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Selendang and Xi Jinping’s ’Chinese Islam’

Quote — “According to state-run Xinhua news agency, Xi urged local officials to make ‘enhanced efforts’ to ‘uphold the principle that Islam in China must be Chinese in orientation, and to adapt religions to a socialist society’.” (Source: July 20 article via Yahoo! News)

China president Xi Jinping’s recent statement on Chinese Islam has been reported by various international news media.

Refer also Wion story ‘Xi preaches Chinese Islam’.

Beijing has enjoyed earlier success in sinicizing other world religions, for example creating China’s ‘Chinese Christianity’.

In November 2017, however, Turkiye president Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously and firmly stated that ‘Islam is Islam’, pure and simple. One does not add any modifiers or qualifiers when describing the faith — see Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

Muslims in Chinese civilization

The greatest Chinese imperial fleet – model pictured above – during the Ming dynasty was commanded by a Muslim eunuch, Admiral Cheng Ho (spelled Zheng He in hanyu pinyin).

By some accounts, Islam had already reached the Middle Kingdom by the 7th century CE. The religion was brought to China by Arab and Persian merchants trading along the silk road.

Islam arrived in Tanah Melayu comparatively later — sometime between the 12th and 13th centuries. (Batu Bersurat Terengganu is possibly dated 1303 CE.)

The largest group of Muslims in China is the Hui ethnic. China’s next biggest group of Chinese Muslim peoples are the Uighurs and other central Asian minorities.

“The provinces with the highest concenteration of Muslims in China are Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, Yunnan Province, Tianjin Municipality, Beijing Municipality, Henan Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Hebei Province,” reported China Highlights.

China has a Muslim population of 28.1 million today compared to Malaysia’s Muslim population of 16.3 million, according to the World Population Review figures for 2022.

BELOW: Current and former Aduns of Subang Jaya (Malaysia’s evangelical capital) posing in their selendang

Selendang and DAP’s so-called ‘secularism’

In his Malaysiakini column today, Thayaparan – a former navy man himself – complained about the “toxic religiosity that was injected into the state security apparatus”.

Likewise the religiosity injected into our Malaysian civil service and other state institutions.

If DAP really believes in secularism as the party so often and so loudly proclaims, then it would logically object to any kind of religiosity being injected into government bodies. But has DAP ever voiced any objections or does it instead try to out-Islam PAS in order to fish Malay votes?

In a secular country, religion is separate from the state.

Thayaparan’s July 11 Malaysiakini column is titled ‘PAS continues its crusade against religious neutrality’.

Naturally! PAS is a religious party with the word ‘Islam’ in its name. Needless to say, PAS would quite obviously and most rightly stand against any putative “religious neutrality”.

But what about the self-confessed secular party DAP? Are its leaders seen as religiously neutral?

: Christian MP Kasthuri Patto of Penang in DAP’s ubiquitous selendang ‘uniform’

Therefore asking whether the selendang carries any religious connotation is not an idle question.

Its president-for-life has stated that “Islam in China must be Chinese in orientation”.

In Malaysia, DAP claims that our country is secular in orientation but the party’s own Christian politicians are placing selendang/tudung polemics front and centre in our public space.

In my previous write-up on July 17, I said “Tudung is already a settled thing for Wanita Umno and Muslimah PAS since years ago”.

Malay women in the civil service would choose to tutup aurat. Their dress code is a straightforward matter.

BELOW: A Hannah Yeoh defender insisting that “selendang is not a religious attire”

It appears that DAP Christians in government are actually injecting as much religiosity in their dressing as the PAS ustaz ustazah inherently do. Or is DAP implying that selendang is nothing religious?

If wearing selendang is only cultural and the apparel has no religious flavour to it whatsoever, then why has Siti Nuramira been condemned as “offensive” by Hannah Yeoh?

