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Guess who are being called ’extremists’ now

Answer: Amy Coney Barrett, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts

They’re are all Justices of the American Supreme Court with the last named being the Chief Justice of the USA himself.

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren called them “six extremists“ — see news clip below.

Aside from calling people they disagree with “extremist”, “racist”, “bigot”, “xenophobe” and “misogynist”, progressive leaders of the Democrat party – including Joe Biden – also call on their perpetually outraged supporters to take to the streets in protest.

Biden however adds the caveat that their protests should be peaceful.

The six conservative justices courted liberal ire after they overturned the decades old Roe v Wade pro-abortion ruling.


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One thought on “Guess who are being called ’extremists’ now

  1. It is sad to see a Country, these United States, the greatest the World had ever seen and benefited from her generous largesse which once produced those friendly Yanks of World War II, those wonderful comics of my childhood,Superman,Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Captain America, Buck Rogers, those distinctive 1940s – 1950s cars, Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Buick, Chrysler, Studebaker, Cadillac, De Soto, Lincoln of my childhood dreams and those beautiful colour Kodak publications, now fall into vicious political disarray and raw conflict which cut across religious divides openly revealed by the media !.The Cold War 1948 – 1989 took its toll on the United States as well which results we now witness politically, economically and socially. But historically, tumultuous events affecting the United States should date back to the Great Depression of 1931 and the rise of the Democrat President Roosevelt 1932 – 1944 based on his astute political acumen ( the New Deal ) which out-manoeuvred both Hitler and Tojo.and in the process pulled the United States out of the Great Depression via World War II, into the Baby Boomers era of the late 1940s – 1959s ! But the tragic wars conducted by the United States which followed to the present, eventually brought this magnificent Nation down to the Insurrection of 2021.These wars may be attributed to the Political-Military-Industrial Complex of President exercise America’s World hegemony. The United States will never be the same again compounded by Clinton’s mistaken but generous spiel of 1992, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights. “-( which crushed Singapore’s Cold War Trades, 1962-1989, blessed by Uncle Sam unwittingly ) to the Americans profound regret in the 2000s. All the BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa ) benefited. Today, we see the violent eruptions of SOCIAL INEQUALITY exhibited by the dirt poor on the one hand and riches beyond any person’s dreams on the other in the Land of Freedom and the amongst the crumbling infra-structures of the 1930s ! And America’s public debt is over 20 Trillion US Dollars.and rising ! On the abortion issue, the Roman Catholics are divided in the land of the Free and the Home of Democracy.. Privately, I performed over 100 dilatation and curettage when I was a houseman !

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