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Lee Lam Thye accused of becoming Mahathir’s “lapdog”

DAP party supporters who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones as their stones might redound somewhere else.

See readers’ comments in the Malaysiakini stories below.


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One thought on “Lee Lam Thye accused of becoming Mahathir’s “lapdog”

  1. Syabas for presenting this unexpected turn of political events as we move towards an expected early GE ! How many Malaysians noticed that Malaysia has one of the most lively Socio-Blogging scenarios in the World which may be judged by the frequency of libel and slander Suits.. Down in the tiny isle of Singapore, a few years ago, a person could spent sometime skimming through Singapore’s social media for laughs.. No longer. The World of cuisine has taken over.! Singapore’s most popular Blog has something to do with cuisine whilst her iconic dishes like chilli crabs and Hainanese chicken rice are mentioned so often that a person feels that these two dishes are Singapore’s staple diet, like potatoes in the West. The Caucasians cannot do without potatoes like Asians who must have rice. I once met a Malaysian who did not have rice for 10 days in Basle, Switzerland. The first dish he ordered was rice ! Instead of feeding its population with a high content of politics, the Singapore Government seemed to have decided that a steady and regular diet of the World’s cuisine for the man or woman in the street via the media is the way to go. Lee Kuan Yew’s old exhortations to his captive cohorts like ” Rugged Society. ” or ” Did you smile today ” or ” No gum or be fined $500 ” etc would be laughed out of the tiny isle in no time at all these days.. That’s Singapore for you and me. With the domination of Cuisine Blogs by twenty something ladies ( sometimes with a mate in tow ), it is heroic for a Singaporean chef to go after the proverbial Michelin Stars. Hence according to my personal Blogging Index based on Creativity, Innovation, Freedom, 1. Taiwan. 2.1 Malaysia 3. Hong Kong 4. China. 5. Singapore.. Naturally with this kind of assumption, it is a privilege to be able to comment freely on what ails a fading ex-political great who turned himself into social Mickey Mouse for 32 years in our beautiful land full of beautiful peoples and beautiful natural resources ? His motive to make himself relevant at this time and age, I do not understand. He had . already used the DAP as a platform for 3 terms as an Adun and then launched himself successfully as a Social Mickey Mouse which eventually got loaded with honours and lucre.. May be his new horizon is to place his bet on the rising UMNO which will not meow like a pussy cat anymore ! A GLC Chairmanship will be entirely fitting. As always, an answer raises more questions. My conjecture is SPECULATIVE. So is the back-stabbing move by the much ennobled gentleman in question. Was he a SPECULATOR BEFORE ? He took the dicey plunge into DAP politics for 3 terms and followed by his 32 years as a Socio Mickey Mouse in which no significant activities were achieved. Now and then, he blurted out in perfect English, giving advice no one had time to take seriously. How come ? Another tycoon from humble background ? Born during the terrible Japanese Occupation 1942-1945 ? None of the Chinese tycoons can beat me ! My illiterate father was a 16 year old kitchen dish washer for Towkay Loke Yew ! Jokes aside. How many Malaysians realize that the Pandora’s Box has been opened unwittingly. Now, either of these two Giants has to prove that they are honorable and creditable or not ? Our beloved Malaysia’s Political Maturity and Development in this significant incident at the highest level of our National Pantheon, should not be treated lightly or the World will look upon us, the Rakyat as a bunch of cringing nobodies. We are Normal and Worthy Malaysians like all the other peoples in the World. It is time someone stands up and defend our Sovereignty and National Interest in this significant and serious matter. Our Politics should not be treated frivolously like fun and games by responsible adults ! Quote, ” Let the Public be the judge ! ” Unquote. Where else but Malaysia ! Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

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