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Angry unhappy people can go live in another country

“Fuck America. I’m fucking renouncing my citizenship. I’m fucking coming here [to the UK],” an American pop star told his London concert crowd on Friday.

Green Day band member Billie Joe Armstrong publicly announced this three days ago in the wake of the Roe v Wade reversal — see video clip below.

“There’s just too much fucking stupid in the world to go back to that miserable fucking excuse for a country,” said the punk band lead singer reacting to the US Supreme Court’s overturn of the 1973 landmark ruling on access to abortion.

Green Day is currently performing on their European tour. The band plays in front of a backdrop that says “Fuck Ted Cruz” — see below.

Cruz, a sitting senator, was formerly the Solicitor General of Texas (2003–2008) and holds a degree from Harvard Law School.

Cruz explains last week’s 6-3 court ruling in the video below.

Depending on where you live

An excerpt from the opinion of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s (one of the nine Supreme Court bench) on the case:

“In my judgment, on the issue of abortion, the constitution is neither pro-life nor pro-choice. The constitution is neutral, and this court likewise must be scrupulously neutral. The court today properly heeds the constitutional principle of judicial neutrality and returns the issue of abortion to the people and their elected representatives in the democratic process.”

According to Kavanaugh, the majority decision by the Supreme Court does not outlaw abortion throughout the country. It merely kicks the ball back to the individual states to be decided each by voters and their elected legislators.

In blue states controlled by the Democrats like California and New York, abortion laws will remain ‘progressive’ aka permissive.

In red states controlled by the Republicans like Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Alabama, abortion laws could be further tightened.

Americans have the choice whether to live in conservative or liberal states where the social mores are more to their taste respectively. Or leave the USA altogether like what Billie Joe Armstrong says he is planning to do.

Emigration can be external like Armstrong’s stated intention or internal like Elon Musk who relocated his home from California to red state Texas a couple of years ago as well moved Tesla’s corporate HQ to the city of Austin.

Most recently, Musk changed his voting preference from Democrat to Republican.


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11 thoughts on “Angry unhappy people can go live in another country

  1. This is not America the i know
    Americans are not going to change just because the court rules against American people
    Not going to stop fuckung around or abortions
    Even the religious fell on their own trap wnna bet!!
    One lesson learned;
    Court decision is never final.

    1. Aborted Democracy cause by ill advice electoral system where the selected few state decides the fate of majority American
      Even tbe court can be hijacked by the few
      Disguised under ” state rights”
      Change that corrupts electoral system, American will then be a land of the free and its greatness will come to fruition

  2. Aborted Democracy cause by ill advice electoral system where the selected few state decides the fate of majority American
    Even tbe court can be hijacked by the few
    Disguised under ” state rights”
    Change that corrupts electoral system, American will then be a land of the free and its greatness will come to fruition

  3. How many Malaysians who studied or traveled in the United States noticed the vastness of the land where a commuter may have to travel 40 – 50 miles by car or rail to go to work.? Did they notice that an American decamps to move West to find employment every time he is unemployed till he ends up in California ? It is alleged this migration encourages easy and temporary friendships and a certain forgetfulness of the recent past. Hence, the diplomatic saying,” The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget !.” The 21st Century has seen the World’s greatest migrations since the Second World War ! Thousands were willing to risk their lives for greener pastures. Hundreds did not make it. The whole of the United States is made up of immigrants. The original inhabitants, the Red Indians, were slaughtered wholesale in the 19th Century via the Indian Wars and the rise of the US military. a dark blot on the history of the United States. The non-whites like the Chinese in the 19th – 20th Centuries were kept out of the United States except for the laborers to build the railways in the West. There were huge influxes of the Irish, the Italians and some Europeans like the Germans at the turn of the 20th Century when the steamships were better developed. The dominance of the descendants of the Irish immigrants ( we can witness in the CNN TV on US Politics ) is evident ! Likewise the public appearance of the Indians beginning with the Gujaratis who mopped up the 24 hour convenience stores and the motels across the United States in the 1980s.. Now their descendants have moved on to higher things ! The Irish, the Italians, Germans, Indians and others of the World have left the lands of their births and moved to their promised lands like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, to have a better Life-style. I have English friends who moved from the England to the United States and Canada. They did very well but not in the United Kingdom’s social structure or meritocratic hierarchy ! I have a Malaysian Chinese friend with a good Cambridge degree who became the Deputy CEO of Telstra, Australia. He was kicked up stairs to be an Adviser and was not appointed the CEO ! He told me he would have made a lot of money if he had stayed in Malaysia. He was a fellow Colombo Scholar of the founder of Sapura ! Hmm ! His son and daughter qualified as a doctors in NSW. Just a few examples of Human Endeavor for a better Life for themselves and families which were reasonably successful. But the thousands of other emigrants may not fit into the top 10% of a foreign land. Generally, our beloved Malaysia is the best place to work and live, if you know how ! Many years ago, I made an on the spot study of these promised lands and came to this conclusion. One person’s meat, may be another’s poison !

    1. Cannot be a real citizen by just benefiting from the breakthrough of immediate past
      Stay long enough the past became the present
      Sama ada di Msia stay US we fight for social justice knowingly or not
      We cannot delegate that
      Keep fighting pls

      1. Sir, you mean we do the fighting, you do the talking like Ukraine and the United States and EU. No problem ?

        1. Here is a true story, Sir ! In 1982, I was invited to a MCA dinner at the Regent Hotel. Suddenly, a MCA Deputy Minister appeared at my table and shouted,” We Fight ! We fight ! They called us Toong Kok Mau ! ” A few months later the Bukit Tunku Residents Association turned up at his palatial mansion in Bukit Tunku to request YB to help them to stop the condo developers from impinging into the area. He was could not be found. A few years later, as the MCA was fighting for its political Life, I saw this fellow in shorts and slippers with his young son looking relaxed and happy in a Mall.! You draw your own conclusions !

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