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Cina DAP and their rapist Adun

“There is a funny quote by Lim [Kit Siang] in his piece about working with a reformed Najib,” Thayaparan wrote in his Malaysiakini column last week on July 21.

“There are no angels among men and women but it is wrong to see anyone as the very embodiment of evil,” Kit Siang had said in his July 18 media statement,Thaya recapped quoting the DAP totem.

“This is of course hilarious because the DAP and its hardcore partisans do this to anyone they disagree with or who disagrees with them,” explained Thaya recalling how the Dapsters view any dissenters or deviators from their herd mentality as an evil person.

“This Manichean view is straight out of the DAP playbook,” added Thaya explaining the party’s “Manichean” division of Malaysians, and how DAP leaders and supporters demonize their critics.

‘Manichean’ refers to dividing life neatly between Good and Evil.

Dapsters divide our country into the Light (pro DAP) and the Dark Side (refuseniks to the DAP weltanschauung, i.e. rejectors of the party narrative).

DAP supporters are convinced that they elect ‘angels’ as their Yang Berhormats whereas BN supporters (according to the DAP groupthink) will elect any potential kleptocrat willing to give each rural voter 5kg of rice and sugar (1kg) on his election whistle-stop.

Us vs Them, Bersih vs Kotor

Now let’s see who Malaysians chose as their elected reps (MPs, Adun) in the last election.

 Najib — Pekan — electorate 87.8 percent Malay

 Guan Eng — Bagan — electorate 71.3 percent Chinese

 Zahid — Bagan Datuk — mixed electorate (59% Malay, 18% Chinese, 22% Indian)

 Syed Saddiq — Muar — mixed electorate (67% Malay, 31% Chinese)

 Paul Yong — Tronoh — mixed electorate (64% Chinese, 21% Malay, 14% Indian)

The YBs listed above all belong to the court cluster. Najib and Paul have been convicted whereas the cases for Guan Eng, Zahid and Saddiq are ongoing.

Clearly Melayu Umno voted for Najib and Cina DAP voted for Guan Eng.

Malays are constantly being insulted for voting into power Najib and others whom DAP deems to be “kleptocrats”.

BELOW: Before the regime change of 2018, @hannahyeoh tweeted Najib in 2015 that he was leading a “wicked regime” — one example of the DAP’s Manichean worldview

Malay and Indian BN supporters voted for Zahid while Malay and Chinese Harapan supporters voted for Saddiq.

Who voted for Paul Yong in Tronoh? He stood on a DAP ticket in GE14. Therefore his voters were the people who traditionally pangkah roket.

Paul Yong raped his Indonesian maid on 7 July 2019. At that time, he was a DAP Adun.

All the YBs named above are either convicts (Najib, Paul) or potential convicts (Guan Eng, Zahid and Saddiq). What’s interesting is the differing reactions to them by the Chinese community.

With a Malay they dislike – Zahid – he is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

With a Malay they like and place their Hope on – Saddiq – he assumed to be a victim of political prosecution.

Regarding The Son of their beloved party – Guan Eng – any guilty verdict will be deemed suspect (viewed with suspicion as illegitimate).

When Paul was still in the DAP, i.e. before he party hopped, the Chinese could not believe anything negative said about him.

Why is that?

Because they’re convinced that anyone put up by DAP must be the cleverest, classiest, cleanest and most capable, competent, conscientious and compassionate leaders ever to be found in the Malaysian talent pool … that is until he defects. Then he is toast (roasted frog legs) in the Chinese public opinion.


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  1. With the failure of the DAP members to project an image like their squeaky clean veteran Leader and their alleged homeland, troubles and problems aplenty now face the DAP Leadership which was already found wanting as PH Cabinet Ministers May 2018-March 2020. Their covert moves with a Singapore bias like the Pulau Batu Putih Review,, CPTPP,, HSR RM 320 million payment ( Vide TDM revelation ) and others as yet unknown were NOT in the interest of Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest. The DAP’s deployment of BAC or born again christian swallows and their antics, is for all to see like the 1957 Malaya Hall Elections in Bryanston Square, London. With such sub-standard DAP members who are deemed to lead the DAP show in the years ahead and indirectly THE 90% CHINESE WHO SUPPORTED THEM, ARE NOW ALLEGED TO HAVE SHOWN TO HAVE NO NATIONAL INTEREST IN MALAYSIA’S SOVEREIGNTY AND DISCIPLINE,. An Adun is a role model for all and not one who adopts funny ways strange to the Chinese or drops his trousers at the sight of a skirt !

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