observed this Blog’s articles have aroused the interest of others in the social media in a fair and reasonable manner. This is good and acceptable.within the context of our unique Malaysian Democratic environment. We must encourage all to speak reasonably and fairly always as we move towards to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. We can do it.and will do it !

  11. Again your distinctive ” Cognitive Dissonance ” at work and struck a bell in the mind of TDM on Sunday 20 June 2022 as reported in the media. He claimed that tiny Singapore and the 1,500 Riau islands rightly belong to Malaysia. Of course he is right legally and historically because some of our Royal Sultans were from or owned these territories which were usurped by the British or Dutch colonialists. Strangely, he never raised these issues during his 2 Prime Minister terms until June 2022. May be the Ukraine War aroused him of our Sovereignty and National Interest which were blatantly forgotten by his chosen successors.e.g. expensive and precious heirlooms of Malaysia given as free gifts to impoverished but rich tiny Singapore like the Jurassic rocks, the KTM assets, the free and subsidized water, the HSR S$ 23 millions compensation for no work done, MSA Software (1972) and many more. With a beautiful hindsight, the wealth could not now be used to look after our poor and disadvantaged…This is the reason why I always raised Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest issues over and over again when given the opportunity. Eventually, the Rakyat and the Leadership will realize that NO ONE WILL HELP OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WHEN ALL OUR ASSETS ARE FRITTERED AWAY LIKE SRI LANKA ! Malaysia is no longer a net exporter of oil. And all those heritage funds and GLCs established to safeguard certain objectives have lost their focus and oomph in the huge flood of CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER.. Forewarned is forearmed !.

  12. Fantastic ! Again a well-known politician is alleged to have the Cognitive Syndrome concerning 2 payments of RM 100,000 each given to him by a contractor. I was faced with gifts of female companions, money, dinners, travel, yacht trips in Singapore, kick-backs in selling and buying, padding of contracts or anything I desired in return for a favour during my corporate career, I took not one sen. Every time I was offered such delights, I naturally felt bad with revulsion. Once, a female employee tarted herself up one Saturday morning and made the lame excuse of meeting me to discuss a problem. I already knew she had a boy friend who was a police inspector. Well before this, as I was cleaning up after orthopaedic surgery on 10 cases at 2 the KLGH, the theatre sister sidled up to me and said, ” I love you very much, Doctor !”. I told her, ” Sister, I am dog tired ! ” The whole hospital knew she was a kiss and tell type of person. Her reputation moved ahead of her. Years later another suddenly felled to the carpeted floor of my office and said.” Try me ! ” Away from the human side of the invisible Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome, for many years I was wondering why the old money of Singapore was my best friends ? Decades later, it suddenly dawned on me that through their fertilizer and agricultural chemicals suppliers, they discovered that I did not seek a commission on any purchase to cheat my the person in charge of the family rubber plantation. At the end of the day, it is a small, small World which some will find out to their cost that nothing is a secret ! In my case, my parents, University and friends weighed heavily.on me. I just could not do it by satisfying my carnal or material desires ! We now see the deleterious effects of the invisible Cognitive Dissonance in our august Courts which are now thronged with the highest notables in the land ! At the end of the day, it is just a question of common sense and discipline in the conduct of our social intercourse with the World every day !

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