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Uncle Thaya, you’re part of the confusion

Dear Uncle Thayaparan,

‘PAS continues its crusade against religious neutrality’ is the headline of your latest column today in Malaysiakini.

Methinks a more apt title for your article should be ‘PAS continues its jihad against religious neutrality’.

You appear to be confused in your terminology. The word ‘crusade’ is actually one associated with Christianity.

So perhaps you can share next with faithful readers your illuminating work on the more appropriate idea that ‘DAP continues its crusade against religious neutrality’.

For example, what is your opinion on the fetish of DAP non-Muslim Yang Berhormats for wearing hijab whilst “mucking about in religious spaces of the majority”. In what way are these supposedly secular politicians promoting “religious neutrality”?

Meanwhile, their supporters have argued that the headscarf to cover a woman’s hair is not a form of religious attire — see screenshot of Malaysiakini subscriber comment below.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s baju kurung and selendang are not religious attire — opinion by Léon Moch


DAP and its lack of ‘religious neutrality‘

Dear Uncle,

The term ‘religious neutrality‘ which you employ is itself inaccurate in the context of Malaysia.

‘Neutrality’ implies that the state does not tilt in favour of any religion. Our country is positively biased towards Islam, and rightly so as it is “the religion of the Federation” under our constitution.

At federal level, Jakim receives its annual budget of roughly one billion ringgit yearly.

If you look at religious allocations disbursed at state level, there is also the same tilt.

Penang, in fact, takes great pride in repeatedly remindng Malays how the DAP-led government has been generously doubling, tripling and quadrupling the budget of its state religious department as well as in funding a variety of Islamic institutions and Muslim activities.

Moreover the pork-eating DAP Yang Berhormats are more ghairah in wishing Muslims ‘Salam Ramadan’ (selamat berpuasa) and as I’ve mentioned earlier, in promoting the hijab when compared even with Wanita Umno and Muslimah PAS.

Crackhouse Comedy Club incident

Uncle Thaya,

You say that in Malaysia, we have Muslim fundamentalists in the shape of PAS. You say their equivalents in the USA are the virulent and hypocritical Christian evangelists. Why no mention of our own homegrown hypocrites?

My related write-up early this year – titled ‘PAS, DAP two ends of a horseshoe’ magnet’ – might be of some interest to you.

BELOW: In the same breath, PAS and DAP … together

You see, PAS at their Islamist end of the religious fundamentalism horseshoe are clear about the party’s Islamic state objective.

However DAP at the evangelist end of the U-shape spectrum are more than a little addled by their Bangsa Kool-aid and own eager syariah compliance.

Take the TikTok – screenshot below – of a woman, identifying herself as Siti Amira, who took off her selendang at the Crackhouse Comedy Club in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

Her TikTok captain says: “They [the audience] hugged me and said ‘Amazing set, you’re so brave’.”

On the one hand, some non-Muslims cheer a ‘brave’ Malay for taking off her hijab. On the other hand, some non-Muslims cheer the DAP Christian politicians putting on hijabs. Cukup konpius kita tengok.

We also have hordes of Hannah Yeoh supporters being most insistent that “selendang is not a religious attire”.

If selendang is really not a religious attire as these Hannah supporters insist (refer Dec 2021 screenshot at top of page), then why is Siti Amira presently accused of behaving offensively against Islam?

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh claims the content by Siti Amira “was offensive and [she has] rightfully been arrested”.

If a woman stood on stage and doffed her baseball cap or her sunhat to expose her hair, it would not be considered religiously offensive.

Dear Uncle Thaya, don’t you think that DAP and its Bangsar Bubble-ian fellow travellers are just making Malaysians konpius with their hijab cheap gimmickry?

Was Siti Amira using selendang as her stage prop? Have DAP politicians been using hijab only as “superficial gimmicks”?

You say in your article today that PAS is playing the “long game”.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau said that the obsession of DAP hijabi cosplayers with collecting virtuous brownie points is short-sighted and won’t bring any benefit in the long term.

But you know what, Uncle? The self-proclaimed secular DAP sicced its Rottweilers on Dr Boo for saying what he did.



