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Party of Hate


After Elon Musk tweeted that he voted Republican, the Tesla boss was asked on Twitter: “is this the first time that has happened with you where you’re receiving massive amounts of hate by the top Democrat leaders…?”

And in Mslaysia…

Lee Lam Thye is still receiving massive amounts of hate from DAP and its supporters for leaving the party more than 30 years ago.

Lee’s departure from DAP back then did not affect any seats as he had not party hopped.

Neither did Lee resign during his active term of office as a DAP parliamentarian. He only quit after being told that he may not (?) or likely would not (?) be renominated by the party to defend his Bukit Bintang seat where he had been a multiple-term MP.

Nor did Lee take away from DAP the blue ribbon constituency where he was its incumbent. Bukit Bintang is after all a Cina totok area where the DAP faithful would elect even a banana tree so long as it had a rocket logo.

Hence the hate against Lee did not involve any question of ethics, i.e. frogging.

On the contrary, DAP and its supporters had no issue with the pondful of Umno MPs hopping over to Bersatu at the time when Muhyiddin’s party was still in Harapan and Mahathir was PM 2.0.

In fact, if DAP had been morally opposed to frogging, Harapan could have tabled an anti-party hopping law.

Were such a preemptive law in place during Harapan’s 22-month tenure, the Sheraton Move would have been nipped in the bud.

BELOW: Unlike Kit Siang, Karpal Singh (were he alive) would never have tolerated the embrace of frogs under DAP’s watch

What the massive amount of hating on Lee Lam Thye shows is the real nature of the DAP beast.

The party has little tolerance for any Chinese who is not ideologically aligned with DAP.

They will seek to destroy the reputation of any previously important member of the flock (Lee, Kua Kia Soong, Wee Choo Keong, etc) who dared to stray from the DAP hateful herd mentality.


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One thought on “Party of Hate

  1. Politics of hate from a Party of Hate, the DAP ?.That’s Politics anywhere in the World because politicians thrive on Power which has a magical effect on their minds and body language. Remember the incident when a political Tan Sri pushed my car out of the highway and damaged his own car and he and his bodyguard forced me to pay for his political act ? Fortunately, Man proposes. God disposes. Thereafter, Covid made him lose millions of ringgits to this day. Strange as it may seemed, so many of a politician’s friends who became a Prime Minister or Minister whispered to me that their friend/friends became an entirely different person once in Power, overnight assuming a Mr Jekyll and Dr Hyde Personality. May be or may be not the obat was effective and working full time ! This strange behavior I have witnessed personally when I attempted to reach a similar personality for 2 long years. In the end he lost all. Even his childhood friend told me so. This Politics of Hate which is alleged to have emanated from the DAP is the emotional response from those who supported their so called Leader wholeheartedly for 3 Parliamentary Terms. If he had not become a social Mickey Mouse may be sponsored by some Chinese tycoons with an ulterior motive, took up a collection of medals and much lucre for zero achievement via his perfect English regular advice to all Rakyat with NO TERTIARY EDUCATION FROM A ZERO BACKGROUND and retired quietly to his favorite country OZ ( Perth ) with the sunset in the far horizon, this once relevant Giant would not be harassed by leaving a bitter taste behind him. I speak factually. We ordinary folk can only guess why a person kept quiet for 32 long years and now ennobled with his pockets full of ringgits and only traveled by a long wheel based chauffered driven Mercedes out of his palatial abode who came out of a ZERO background, would suddenly dig up skeletons from his own cupboard and open the Pandora’s Box of hitherto unknown acts by PUBLICLY AND OPENLY ATTACKING ANOTHER, HIS FORMER MENTOR AND BOSS.? Any psychologist will tell us this is NOT HATE but was done on purpose with an ulterior motive for some future benefits. History is the finest Arbiter which no one can escape from ! We will see. Please take note.

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