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Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’

With the charges being dropped by Jawi today, it appears that Siti Nuramira is able to avoid ‘double jeopardy’.

The prescribed penalty for her charge under syariah (fine not exceeding RM3,000, jail sentence not exceeding two years, or both together) is still comparatively lighter than the prescribed penalty for her charge under the Penal Code (minimum imprisonment of two years but not exceeding five years).

Therefore the powers-that-be have decided to put Siti Nuramira on trial only under one set of laws, i.e. criminal law which carries the heavier penalty — recalling Hannah Yeoh’s quick moral judgment (below) that the “offensive” woman had “rightfully been arrested” by police.

Jawi, in this instance, has taken a judicious step back and thus averting the public impression of overkill.

Siti Nuramira was released by the FT religious authorities without requiring bail or bond.


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4 thoughts on “Utusan: ’Jawi sah tidak akan dakwa Siti Nuramira’

  1. The wisdom of the authorities must prevail. And the foolhardy and hasty comment by a BAC or born again christian eager to please or create problems,, confirms that of a person with only an intention of gaining political mileage by exploiting the sufferings of others instead of offering help to ease them….In this particular case, it is not even a storm in a tea-cup ! This biased comment does not make a pretty picture for all connected with the commentator without thought ! Remember the very same person proposed a nursery for wailing babies in the distinguished Dewan Rakyat in 2018 ? And other gaffes followed ? Or to stop traffic jams, stop building condos! My retort was property developers do not build cemeteries anywhere in this World where deadly silence is guaranteed ! Etc.etc.

    1. More gaffes followed like this fellow was alleged to be the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Social Welfare for disadvantaged women, orphans and single mothers. It was alleged in the media that this fellow suggested a Unit be form by the Ministry to look after disadvantaged women, orphans and single mothers ! Further, the obsession to pursue the Anti-Harassment Bill by the same person, took all the time and money on a Act which without it since Adam and Eve, there would be no Humankind today. Essential antiquated Laws of Malaysia for jobs, income and development ( to create billions of ringgits ) are NEGLECTED by one after another Adun unlike the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia .which update the Laws to the minute. e.g.. The Companies Act 1965. The Bankruptcy Act 1967. The Trustees Act 1949 ! Further, the 75 Cabinet Ministers may be interpreted as 3 Malaysians are required to administer a single Ministry instead of just one person in other countries. ‘ HASTA LA VISTA, baby ‘ Courtesy Boris Johnson.designated ex-PM UK

  2. I suggest an enterprising Malaysian with humour bent should compile an omnibus of ‘ Gaffes of Politicians in Malaysia.’ beginning with Vol.1. 2018.

  3. Islam needs to be reevaluated before it becomes too rigid like banning comedy and anything Muslims find offensive.

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