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6 thoughts on “Uncle Thaya, you’re part of the confusion

  1. How many Malaysians realize that when our Leadership lost its focus after 2003, we were all dragged into distraction by all sorts of people concerning all sorts of events ? Nowadays, fakes and clowns are all trying to put in their 2 sens worth of advice/comments. With beautiful hindsight, it was the utter loss of Sovereignty and National Interest ( Nationalism ) which brought to pass the present state of affairs which have nothing to do with Money or Cash is King but concern the very foundation of the Federation of Malaysia itself. I first noticed the dissatisfaction and unhappiness during and after the Sarawak State Elections. This naturally spread to Sabah. To kick-off, the Sarawak Chief was re-designated as the Prime Minister. Here is a collection of Headlines since 16 June 2022 to enlighten all on what really is happening. :- :-
    1. Malaysiakini. ” Sultan Ibrahim. Don’t treat Johor like a step-child, force us to leave ”
    2. The Edge. ” Malaysia sees largest drop in Foreign Reserves in 7 years. ”
    3. FMT. ” RM 77.3 Billions subsidies at dangerous high level says economist. ”
    4. FMT. ” Mustapa Mohamed. Real inflation ought to be 11.4 % if subsidies removed.” Inflation is always higher in Sabah and Sarawak.
    5. FMT. ” Rising prices not likely to be a major problem, says Deputy Minister, Agriculture and Food Industries, Nik Mohd.Zawawi Salleh.” Some might think he is from Mars, a Martian.
    6. FMT ” With so much land, why are we facing food crises. Asks Sarawak Prime Minister. ”
    7. FMT. ” Put off globe-trotting and save millions. Ministers told.”
    You mean Istanbul better than Cairo ?
    8. The Star. ” PM. We are here for you. ”
    Orphans please stand up !
    9. FMT ” We won’t let you struggle like before. PM tells Malaysians. ”
    First PM to say such kind words.
    10.The Star. ” Those who prefer English are trapped in a colonial mid-set. ”
    I speak Urdu, Hindi, Anglo-Indian English, Mandarin, BM, Latin, English, Cantonese. I am still a Malaysian of Chinese origin.since 1889 !
    11.The Star ” A frog under a coconut view. Sarawak Minister said another for being shallow minded and insular. ”
    The strength of India today is her bulwark of 350 millions English speaking Indians. After 2 generations in the West, they are now accepted into the top-most jobs of the English-speaking World. Who can deny the Indians’ spectacular achievement. Soon, they will take-over Singapore.
    12 Malaysiakini. ” Snap Polls needed as current Government is illegitimate. – Tok Mat..” Illegitimate is a powerful word with deep implications under the Law.
    13. FMT. ” Malaysians enjoy RON 95 at half the actual price. “. Only country in Asia ?
    This is the reason why we have traffic jams.
    14. The Star. ” Sarawak delegation in Singapore to study wealth fund. ”
    KL where are you ?
    15. The Star. ” Khazanah seeks to increase investments in Turkiye. ”
    Make noise in the East. Do battle in the West. as the saying goes.
    16. Malaysiakini. ” How did Malaysia lose Sovereignty over Pulau Batu Putih ? ”
    Malaysia’s Leadership was distracted and compromised immediately after 2003. Pulau Batu Putih was owned by Malaysia for thousands of years before the founding of Singapore in 1819. We lost. A book was published by Singapore’s Legal Team to tell the World how clever they were. Man proposes. God disposes. Since March 2020, Singapore LOST more than what she got FREE from Malaysia since 1962 to 2022 after being stripped absolutely naked by the double whammy of the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War and more crises to come.. Singapore is the First Naked First World Nation in the World. The tiny isle which loves to be the FIRST always.
    17 The Star. ” Do States have the right to secede ?”.
    This happens quite frequently.
    18. FMT. ” Sarawak names rep to sit on LHDN Board to monitor Federal revenues. “.
    Finally someone woke up somewhere !
    19. FMT. ” LKS :. Putrajaya has too much power over the States. ”
    Is he trying to wake someone up ?
    20. Borneo Post. ” Wan Junaidi. New Malaysia Agreement means dissolution of country assured. ”
    He should know best as the Minister of Law.
    21. The Star. ” Abang Johari pays courtesy call on Singapore Prime Minister. ”
    It’s warmer than you think ? One Prime Minister to another.!
    22. The Star ” Sabah’s mission to be the preferred destination for expositions. ”
    It’s never too late !
    23. The Star. ” Think tank and State Library to gather data on Sabah’s history. ”
    History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.
    24. Borneo Post. ” The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said Sarawak would carry on its fight regardless of developments in Sabah. ”
    Finally, the stool pigeons are coming home to roost. And the worried bankers are concerned with what they have heard, seen and now confirmed in the Courts about the rich and the KL..

  2. This fancy dress political manoeuvre of the female front-line troops of the DAP is just a copy cat version of its Homeland’s Policy to seduce important media personalities of the World to have a Singapore bias. This in turn was copied from the KGB of Russia during the Cold War 1948-1989. A fetish much relished by Lee Kuan Yew. Singaporean swallows are placed in the CNBC Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, University of Chicago, Jakarta, Hong Kong etc. They went into action in 2000 when Malaysia imposed a ban on the free exchange of money, In Singapore, vulgar or obscene words were thrown freely at the Malaysian Government for 2 weeks in the media. At the end of the day, one swallow does not make an Indian summer !

