Mahathir’s Malay Dilemma 4.0

For the umpteenth time, Mahathir is creating – yet again – another movement solely for Malays.

The one he launched yesterday, which is called Gerakan Tanah Air, is led by his current Malay-only party Pejuang.

Also included in this latest iteration of Mahathir’s Malay-only coalition is the political party Putra headed by Ibrahim Ali.

Until 2018, Ibrahim Ali had headed the Malay-only political movement Perkasa under Mahathir’s patronage.

DAP claims to be opposed to single-race politics.

DAP is continually slamming MCA, MIC, Umno for being mono-racial parties — see for example @hannahyeoh’s past tweet below. (Hannah is presently the DAP National Assistant Publicity Secretary.)

Yet DAP embraced Mahathir’s race-based Bersatu for GE14, despite the evangelical party‘s loud opposition to race parties.

DAP embraced Mahathir in the convinction that the enemy of its enemy is its friend.

Mahathir was the enemy of Tunku’s Umno, of KuLi’s Umno, of Badawi’s Umno, of Najib’s Umno and as he announced yesterday — he is the enemy of today’s Umno.

The DAP’s evangelical leaders like Hannah preach the Christian message of “loving one’s enemy”. In practice, DAP loved the enemy (Mahathir) of its enemy (Umno) as its (DAP’s) Faustian friend.

DAP embraces woke buzzwords like “multiculturalism”, “pluralism”, “diversity and “inclusion”, blah blah blah.

DAP embraced Mahathir who could not even tolerate a diversity of Malay outlooks in Umno when he was inside the party (‘do things his way or you take the highway’), and who will not tolerate Umno 2.0 itself now he is outside the party.

Don’t forget that Mahathir turned against Badawi and Najib because he had considered the two then Umno presidents as being too soft on the Chinese.

This is the Mahathir whom DAP lovingly ’Born’d Again’.

BELOW: (1) Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali, the founder of Perkasa; (2) Mahathir and Lim Guan Eng, the Born Again Christian

The DAP had plenty of complaints to make about Perkasa in the decade spanning the late-2000s and mid-2010s.

Hannah Yeoh said for example that “Dr M cannot be loyal to M’sians if he’s loyal to Perkasa!” (see her tweet below).

Hannah Yeoh also said “our Vision 2020 former PM is such a disappointment for his endorsement of those narrow Perkasa views” (see her tweet below).

DAP was always well aware of Mahathir’s role as Perkasa patron but still chose to whiten his reputation in the run-up to GE14 due to the evangelical party‘s own power craziness for Putrajaya.

In late-2010, Hannah urged Malaysians to choose a worthy cause and “join one NGO (anything but Perkasa)” — see below.

It was not long afterwards that Hannah Yeoh became Mahathir’s No.1 fan girl even though sometime earlier Hannah had signaled that she was “really struggling to understand” how Mahathir could endorse Perkasa.

ABOVE: Mahathir in his capacity as Perkasa patron

In 2018, Lim Kit Siang assured DAP supporters that Mahathir was a “changed man” — see below.

Kit Siang reassured the DAP voter base that Mahathir’s history will not repeat itself.

DAP is able to lie without blinking. And the Chinese swallow these lies with a gulp of holy water.

Ibrahim Ali is now once again at Mahathir’s side as a lieutenant in the former Harapan chairman’s newest Malay-only movement launched yesterday.

This time Ibrahim Ali stands beside Mahathir as the president of Putra which is short for Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia. Deja vu.

Mahathir has not ubah one whit but he gets worse and worser.

Nonetheless DAP in 2018 succeeded persuading its loyal Chinese that Mahathir had repented of his “Ketuanan”ism.

Reacting now to Mahathir’s latest move, the Chinese are decrying their once Beloved Atok’s rinse-and-repeat Malay agenda.

They bash Ibrahim Ali and the ex-Bersatu leaders (pix below) seen on stage with Mahathir last evening.

