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DAP’s musical chairs for the Malays

“Human personalities must not be seen in pure black and white but in different shades of grey,” declared Lim Kit Siang in his July 18 media statement.

And we know that DAP strictly instructs its voter base on which tone – among the 50 shades of grey – any particular human personality is to be perceived.

“Every person is capable of change for the better, added Kit Siang in the same statement.

And we know too that DAP told its Chinese grassroots that Mahathir was “a changed man” (see @limkitsiang June 2018 tweet below) and that he had indeed ubah for the better.

DAP lied.

In his follow-up statement three days later on July 21, Kit Siang said “there are Malaysians who cannot differentiate right from wrong and seem to regard corruption and the 1MDB scandal as something honourable”.

We know that DAP has arrogated itself the supreme arbiter of right and wrong in Malaysia, and 95 percent of the Chinese endorse the party’s moral judgment on rightness and wrongness.

According to Kit Siang, the ‘Malu Apa Bossku’ campaign is “promoting the immoral concept that political leaders need not have moral standards of honesty, probity, and accountability”.

In other words, Kit Siang is implying here that Najib is immoral, dishonest, corrupt and not being held to account for his actions. Elsewhere Kit Siang has labeled Najib a “kleptocrat”.

Yet regardless, Kit Siang has repeatedly said he is willing to work with Najib.

BELOW: @limkitsiang said in March 2016 and July 2022 he was willing to work with Najib

DAP’s vision & mission to Save M’sia

So how, actually?

DAP views Malay leaders like musical chairs — can work with PAS, can work with KuLi (S46), can work with Anwar, can work with Mahathir, can work with Muhyiddin, can work with Shafie, can work with Najib, can work with Mahathir again …

This super flexibility of the evangelist party is practically Orwellian. DAP lurches from one to another bad-good-bad Malay leader — like scenes from the dystopian novel 1984.

In the DAP game of musical chairs, one day PAS is a friend and the next day the Islamist party and its president are mortal enemies; one day Mahathir is Gandalf the Grey and the next day he is Saruman the White.

DAP is always ‘changing’ — prepared to work with just anybody. The revolving door party has no fixed moral compass pointing true north.

But of course DAP will persuade the Chinese that it is only doing its dizzying u-turns “for the good of the country” and to Save Malaysia Baru Terbaru.

In fact, DAP can flip its political allegiance of the moment as readily and easily as Pak Ramli flips a burger.

Case in point: DAP views Najib as a kleptocrat but was nonetheless willing to work with him in the run-up to GE14 (referring to Kit Siang’s 2016 offer) if such a cooperation could get DAP to Putrajaya in order for the evangelical party to Save Malaysia.

DAP still vehemently maintains that Najib is a kleptocrat but the party is nonetheless willing to work with the Umno-Najib faction post GE15 (referring to Kit Siang’s recent 2022 offer, and the ‘Morning After’ strategy indicated below by Anthony Loke) if such a cooperation could return DAP to Putrajaya in order for the evangelical party to Save Malaysia once more but with a caveat (only on Kit Siang’s condition that Najib first condemns “the 1MDB scandal”).

‘Post-GE15 alliance may be needed to form govt — Loke’ (Malaysiakini, 17 July 2022)

DAP’s colour chart guide to Saving M’sia

Yup, DAP will do anything to Save Malaysia.

The evangelical party has said a lot of damming things previously about Mahathir but DAP was nonetheless willing to work with the old man because DAP needed a ‘horse’ to ride to Putrajaya together in order for them to Save Malaysia from Najib.

‘Bersih’ means DAP putting Mahathir through the laundry to cleanse him and remove past dirty stains.

BELOW: Whitewashing success! @hannahyeoh tweeted two weeks ago (July 14) that Mahathir enjoys an audience and is “respected by others around the world“

Chinese in Malaysia are really colour-blind sheeple. Hence they need DAP to tell them whether to treat such-and-such current Malay leader as a white knight, a blackguard or someone fluctuating in the grey zone.

