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Israel’s big tent govt collapsed, polls likely in Oct

Israel prime minister Naftali Bennett has pulled the plug on his big tent government by moving to dissolve parliament yesterday evening.

And thus ends the circus clown show.

The Government of Change

Israel’s ruling coalition lasted just 12 months before collapsing.

The Bennett ‘ubah’ new thing government had been approved by Knesset (Israeli parliament) a year ago on 13 June 2021.

The Israel government lost its simple majority two months ago in April with the defection of an MP, Idit Silman, from the PM’s own party Yamina.

Another Yamina MP, Nir Orbach, also jumped ship last week because of the ruling coalition’s inability to pass the settler bill. Orbach’s departure left Bennett leading a minority government.

Giving as his proximate reason for resigning, Bennett cited the settler law – which is Orbach’s stated concern – that is due to expire at the end of this month.

“With the dissolution of the government before its expiration, the settler law will be automatically extended for six months,” reported the Times of Israel today.

Furthering Isreali settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories is one of the core issues championed by Bennett.

BELOW: Lapid (left) and Bennett pictured in the Knesset

Diversity is NOT a strength

Bennett‘s dramatic decision to bring down the government came as a surprise to some of his coalition partners (just as Mahathir’s did to his).

The Israel big tent coalition included parties from the left, right, center, up, down, front, back and nowhere.

The Israel government of 2021–22 comprised eight parties — (1) Yamina, (2) Yesh Atid, i.e. alternate PM Yair Lapid’s party (3) New Hope, (4) Labor, (5) Meretz, (6) Ra’am, (7) Kahol Lavan aka Blue & White, and (8) Yisrael Beiteinu.

Analogous to Malaysia, the Israel power sharing arrangement had two designated PMs supposed to take turns — Bennett going first like Mahathir (Yamina / Bersatu) and Lapid coming next like Anwar (Yesh Atid / PKR).

Observe that Israel’s big tent coalition government even had a New Hope party!

The diverse array of parties were united by a singular shared goal to oust Binyamin Netanyahu.

Apart from their unity in getting rid of Bibi, the parties had little in common otherwise.

Deep differences impossible to be bridged are obvious from merely looking at either ends of the political spectrum strung together by Bennett.

At one end of his bizarre patchwork was Islamist party Ra’am supported by Israeli Arabs, and at the opposite end were Jewish nationalist parties — the right-wing Yamina and Yisrael Beiteinu.

They remind us of the strange bedfellows in Pakatan Rakyat (DAP and PAS), and in Harapan (DAP and Mahathir’s party).

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With Bennett’s sudden resignation, Lapid will take over as transitional PM of the caretaker government until a snap election is called.

Israel’s fresh election is expected to be held at the end of October — its fifth in only three years.


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  1. Israelis were having a gala time in Malaysian boudoirs 2004-2018. No one noticed ? Why ? Because there are Indian or Afro-looking to blue-eye and blonde Israelis, that’s why.!

    1. There were many communities of Jews in China which were eventually converted to Islam e.g. the Kaifeng, Beijing, Nanking,etc. Courtesy Wikipedia.

  2. Even in Israel, the ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu was charged and on trial for corruption. The Cognitive Dissonance Disease Syndrome is a common disease affecting politicians World wide !

  3. Finally, in medical parlance, the Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome is a common disease amongst practicing politicians around the World, given to taking and denying ! Surprisingly, even cheap watches also attract them !

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