    1. Sori. A typo error. Factually, the Malaysian Foreign Exchange Controls came in 1998 followed by the break-up of the KL-Singapore Stock Exchange in 2000 Both events raised the ire of the Singaporeans who cleaned out Malaysia’s valuable assets from 2004 – 2018 like the Pulau Batu Putih, KTM, CPTPP, HSR Compensation,TNB LTMS-PP Agreement etc..Man proposes. God disposes. From March 2020 onward, the double whammy of the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War stripped Singapore absolutely naked.- the First Naked First World Country in the World without human or natural resources. A Confederation of Singapore with the United Kingdom or India may resolve the Sustainability and Survival of this tiny State without Human and Natural Resources or harking back to the 1962’s aborted proposals. The first tele-Parliament in the World.already pioneered by President Zelensky of Ukraine!.

  3. Just as I thought that the events in Sabah and Sarawak would only turn hot in a week or two or even a few months, I was wrong, utterly wrong. The bankers are feeling fidgety and anxious thus this headline this morning :-
    Sabah and Sarawak are playing ping-pong with ye olde KL ! Who will be the loser ?
    And the headlines were topped off by :-
    No proper epidemiological measures were applied since March 2020.! Malaysia became great from property development through hard and productive work since 1957 !
    This has spread to Sabah.
    All doctors should be treated equally and decently.

  4. As events unfold, the present State of the World is not for fakes, pretenders or clowns.. Only the Normal and Experienced can handle and resolve present day issues because they have the VISION and the GUMPTION. Take the case of the Anti-Hopping Bill. In other democracies, such an absurd and frivolous piece of paper would be laughed out of the Parliament. In Malaysia, the most ineffective fellow who did NOTHING AS THE MINISTER OF LAW ( many years ) CONCERNING THE COMPANIES ACT 1965, BANKRUPTCY ACT 1967 AND THE TRUSTEES ACT 1949 , is involved in this useless piece of law-making involving a few,. With a great waste of time and effort, while Rome burns with the possible loss of wealthy States which support the flagrant Life-style of the rich and famous in ye olde KL, the real loss of lucre to 19th Century pirates, and tiny impoverished but rich Singapore with the elephant of all crises looming in Malaysia, our Aduns are still fiddling the violins without realizing our beloved Malaysia could be impoverished overnight. Contrary-wise, some are behaving they are in the last days of Pompeii or the last legs of Chiang Kai Shek’s KMT China. If these fellows are not CAREFUL and NORMAL, they should only have blame! Those halcyon days of old when a person could rule Malaysia by auto-pilot have gone forever since 2003.. Vide. Singapore’s PM Speech in Rwanda, June 2022. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

    1. Our Laws are the most out-dated in the World unlike the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. For example, all the Laws in these countries are revised up-to-date and as alleged in some cases, revised in the Courts on the spot !. Believe it or not. Our Trustees Act 1949 has not been revised since 1949, the Companies Act 1965 not since 1965 and the most important Bankruptcy Act 1967 ( which concerns young people ) was superficially revised to free the political personal guarantors of others. This was all that was “revised”. In all the advanced Countries mentioned, bankrupts are discharged accordingly in 3 years to give the young bankrupt a second chance to make good in Life. Bankruptcy is part and parcel of business in all these Developed Countries. In Malaysia, bankrupts are treated like Victorian Age criminals and locked in forever, probably due to the weakness of Bank Negara Malaysia since 2003 vis-a-vis the commercial banks which wanted to have the last ounce of flesh like Shylock. Unlike the practice of Medicine, the practice of the Laws deals with current events concerning money, etc all the time. As such, each Case is different with a different Judgement. Hence, in the Developed Countries, like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, the Laws are not only revised constantly but also as soon as possible. May be this good governance is attributed to the respected and responsible Bar Councils of these of these Developed Countries. Kudos to them. Somehow, the Minister of Law in the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia has always been treated like a step-child. The fellow who was the predecessor to the Minister of Law who claimed to have revised the Bankruptcy Act 1967, did absolutely nothing to revise the Laws. If at all, this fellow had a jolly good time enjoying bad governance for years by just looking good photogenically in each Government.. She is now in charge of the MOST IMPORTANT MINISTRY IN THE KINGDOM TO GARNER FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Good luck to the empty coffers ! Just 2 days ago, the Prime Minister was reported to have said, ” We are here for you “. And 10 days ago, he said, ” 18 young people and 8 companies are made bankrupt a day since 2018. With 10,878 companies ceased operations in recent years.. Vide. The Star 23 June 2022. I reckon there are over 400,000 young bankrupts who are productive in the country today with no hope of a fair and just discharge. These voters will raise their ire if given the opportunity. Yet, an absurd and frivolous piece of law-making is given TOP BILLING as the elephant of all Crises looms in our beloved Malaysia. As some one was alleged to call the present State of Affairs in Malaysia as UP-SIDE DOWN!

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