For earlier general elections, DAP chose to whiten Anwar’s reputation — telling the party’s Chinese base that Saudara Anwar is quite ubah-ed from the firebrand Islamist of his Abim days.

Then for the 2018 general election, DAP took on the formidable task of whitening Mahathir’s reputation among the Chinese community.

The talented DAP possesses a remarkable ability to gradient colour any object or subject so that its obedient party followers will behold the successfully rehabilitated Malay politician as someone yang sudah diBersih-sucikan.

Whereas DAP made Anwar and Mahathir look whiter and whiter in Chinese eyes, DAP at the same time made PAS look blacker and blacker in the same Chinese eyes.

How PAS was darkened simultaneously Mahathir was whitened

When PAS was in Pakatan Rakyat in the late 2000s, the party appeared in the lightest shade of tinkling silver grey to the Chinese. At that time c.2008 and the 12th general election, DAP was working with PAS to Save Malaysia.

When Pakatan Rakyat morphed into Pakatan Harapan in the early 2010s, PAS assumed a darker shade of smoky grey in Chinese eyes. At that time c.2013 and the 13th general election, DAP was working with PAS to super Save Malaysia but having some years of troubled relationship behind both parties.

And after 2015 when PAS was kicked out of the opposition coalition, the Islamist party assumed a charcoal grey hue among 95 percent of Chinese lookers-on.

Hence Kit Siang’s recent reminder that human personalities must be seen in different shades of grey. Or – we might add – be seen as white if DAP so dictates.

c.2018 and the 14th general election, DAP decided it did not need PAS any more to Save Malaysia as they’d already got Mahathir who suddenly became the Chinese’s shining knight on a flying horse.

DAP had helped the nonagenarian change colour to white, making PM2.0 as clean and pure as driven snow.

PAS on the other hand is now being viewed as black by the DAP and Dapsters.

So, for the coming polls, DAP is warning the Chinese that PAS poses a threat to our supposed secularism.

But this ostensible fear of PAS’s Islamic state does not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of DAP’s colourful non-Muslim women for wearing tudung.


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9 thoughts on “DAP’s musical chairs for the Malays

  1. Facing the realism of the Malaysian Political Market place, the DAP with its ragged-bag of followers from rapists to BACs or born again christians, behaves like the wanton maid of old offering herself to all and sundry WITHOUT PRINCIPLES ! May be the DAP is right in adopting this approach in Alice-In-Wonderland called Malaysia where the politicians spent all the time safeguarding their positions and a game of musical chairs in which there is no guarantee as to the political loyalty of its participants. I doubt the ANTI-HOPPING BILL will put a stop to this fracas but only makes it worse with the huge amount of litigation expected but no CORPORAL PUNISHMENT !. .In the meantime, the Rakyat are waiting for results, positive economic results which will fill their bowls.with affordable rice !

  2. By having a Chinese Chairman, the DAP will forever play the third fiddle in Malaysian Politics. For the DAP to be tops, all it needs to do is to have a Super Normal Malay with an impeccable record, both personal and public to be the Chairman to reflect the transformed new multi-racial DAP. As long as its Chairman is a Chinese, the DAP must be prepared to suck eggs for the next 56 years by which time the swallows have become old crows ! HASTA la VISTA ! Courtesy Boris Johnson.