But the Chinese remain oblivious to the elastic behaviour of their party’s tudung-wearing and other Christian leaders who – not that long ago – were all busy licking Mahathir’s toes.

There is no cognitive dissonance, no Chinese dilemma for DAP voters.



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5 thoughts on “Mahathir’s Malay Dilemma 4.0

  1. The World has changed much since the First Edition of “the Malay Dilemma.”. The Cold War 1948-1989 has ended and a second confrontation arising from Uncle Sam’s mistake, the generous spiel, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.” which benefited the BRICS or Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, begins. The World of the Net dominates the World’s business. In some countries, men can marry men, women marry women. and so forth, with at least 6 million urbanized Malay families when there were none in 1969, the year of the Malay Dilemma 1.0. As alleged, a Malay maybe the richest of all Malaysians with many Malay multi-millionaires to keep him company.. An unknown Malay gentleman was worth RM 3 Billion when he died recently.. Has our beloved Malaysia changed ? During this crucial period 1972-2018,, we lost 3 Generations of Malay elites which is the source of our problems today being the politics and the socio-economics. Our revered Constitution as safeguarded by the caring and compassionate Yang di Pertuan Agong ans the Royal Sultans, stipulates that for progress and prosperity, the Malay elites jive with the non-Malay elites. Is the INDEX of ELITES better than the incomplete FORBES INDEX OF WEALTH in Malaysia ? I dare say that we Malaysians are not stupid when we look at the many hidden wealth around us both at Home and Overseas. The first and most significant manifest is the proliferation of Malay inspired Political Parties registered with the ROS. Politics have always been a rich man’s game through the Ages in different countries. The reason for this only the participants can tell ! In the 1950s, wealthy families in beautiful Sri Lanka threw in their dynastic wealth for political gains after discovering that they need only the capital of the gift of the GAB ! With POWER in unqualified hands, we have the bankrupt Sri Lanka of 2022 ! So, where does Malay Dilemma.4.0 fit into the MALAYSIAN POLITICAL 2022. IT DOES’NT !
    In 2010, it was the 2nd time I met the Author of ‘the Malay Dilemma’. I t requested him to autograph my 2 pristine copies of ‘The Malay Dilemma’ First Edition 1970. Publisher. Donald Moore. Singapore. Price Straits Dollars 3.50 which I told him I never opened and read for fear of my beliefs being brainwashed ! He felled off his chair !
    HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  2. Why some people are up in arms at the antics of BOSSKU ? Let us all be realistic as NORMAL human beings and look around us the beauty and fortunate location of this wondrous land called ” Malaysia. “. There is nothing wrong with the paramount political party UMNO which is the spine and soul of Malaysia since 1946.. What happened was that a fat young boy of NO MERIT was able to inveigle trust and permitted to do whatever he liked at the very top.. His unsuspecting friends got the blame. ( There were many other nobodies before him who collected banks, US$ 5 million each, Stradivarius violins made in Cremona, Singapore lady art gallery curators etc blessed by the authority in POWER ). A misdemeanor like this opened up the Pandora’s Box of wrong doings. The World was shocked to the core. Rightly so ! But the sins of Humankind did not begin with 1MDB !. In fact there were huge crypto money making schemes which perpetrators thought were well hidden from prying eyes ! Man proposes. God disposes. there is no secret which may be hidden in this World. Everything is actually quite transparent. We Malaysians are not stupid as not to notice that there are bigger scams than 1MDB. So how ? Simple. First, the traditional Malaysian political party UMNO should return to make things NORMAL ADMINISTRATION without travel and less GLCs but with SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST IN MIND ALWAYS ! Definitely not by super wealthy individuals with their fellow travelers. Second, real and proper Malay elites by the hundreds are groomed to advise and command. Third, justice and fair play meted out to ALL as there are plenty of WEALTH for all if one open’s one’s eyes to see ! The WEALTH is still available.if properly developed and NOT SQUANDERED by self-indulgence. With such a common sense approach, investors will come flooding in due to SENTIMENT AND CONFIDENCE as created by UMNO ! Malaysia takes the up-shot as one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. The hottest nation in ASEAN and ASIA with India struggling with her ancient social problems and China her jealous rivals. Where are you, Singapore ? Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels .HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Live and let live, baby !

