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Lesson for M’sians from Boris Johnson crisis

Boris Johnson highlights that he led Conservatives to their party’s biggest electoral win since Margaret Thatcher.

Indeed under Johnson, the Tories swept to a landslide majority in the December 2019 poll.

The beleaguered British PM also highlights that he has a strong mandate from 14 million voters.

Ever since he took office, however, the knives have been out for Johnson by a media – particularly the anti-Brexit press – bent on giving him the same treatment they mete out to Donald Trump.

The aggressive media is not content to merely report the news, they’re setting the agenda to drive Johnson out of office.

Whether Johnson gets to keep his job is not dependent on his level of popular support. It is the Tory party warlords – like the cabinet members who have recently resigned or just been sacked or piling on the pressure – as well as the Tory political operatives (MPs) and apparatchiks (‘1922 committee’) who will determine whether the PM remains in power.

So, how much influence is actually wielded by a voter? Answer: You, dear voter, surrendered your so-called “mandate” to a bunch of power-hungry smooth talkers the morning after polling day.

The outcome – as to whether Johnson’s now tottering government stands or falls – does not lie in the hands of the 47.6 million British voters. It will be decided by a handful of movers and shakers.



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2 thoughts on “Lesson for M’sians from Boris Johnson crisis

  1. Will we ever learn ? What brought down Boris Johnson was the socio-economics arising from both the Brexit and the Covid-19 Pandemic. He politizised both. With the super epidemiological advice and facilities at hand available in the UK, from the beginning, he chose the easy way by doing lock-downs which were only necessary in raging cases. He earned the ire of the British by not observing his own Policy and advice as the Prime Minister. Am unforgivable sin in British eyes.. As for Brevit, no one saw the Covid-19 was going to hit the World with such intensity and consequences which lasted to this day and beyond. The UK was prepared for a period of difficult adjustment for 5 years without Covid-19. But with the double whammy of Brexit and Covid-19, all bets are off for the sustainability and survival of the United Kingdom..First World Singapore was brought down by the Covid-19 as long ago as March 2020 ! Singapore is one of the few countries which also ignored the total epidemiological approach unlike China now. But she was hampered by her tiny size and lack of human and natural resources. But to her credit at least the statistics produced are professional and honest unlike some countries with glory at the back of their minds always. I have been a close observer of both the UK and Singapore since 1954. . I saw their Rise and the Fall. Many years ago in, which had the oomph then, I propose that Singapore should confederate with the UK or Scotland before the advent of the Covid-19. I now see that there is only one Way left for both the UK and Singapore which is to confederate Post-Covid-19 Pandemic. The World will go on with or without this. First in the World Tele-Parliament ! May be President Zelensky of Ukraine is the First Politician to use this form of communication for politics to reach out cyber-space wise.. Would the SINGAPORE-UNITED KINGDOM CONFEDERATION BE THE NEXT ? Second,, the Swiss took 800 years for their Confederation to be near perfect and seamless. Third, Iraqi Kurds, Pakistanis and Hindus were welcomed to hold the top posts in the British Government Cabinet. Fourth,, the Singapore-United Kingdom Confederation is LIKE THE SUM OF THE PARTS IS GREATER THAN THE WHOLE ! Fifth, it is time for the First Minister for Scotland to realize that to join the EU now or the future may not be an option anymore. THINK ! As for our beloved Malaysia, hopefully, our humongous Leadership of very many realize they are treading on egg-shells, not only Inflation, little chicken, flour, rice etc but also, Sabah and Sarawak, the Bankers of our beloved Malaysia’s Leadership’s fine living-style as well ! The Bangkok owned Selfridges or the Kuwaiti owned Harrods of London ? We could have owned the whole lot long long ago with spare money for those delights of Istanbul if we Malaysians had taken a NORMAL approach like the Thais and the Kuwaitis years ago in the 1970s. THINK ! It is still not too late. Our beloved Malaysia just require ONE NORMAL MALAY LEADER WITH A SUPERB RECORD TO LEAD US ( ONLY 2 YEARS ) TO BE ONE OF THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING THE UNITED