BELOW: DAP Christian MP and Aduns



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One thought on “Selendang and Xi Jinping’s ’Chinese Islam’

  1. With President Xi exercising his authority to bring Peace, Harmony and Prosperity to China concomitantly with the BACs or born again christian swallows of the DAP doing their utmost, here is another slew of interesting but serious headlines culled from the media between 14 July 2022 and 20 July 2022 which we cannot ignore, as follows :-
    1. THE EDGE. ” Singapore Central Bank surprises with tighter monetary policy to fight inflation.”
    The tiny isle has no choice because everything is imported. This will reduce growth.
    2. THE EDGE. ” IMF warns it will cut global growth forecast with ‘darkened outlook.’
    This is the writing on the wall.
    3. FMT. ” What happened to ‘ inflation jihad Task Force ?. says Syed Saddiq. ”
    Really, what happened to the other alleged 6 Task Forces established by the Government.
    4. FMT. ” Monster bankruptcy levels awe PM after hike in OPR.”
    At least over 300,000 young Malays who are bankrupt become NON-INCOME EARNING and UNPRODUCTIVE TO SOCIETY because the Bankruptcy Act 1967 was never revised by the 2 female Law Ministers for over 10 years. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom, all bankrupts are given a second chance by discharge in 3 years. In Malaysia, all bankrupts are locked in forever like in Victorian times. It is alleged that there is gross interference by some small local banks to mete out punishment to these 300,000 young Malay bankrupts.
    5. FMT. ” Malaysia’s financial position remains strong.” says Tengku Zafrul.
    BNM has announced the foreign reserves only cover 5 months of imports which used to be 9 months !
    6. THE STAR. ” Malaysia not on the verge of bankruptcy.”
    7. FMT. ” Many construction companies forced to close, says Group. “.
    Just take a drive along a highway out of KL and you can see why !
    8. THE STAR, ” Raising bankruptcy threshold is ‘data manipulation’. Many still in financial straits
    say the experts. 18 people becoming bankrupt every day do not resolve the issue. ”
    9. THE STAR. ” Luxury vehicles to be used for tourists says Dr Wee. ”
    It is a very old idea Dr Wee ! In 1982, a PAP aligned luxury car hire company was ferrying VVIP tourists around Singapore. The chauffeurs were all ex-policeman. I asked my regular, Gordon what he would do after he drove his tourists to JB, a hot-spot in those days. He would rush them back to Singapore. Why ? He would get a better commission ! On another occasion, I asked what his tourists would request from him at the end of the day. With the Caucasians, no problem. They go straight to the point. With the shy Japanese, he would suggest they take a break with some female companion after a hard day’s work.. All Japanese would reply,” YES ! YES ! YES ! ” What about the others ? ” I asked. Gordon replied, ” The problem was always they wanted something which no Singapore girl would give.” Finally, I asked, ” For whom you worked for,Gordon ?”. He replied without any hesitation, ” That BIG FELLOW’S BROTHER.” I retorted, ‘What BIG FELLOW! ‘ But I continued, ” And the job being his driver ?’ Gordon curtly replied innocently, ” My job was to ferry his girl friends to his place !” Hmm ! Gordon deserves to earn his living because he has not broken the laws.
    10. THE STAR. ” BNM. Bankruptcy cases declining. ”
    Since when did the august and respected BNM begin to read the tea leaves instead of a professional analysis that the cause of bankruptcy in Malaysia is because the antiquated Bankruptcy Act 1967 has never been really revised and was neglected by the Law Ministers, one after another for decades which is not consonant with Justice as practiced by Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom. Where is the COMPASSION for the 300,000 young Malay bankrupts locked in by the antiquated Bankruptcy Act 1967 forever ! The lives of over 300,000 young Malaysians. MUDA where are you ? These young bankrupts are your INSTANT voters and supporters. Believe it or not ! Or as usual, nobody cares !
    11. FMT ” Commodities downtrend points to global recession, Analysts say.”
    Again, the writing is on the wall.
    12. MALAYSIAKINI. ” Austerity drive. Government to defer, cancel new projects. ”
    The abandoned MRT projects around KL are astounding and the huge stretches of roads ripped up and left un-repaired left a poor impression of forward planning by the authorities.
    13. THE STAR. ” Malaysia going bankrupt like Sri Lanka ? Slim chance, Tengku Zafrul.
    In the 1950s, Sri Lanka was wealthy and peaceful justifying its monlker, ” The Isle of Serendipity.” Selfish politics ruined it totally.
    14. THE STAR. ” Malaysia’s ability to raise debt load limited, Tengku Zafrul.”
    When the time comes, no one will help us !
    HASTA LA VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson.

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