  3. With Malaysian Politics wallowing in a void, the World in a turmoil with dire forecasts of a darkening financial horizon, our beloved Malaysia finds its respected Aduns, only 220 of them spent all their time formulating, arguing, quarreling over the absurd Anti-Hopping Bill which is still imperfect. The ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD ! Not only that, is it undemocratic to stop a person shifting his or her allegiance from Party to Party ? But the worst fault in this political caper which is unique to Malaysia, is this highly publicized piece of Law only BENEFITS 220 persons and NOT THE 32 MILLIONS RAKYAT. The Laws like the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and the Trustees Act 1949 which are very important for the economy and all the 32 millions Rakyat livelihoods, have been NEGLECTED FOR DECADES in bringing these up-to-date like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom which treat the Laws seriously as the living sinews of a Nation. Many Law Ministers and Prime Ministers have come and gone. So were the Chairmen of the Bar Council- THE GUARDIANS OF JUSTICE ? Yet, essential Malaysian Laws like the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967, the Trustees Act 1949 remain OUT OF DATE in relation to the current World we live in. WHAT ABOUT HOSE 300,000 YOUNG MALAY BANKRUPTS WHO ARE NOT CONTRIBUTING TO THE NATION’S EFFORTS ? Under the present antiquated Bankruptcy Act 1967, these young Malays, 300,000 bankrupts, are locked in forever because the 220 Aduns each of whom are paid a basic RM 22,500 TAX FREE a month, think the ANTI-HOPPING BILL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TO REVISE AND UP-DATE THE ESSENTIAL LAWS being the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967, the Trustees Act 1949 to benefit the Nation’s economy and the 32 millions Rakyat. Sauce for the goose, none for the gander ?
    HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson. WHERE ARE YOU MUDA FOR THE 300,000 YOUNG MALAY BANKRUPTS ! Court Hill ?

  4. As an avowed Constitutionalist since 1954, I am excited by 2 recent events which will stabilize the shifting sands of Malaysian Politics forever. First, the passing of the Anti-Hopping Bill by the Dewan Rakyat. Second, the ROS approval for UMNO to hold its AGM after the 15th GE. The 15th GE will return UMNO to be the paramount Political Party of our beloved Malaysia once again- the Snow White with her 7 dwarfs. A Party Like the PBM will make headway against the headwinds in Malaysian Politics with 3 important cards to play in their hands being Gender, Sarawak and Johor which factors have been taken far too likely in the past. Now, these have become the cat;s whiskers of Malaysian Politics. As for MUDA, the boys and the girls have still got to learn the ABC of Malaysian Politics before an 18 year old can aspire to be the PM without a proper education in this fast moving World of the virtual Net ! Even Singapore which used to be top-heavy found herself in the company of ONE after the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and the 2022 Ukraine War. She may have to get married or confederated with the UK and consummated by tele-Parliament the first in the World which suits Singapore to a T.! As for the dogged DAP which eschews POWER but loved to do alleged tiny errands for Singapore notwithstanding our Sovereignty and National Interest has become IRRELEVANT despite its alleged service as an alleged Trojan horse since it was booted out of POWER in Putrajaya after only 22 short months with 90% Chinese votes in the bag. Einstein once said,” There are 2 Infinities in this World. The Universe and the Stupidity of Humankind !” Just a NORMAL MALAY WITH A SUPER RECORD AS DAP CHAIRMAN WILL TURN DAP INTO A MAJOR MULTI-RACIAL WITH A CONSTITUTION BIAS. It’s as simple as this. But the tea-leaves tell us, the Leadership prefers to suck eggs for another 56 years ! As for our beloved Malaysia, we are back where we lost our bearings since 2003 having been distracted by weakness of the flesh at the highest level !. And just a whisper to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not Singapore which has ran out of OOMPH since Uncle Sam’s mistaken generosity spiel, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.” of 1992 delivered via President Clinton – the cause of US and the World’s troubles today. The BRICS rose again because of this major US mistake.And tiny Singapore, crushed and now scrambling as far as Timbuctoo NOT the White House anymore. Believe it or not ! Again kudos to the wise men in our Society who put things right by two significant strokes of the proverbial pen ! WITH NORMAL LEADERSHIP, NORMAL ADMINSTRATION, NORMAL BUT UP-DATED LAWS AND NORMAL ADUN BEHAVIOUR and all things we Malaysians can do normally, our beloved Malaysia will be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia but not tiny Singapore ! Remember we have given ex-gratis all our precious assets 1962-2022 to tiny Singapore which has no human or natural resources except for BS. Malaysia has nothing left. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts ! HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, desgnate ex-PM of UK.