KINGDOM, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, MALAYSIA, not 75 ministers with a multitude squawking irrelevant advice trying to make themselves relevant every day. THINK ! IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE UNTIL THE SHIP SINKS ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  2. We Malaysians never learn. Just a few days ago, it was reported in the CNA, ” The Laos PDR – Thailand – Malaysia -Singapore Power Integration Project ( LTMS – PP ) will import up to 100 megawatts ( MW ) of renewable hydropower using existing interconnections. ” This was reported locally that the TNB signed the requisite Agreement. But before this no mention was made anywhere by the PH Government of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Is this opaque Agreement another oversight by the PH Government or its predecessor/s ? An Agreement which impinged on the SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. Did the DAP play a key role to facilitate all these Singapore bias projects to Malaysia’s loss ? This latest neglect by the TNB to check with all the relevant Ministries and eventually vetting by the Dewan Rakyat is the Normal Procedure in our Legislative System as we know it. The opacity of this LTMS – PP Agreement may hide a number of pitfalls NOT in the National Interest of our beloved Malaysia because of the peculiar mind-set of Singaporeans. This opaque Agreement is not the first which began with the rapacious Water Agreement of 1962 in which a minor Civil Service flunky could sign away a Nation’s water resources for pittance over a period of over 50 years. Today, with the depreciation of the ringgit, Malaysia subsidizes the free water to Singapore at a loss instead of again. This unforgivable act was followed by the decision of the 3 wise men appointed to oversee the equitable division of the MSA ( Malaysia Singapore Airline ) assets between Malaysia and Singapore. The Trio gave all the software free of charge to Singapore. Tun Dr Ismail was so upset, he nearly sacked the Trio and had to be restrained. The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ( dissolved in 2000 ) was played up and down like a yo-yo by unofficial Singaporean activists till the 2000 Separation of the 2 bourses which raised hell in Singapore for 2 weeks. In 2004, the brand new BN Government ran off in haste to The Hague with a 90 year old Emeritus Professor of Law in Cambridge in tow – TO FIND OUT WHETHER MALAYSIA WHICH HAD BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, OWNED THE PULAU BATU PUTIH OR NOT WHILST SINGAPORE WAS FOUNDED ONLY IN 1819. Malaysia lost. To rub salt into the wound, Singapore’s legal eagles published a book which alluded how clever the Singaporeans were. The chief of this team is now a Patron of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society which has all the historical material to confirm that SINGAPORE DID NOT EXIST BEFORE 1819 ! Not only that, the KTM assets with its steel rails, 25 miles long and hundreds of acres of land stretching for 25 miles, ended up as half an office building in downtown Singapore. Besides many others like the sand and rocks, Malaysia paid S$ 23 million compensation to Singapore for doing nothing about the HSR which in fact runs through 99% of land belonging to Malaysia whilst Singapore just turn an old golf course into a multi-billion dollar township without spending a single cent. In the 1980s, I asked my relatives in Singapore, why Singaporeans always cheated us. They said that we up-country folks deserved to be cheated since we are CORRUPT. UNTIL WE MALAYSIANS ESCHEW RED HOT RETREATS, VERY WARM ABANG-ADEK RELATIONSHIPS AND OTHER FORMS OF ENDEARMENTS AS CREATED BY THE HUMONGOUS MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, SINGAPORE, we Malaysians will NEVER learn. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. God is fair and just. But from 2020, Singapore lost MORE THAN WHAT SHE TOOK FROM MALAYSIA SINCE 1962. . Man proposes. God disposes. Singapore the smallest First World Nation was stripped naked by the double whammy of the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War and more crises to come !. Just a week ago in Rwanda, Singapore’s Prime Minster warned Singaporeans, ” It’s a New World. Expect more crises to come.” There is ONLY ONE NAKED FIRST WORLD COUNTRY TODAY ! And expect the hidden hand of Singapore’s legal eagles at work in the recently signed opaque LTMS – TNB Agreement to be exposed in the future. As Einstein once said, ” There are only two infinities in this World. The Universe and the stupidity of Humankind. !”. We Malaysians never learned.

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