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42 out of M’sia top 50 richest people are Chinese

Forbes has compiled its ranking of the 50 richest individuals/families in Malaysia for the current year (2022).

There are only three Malays among our Top 50 ringgit billionaires — see their names boxed in green (full list below).

Eight non Chinese in the Forbes 50 list are:

  1. Ananda Krishnan
  2. G. Gnanalingam
  3. Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
  4. Surin Upatkoon
  5. Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin
  6. Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim
  7. Azman Hashim
  8. Patrick Grove

42 of the 50 richest Malaysians are Chinese.

Reminiscent of the Pareto Principle 20:80 ratio, Chinese are 23 percent of the population but make up 84 percent of this Forbes rich list.

Chinese and Indians together account for 90 percent of these owners of fabulous fortunes in our country.



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14 thoughts on “42 out of M’sia top 50 richest people are Chinese

  1. Congratulations to all the rich people of Malaysia ! Without them, our beloved Malaysia would be like the Congo with President Bongo who owned all the diamonds and the people dirt poor which made his diamonds of no value. The more rich people Malaysia has, the better. Every year our millionaires should increase in number which is a good sign of progress and development of the economy. There will be a better standard of living as wealth is accumulated by more and more people. In fact, I have always said that in Malaysia, a person who has RM 300,000 cash is a millionaire because with RM 100,000 cash he can buy a motorcar worth RM 300,000, another RM 100,000 may be invested in RM 300,000 worth of shares and the last RM 100,000 is used to purchase a property. All by using financing to assist at the right time.. It is more sensible to buy a good second hand Proton. Presto ! He or she is in control of RM 1,000,000 worth of assets ! My advice is not to rush out to invest now. But you must have patience until a big Crash comes which happens steeper in Malaysia than other countries, about once in 9-10 years.. In the meanwhile, get a job and accumulate money and read up on financial news.. Now the marts with the high prices, you cannot beat the billionaires. But after a Crash, things are much cheaper and most importantly, your money goes a longer way with leverage. Some asked me whether they could start with RM 30,000 or less.. Yes ! In fact any amount given the discipline and the knowledge. In fact, I began as a houseman earning RM 401 per month which took me 10 years to make RM 1,000,000. You can only do this in Malaysia ! Who says you have to emigrate to make money ? You can do it right here in Malaysia ! Hasta la Vista. Baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson…

      1. Stupid Chinese companies which are short-sighted ! . Hasta la Vista, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson

        1. Like Malaysia’s glove makers and their poor reputation internationally for the use of “forced labour”.

          1. Some pundits believe at least one Malay is alleged to be richer than RK. He may be richer than all the Chinese billionaires put together.. Why we have so many small tents today ? It is because many Malays are now multi-millionaires arising from the political industry which now gives rise to another new industry, the NGOs from where fakes, pretenders and clowns abound . Unfortunately, such money is always hidden under the mattress and not beneficial for development for the Rakyat.and squandered by future generations. Hence, today RM 4.50 = US$ 1 ( rising ) .and in 1972, RM 1 = S $ 1.03. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth..The Truth/History showed that the Chinese were not left behind in the political industry. In fact, they were the FIRST to exploit it since 1951 with the Malays coming in much later ! Acheh ! Therefore, I have exhorted that Malaysia is just a whisper away as one of the 4 most important countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia if Normal Leadership returns. In the United States since the early 1950s, the Political Industry is combined with the Industry and the Military known as the POLITICAL-INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY COMPLEX so named by President Eisenhower. This Complex is crowned by the Lobbyists which is another Industry not officially in Malaysia yet !

  2. Know how to maximize western institutions you be a millionaire / billionaire
    Race or religion not required

  3. Forbes has been putting out a list of Malaysia’s billionaires which is not complete for years and years. It is time they put a footnote to say so, for accuracy sake.

    1. Side observation: Adding one JJ, thereby pushing the Malay billionaires count to four, and reducing Chinese billionaires to 41 still does not alter the general pattern.

      1. With the Chinese billionaires, there is a general spread over the wealth range. As the Malays are shy to declare their wealth, we can only assume that some are mega billionaires with a mass of small tent multi-millionaires. I have always wondered why KLCC has so many watch shops !. For JJ whom no one took noticed, he was worth RM 2+ Billion. With the 1MDB expose’, we may assume sky is the limit for the accumulation of wealth in Malaysia these days. On this Forbes Index, it is fair to take into account that we are not concerned with the source of money but only the quantum as accumulated by the individual. In the 1980s, I asked the Head of HSBC how his bank treated illicit drug money. He told me HSBC does not make a distinction as to its source. Money is money. I wish our beloved Malaysia has more and more millionaires every year. On another occasion, I sat next to a tweed coat and flannel trousers Swiss gentleman on a Swissair flight to London. He told me he was the Sales Director of OERLIKON, the famous arms manufacturer which owned the 5 star hotel in Zurich, Der Swan and a hotel near the Airport which had the best Japanese restaurant and rooms with the best blue films. I asked him whether those Asian and African gentlemen at breakfast must have been OERLIKON’s guests in Zurich. He agreed. And told me he visited a customer in Malaysia once a year ! It was a small World even in the 1990’s at 30,000 ft !

        1. “To get rich is glorious” is the quote famously attributed to Deng Xiaoping.

          DAP’s warm embrace of PM2.0 says something, does it not?

          1. Yes ! You are right. Remember Deng Xiaoping also said, ” It does not matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.” Recently, he veteran on co-operation with DSN is finally waking up to the REALITIES of the Malaysian Political place after being the BAD GOOD BOY OF MALAYSIAN POLITICS FOR 57 years. Some people take a long time to blossom or may be he has finally got a sound adviser ! HASTA la VISTA. baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson.

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