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Catholics 6, Evangelists 0

The religion of American Supreme Court justices:

  • John Roberts — Catholic
  • Amy Coney Barrett — Catholic
  • Samuel Alito — Catholic
  • Clarence Thomas — Catholic
  • Brett Kavanaugh — Catholic
  • Sonia Sotomayor — Catholic
  • Neil Gorsuch — Protestant
  • Elena Kagan — Jewish

Outgoing (retiring) justice Stephen Breyer — Jewish

Incoming justice Ketanji Brown Jackson — Protestant

Of the nine justices, six are Catholic. Seven/eight are Christian but none identify as evangelist.

In the Western countries, old Christians are the Catholics who make up the majority. Even older Christians are those in eastern Europe such as the Orthodox churches in Russia, Ukraine, etc.

In non-white countries where Christianity is an emerging religion, the converts or new generation adherents are mostly evangelists.

Of all the Christian branches, evangelicals are most aggressive in proselytizing.

They’re able to be hyper active in preaching and spreading the faith to non-traditional countries because their teachings and practices are less rigid (think the homegrown City Harvest Church) when compared to mainstream denominations.

According to academic researcher Iain Buchanan, the majority of Christians in Malaysia are evangelical.

Thus the Born Agains (like Hannah Yeoh, pix below) are dominant in the super flexible DAP.


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7 thoughts on “Catholics 6, Evangelists 0

  1. These United States live a Life of their own. Our beloved Malaysia has her own destiny and with the right Leadership, we will be on our way to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, given our geo-strategic importance with beautiful peoples and resources.. We will have to wait until the Leadership learns how to deal with the chicken, the staple diet of all Malaysians, first. Abortion is a Human Right. Wnen I was doing the many D & C at the KLGH, I firmly thought so. Not only that, the socio-economic implications and consequences are profound. The retrospective repeal of the judgement by the US Supreme Court reflects the religious bias of the judges representing the Minority in these United States. If the US Supreme Court will one day pack with Protestants, surely this retrospective ruling will be reversed again. Many years ago, my late brother-in-law, a lawyer from King’s College, London, told me with a chuckle ,’ Do you know ! Lawyers can lie on either side !’ Today, these United States are deeply divided for many reasons. I reckon the first should be that in her first flush of Victory over Communism in 1989, America came up with the generous but misleading spiel which hurt her unwittingly by the 2000s, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.” through President Clinton in 1992. Forgetting that the Great Nations/Civilizations of Russia, India and China after being suppressed for centuries were ready to spring forth supported by their huge, intelligent and homogeneous populations ! Indeed, these monolithic nations did precisely this exploiting the wide-open gates of the United States but not their own which remained firmly shut.. With the invisible wedge of contention inside these United States, by the mid 2000s, the Americans began to feel the pain of a disastrous Policy mistake which they desperately tried to correct beginning with President Trump and his inward looking Policies. Since then, it has been not only one big upheaval for the World but many which grew with intensity – in a World-scape littered with confetti of sanctions and worst of all, uncertainty for normal business.and trade which the World was accustomed to.. This abortion issue is just one of many to come to divide these United States, the Land of Freedom and the Brave. As the saying goes. ” The Americans die for Freedom. (but not in Ukraine). The British and French only die for money !”.The pundits are divided on when China will replace the United States as the World Power. I say that this will not happen until rural poverty in China is eradicated absolutely like in these United States. Strangely, the United States thrived on growth through the immigration of migrants. To ban abortion is to increase the domestic population – an archaic thought. To permit abortion will increase the migrants and reduce the indigenous population. Here lies the future of these United States which only the future can foretell ! As history is the finest arbiter of the Truth, so many Nations became great through immigration like the United Kingdom which began with the Vikings followed by the Romans and the Normans led by William the Conqueror. Like wise these United States in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Abortions are no laughing matter. Look at Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy of 1972 imposing a 2-child Family on the population which raised divorces, religious strife, emigration, suicides, income tax enforcement, late marriages, etc. These resulted in today’s population of Chinese male adults of 700,000+ between the age of 21 years – 50 years. And China adopting a similar Policy found out to their cost in 2020 ! Abortion is the most controversial subject of all time ! All lives are PRECIOUS !

    1. Dont be stupid!!
      The issue is never about abortions
      The issue is never about guns
      The issue is never about China or Russia or Malaysia
      The issue is about protecting white man omputih rights
      The constitution was written to protect white man rights
      Then came women tights opp sorry rights, slaves rights and human rights
      The US constitution was once to protect only white man rights
      Want to make America great again?
      Then make white man rights paramount
      I am a Brown man with derive rights?

    2. Even if the Protestant runs the Court
      You have the same white man reading the same white Bible
      Will you give up you supreme rights?

      1. Sir, I am a brainwashed person who is colour blind, religion blind, money blind and gender blind (not sexually) since the First Term in University a Lifetime ago when I discovered we are all the same under the skin, the whites, browns, yellows or blacks. Without these attributes, I would never earn a living ! One or two felled out an became dentists ! From my observation, racial discrimination is the result of peer influence ( especially parents ) as we grow into adulthood. Without the negative influence in me, I was cheated by the Malaysian Mandarin speaking Chinese since 1981 ( they changed since then, may be through MCA influence ) who also had the inferiority complex, Singaporeans.and one Tamil lawyer from Jaffna, Sri Lanka.( who was a born crook ). I asked the Singaporeans who also included my relatives why they cheated us. To a person, they all replied the Malaysians make easy money because they were corrupt ! No Malay cheated me. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.

        1. It’s so ingrained that someone usually demand equal rights ASAP from others yet reject demands for the same from others
          The baggage is hard to get rid off
          Agreed it’s nurtured

  2. I did not mean to said anyone here is stupid
    Frustrations from finding the trees and the jungle
    The fight continues

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