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DAP’s musical chairs for the Malays

“Human personalities must not be seen in pure black and white but in different shades of grey,” declared Lim Kit Siang in his July 18 media statement.

And we know that DAP strictly instructs its voter base on which tone – among the 50 shades of grey – any particular human personality is to be perceived. Continue reading “DAP’s musical chairs for the Malays”

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Convicted rapist’s bail 15k, Siti Nuramira’s bail 20k

Ex-DAP Adun YB Paul Yong (pix below), who was today found guilty of rape by the High Court, is out on RM15,000 bail pending his appeal against the verdict, the Malay Mail reported. Continue reading “Convicted rapist’s bail 15k, Siti Nuramira’s bail 20k”

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Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’

With the charges being dropped by Jawi today, it appears that Siti Nuramira is able to avoid ‘double jeopardy’. Continue reading “Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’”