    1. My humble apologies for an oversight on the use of the word “ADUN” in my comments which should be “MP’s of the Dewan Rakyat”..

  5. How many Malaysians have noticed that since 1957, when the paramount political party UMNO was weak, the DAP come up trumps at the GEs ? But with the surging Nationalism in UMNO in recent times based on the BOSSKU theme and the bungles of the DAP are included, we are staring at only 18 seats 0r less for the DAP in the 15th GE. The DAP lost its credibility and squeaky clean image like Singapore when the disease of filthy lucre also affected them in more ways than one. The DAP Ministers in the PH Governemnt May 2018 – March 2020 served only one alleged singular purpose – to satiate the desires of the GRAB Policy of Singapore on precious ex-gratis Malaysian assets via the Review of Pulau Batu Putih, CPTPP, the HSR RM 320 million compensation etc. The promises to the 90% Chinese supporters were conveniently forgotten. And what does our beloved Malaysia get in return from impoverished but rich Singapore for the precious ex-gratis Malaysian assets from 1962 – 2022, ? NOTHING ! . With all the facts concerning this one way traffic now available in black and white, the DAP in REALPOLITIK lost not only its credibility and squeaky clean image but also displayed its unreliability and true colours when in POWER which confirmed the conjectures of the pundits. that it was as alleged, a Trojan horse ! The total sum of the DAP’s efforts from the male and female swallows to closet rapists of sex and money will bring the DAP grinding to a halt that its purported invincibility and 90% Chinese support will VANISH with the 15th GE ! With the other Parties, their only problem is MONEY. With the DAP,, its problems covered the SINS of HUMANKIND and MONEY.. As one UMNO warlord said to me after he discovered I was not ennobled, ” SOMETHING IS WRONG SOMEWHERE !” With this remark, he moved to the next table and bussed his Singaporean lady banker of a certain age. HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex-PM of the United Kingdom.

  6. Whilst the DAP is indulged in children’s games like musical chairs for the Malays, 3 significant events affecting the future destiny of our beloved Malaysia have arrived in quick succession. First the Anti-Hopping Bill, second the ROS postponement of the paramount political party UMNO’s AGM and within this week, the arrival of the US Congress House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. For years, I have pointed out the strategic geo-political importance of Malaysia which stands astride a CHOKE POINT from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea for 1,200 miles compared with tiny Singapore’s much self-acclaimed strategic choke point of just 1 mile ! Malaysia with her Malaysian style democracy, solid and productive citizenry and an abundance of natural resources. Our Foreign Policy has always been neutral but is friends to all and enemy of none. Nancy Pelosi’s visit illustrates the heightening of the World class conflict between the United States and China which will raise tensions politically. But Malaysia has always stood with the West because of her beliefs and traded with all in this World peacefully and harmoniously. We are dedicated to PEACE and DEVELOPMENT for all. We are so un-war-like and generous that impoverished but rich tiny States screw us all the time including the 19th Century pirates of the Sulu Sea ! We have no territorial expansion ambitions and follow the Rules of International Law and contributed Malaysian troops to the UN since the early days of the unrest in the Congo in the 1960s. This week, Nancy Pelosi will arrive to ensure that Malaysia will stand up to be counted.since the end of the Cold War 1948-1989 ! Malaysia’s Foreign Policy has served her well since Merdeka 1957. Once upon a time, the KGB came to town to look for Malaysia’s Foreign Policy, they could not find it and reported back to Moscow. Later, the Russian ambassador congratulated the Tunku for hiding the Foreign Policy so well. The Tunku gave a non-plussed reply,” We have no Foreign Policy.” Believe it or not ! History revealed that the US Agencies like the United States Army Medical Research Unit (at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington DC), Hooper Foundation, Ford Foundation, Peace Corps etc. left Malaysia in 1982 after being in Malaya since 1947. Our relationship with the United States during the Counter-Insurgency War 1948-1982 was close and significant. This our beloved Malaysia must never forget.! Many FTZs contained and bolstered by US based companies which gave a flip to our employment prospects and prosperity. Now with the New Era in World politics, the wise men in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the work cut out for them when Madam Nancy Pelosi come a’ calling . Her visit to the East has garnered much controversy by the importance of the affected countries being Malaysia, Singapore, (Taiwan), Japan and South Korea which were the United States Allies during the Cold War 1948-1989. America is now trying to minimize her serious mistake via President Clinton’s speech in 1992, the generous spiel which helped the rise of the authoritarian States, Russia and China, but crushed tiny impoverished but rich Singapore. ” GLOBALIZATION. FREE TRADE. HUMAN RIGHTS.” History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth !
    HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex-PM of the United Kingdom.

  7. How many Malaysians realize that the job of the Prime Minister of Malaysia is not for an uneducated 18 year old kid ? Definitely not the game of musical chairs in fancy dress for the Malays as created by the naive DAP ! The good governance which brought about a sense of easy feeling to be the Prime Minister of Malayisa ended in 2003. Thanks to the Prime Minister’s predecessors, the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn. The 3 iconic Prime Ministers for good governance as recorded by history because they had NOTHING to do with the Public’s money ! A latter day Malaysian Prime Minister is a person who is cosmopolitan and speaks the languages of the World because the World has become the World of the Net since the 1990s. This the World cannot escape and one should not pretend to be great by being just a “Kampong Jaguh”. The fact that Madam Nancy Pelosi drops into Putrajaya on her way to Singapore, (Taiwan) Japan and South Korea but not Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, speaks volumes about the strategic geo-politicaly important status of our beloved Malaysia which I have been highlighting for years in the media. Why ? First, it is a fact. Second, to wake up the folks who rule us that they should know what is the NY Yankees or Tribeca or where President Truman was born and so forth ! Things like Yunnan hot-pot should be put in the back burner with our American friends. Pour le vouz francais, malaisie ? But with a Leadership which has a Cabinet of 74 Ministers with some roving around the World in a country of only 32 millions, it is difficult to tell the World that we are super-efficient and productive like tiny impoverished but rich Singapore. If Madam Nancy Pelosi checks on our Public holidays, Madam will find that we are tops in this hard-working World with at least 20 days of Public Holidays or more ( States holidays included ). Or Malaysians just love Public holidays with a RM 1,500 minimum wage and talk of a 4 day working week bolstered by the authoritarian/communistic GLCs which will kill us all one day ! The only democratic country in the World to adopt GLCs for development and progress ! All Western democracies hate GLCs because a Government must never be involved in business which is NONE OF IT’S BUSINESS. And corruption will surely corrupt as the sun rises ! Madam Nancy Pelosi will be surprised that 30 years since the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, our beloved Malaysia has got all its democratic fundamentals wrong, square pegs in round holes, and round pegs in square holes ! And simply all were caused by a piece of plastic paper signed by the Gabenor of Bank Negara Malaysia. Strangely, the sole beneficiary of this largesse is that tiny impoverished but rich Singapore 1962-2022. Man proposes. God disposes. Singapore’s loss after the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War and the crises to come CANNOT BE COVERED BY THE EX-GRATIS MALAYSIAN ASSETS, 1962-2022 ! We Malaysians must begin to learn that there is no generosity in this World of MONEY. Hopefully, we do not learn that when we are in trouble, no one will help us !
    Our warmest welcome to Her Excellency Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US Congress on her first visit to Malaysia. HASTA la VISTA. baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson. designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  8. Today’s headline in the FMT, ” DAP MUST REASSURE THE MALAYS WE’RE NOT THE ENEMY.’ SAYS LOKE.”. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, Mr Loke !. In this World every Man, Woman and Child has a history. They were not born out of stone. By the same token, the DAP was established by Lee Kuan Yew in 1966 after his contrived ‘Separation’ in 1965 arising from his Plan B with the US and the UK. A sort of “Main belakang” Plan B. The Plan A which was to become part of Malaysia in 1963 was a RED HERRING. Lee Kuan Yew even put up the act of crying in remorse of having been kicked out of Malaysia by the Tunku. Fact. A secret British report to Whitehall stated that Lee Kuan Yew threatened the journalists who reported him smiling instead of crying at the media briefing on the ‘Separation’. Vide. citizenonline. And in his book, the Tunku mentioned that Lee Kuan Yew was very happy when he came to say good-bye. Another fact which is not reported is the Malay grassroots were very unhappy with the Tunku to let Singapore go ! One of the many factors which led to 13 May 1969. Since 1966, the DAP hard-core slogan has been ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ (concocted by Lee Kuan Yew in the Dewan Rakyat 1964) which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This irked the pundits who alleged the DAP is just a Trojan Horse to serve the alleged interests of Singapore as an alleged manifold weapon of sorts. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Since 1962, our beloved Malaysia lost much from the one-sided Water Agreement of 1962, loss of the huge KTM Singapore assets, rocks and sand, to the RM 320 million HSR Compensation (Vide. TDM) via the PH Cabinet approved dropping the Pulau Batu Putih (2004) Review, the CPTPP and all that Singapore desired ex-gratis. Since 1962 to 2022, our beloved Malaysia RECEIVED NOTHING FROM SINGAPORE ! MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. Suddenly, in March 2020, Covid 19 struck Singapore which was followed by the Ukraine War in 2022. All the ex-gratis Malaysian assets given to Singapore could not cover the gigantic loss suffered by Singapore since 2020 and the destruction of Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy to safeguard the Survival and Sustainability of Singapore. The latest media reports revealed Singapore is scrambling for revenues as far as Timbuctoo ! Man proposes. God disposes. In the 1980s, I asked my Singaporean relatives why they cheated me and the Malaysians ? They replied, ‘You people in the Ulus are corrupt and make easy money !’ That was the excuse to cheat a tiny isle with no human or natural resources ! WHEN THE CHEATING MUSICAL CHAIRS STOP, THE CHEATING SHOW IS OVER ! Singapore is now stripped of the lush revenues from tourism, transport, finance, manufacturing, construction, trade etc which make up her GDP ! And more crises to come. Vide. Singapore Prime Minister’s speech in Rwanda June 2022. ” It’s a NEW WORLD. Expect more crises to come !” Today, the DAP seeks the understanding of the Malays who via our beloved Malaysia, together with their fellow compatriots lost ALL THAT SINGAPORE DESIRED except for TWO MORE, Will our beloved Malaysia lose these “TWO MORE” through Singapore’s very hot retreats and abang-adek relationships (created by Singapore’s humongous Ministry of Information) AND BECOME AS POOR AS A DORMOUSE ? Singapore now lacks a normal leadership in DEPTH. And soon, the Republic of India will takeover like in the US and the UK ! THE FULL CIRCLE IS LEGALISTIC LEE KUAN YEW WOULD NOT DARE FOR SINGAPORE TO BE FULLY INDEPENDENT IN 1965 WITHOUT AN IRON-CAST GUARANTEE FROM UNCLE SAM (President Kennedy) IN 1962 PLUS THE WHEREWITHAL TO MAKE MONEY DURING THE COLD WAR 1948-1989. It is alleged Singapore’s Cold War Trade largesse was about US$ 300 Billion 1948-1989. which pushed her to be a 1st World country WITHOUT EFFORT ! Now Man proposes. God disposes. But NOTHING from 2020 onwards !
    HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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