    1. What is the 1MDB Scandal ? It is NOTHING compared with the rule by satraps in a previous Administration who could line their pockets at whim and will for decades. Here is a true example. First, my 1972 Concept supported by Tun Abdul Razak to fast trek the Malays into big business was successful by 1975 for only RM23 Millions by capturing Sime Darby PLC for the Malays who had 2 % of the economy in 1969. The British had 70% of the best assets and the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate.. Sime Darby was huge with its core assets of India’s alcohol monopoly, the Amoy Canning land which became the Hong Kong MRT Terminus, 2 Orchard Road Towers in Singapore, 200,000 acres of plantation land and many other valuable trading assets and much more. Guthrie cost £2 Billions for a plantation company only which has much less than 200,000 acres. The Rothschild merchant banker aged 26 retired after the infamous ‘Dawn Raid’ .By 1992, the satraps in Sime Darby kicked me out of the Board after 18 years with a total emolument of RM 500,000 before tax. .I CREATED THE SIME DARBY JOBS FOR THEM WHO WERE MINOR FUNCTIONARIES IN BRITISH COMPANIES. Now, the Sime Darby top honcho wallops RM 500,000 a month basic ! After kicking me out of the Board, the ungrateful satraps caused Sime Darby to go bankrupt twice at RM 1.2 Billion in 1997 and RM 2.10 Billions in 2010 by doing business with crooked Chinamen ! PNB had to bail Sime Darby out not once but twice ! The satraps were not removed but stayed on without being charged or jailed. This was in the 1990s. The 1MDB is NOTHING compared with the abuse of POWER by the satraps ! Second, a Korean satrap of mixed parentage who used to carry Tan Sri Basir Ismail’s Samsonite in a small JB factory in 1982 could collect banks, Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 millions a piece and a house in Subang Jaya by.1992. Not only that this satrap boasted to the DPM of Singapore, Dr Goh Keng Swee at the Singapore Island Golf Club in front of my cousin in the mid-1980s that he had the ears of the top person in KL. He was advertising his services for corruption and breach of trust.! His ego became so big as a crooked satrap that in 1992, he rang me up and asked me to RESIGN immediately from the Boards of the Cycle & Carriage Group so that he could replace me and sell the best assets of the Group’s, Ardmore Park, Singapore and the Petaling Jaya Headquarters at low prices without valuation to his Hong Kong and Singaporean associates respectively. I resigned immediately so that these illegal transactions were recorded in the ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE C & C GROUP FOR THE YEARS 1992, 1993 and 1994 forever. I was appointed by the authorities including EPF to restructure the Cycle & Carriage Group, Singapore and Malaysia in 1984 after one of its founders lost S$ 20 Millions in a Taiwanese venture.. Yet this crooked foreign satrap could bully Malaysia’s prominent citizens by using his apparent blessed POWER at the material time. 1MDB is NOTHING compared with the abuse of corrupted POWER as used by the satraps for PERSONAL GAIN OVER DECADES IN 1980s – 1990s ! All satraps at the material time made use of this high-handed initiative all the time. There are many more such TRUE abuses and corruption during those decades. 1MDB is NOTHING COMPARED WITH ORGANIZED CORRUPTION BY THE SATRAPS.who probably cleaned out of our beloved Malaysia RM 100+ Billions ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! What is the big deal about 1MDB ? IT’S NOTHING COMPARATIVELY ! But just a stupid bungle by a young fat boy of NO MERIT !

  3. AS one UMNO warlord privately confessed to me. ” We are all in the same boat !” All I could reply was. “Hmm!”.

  4. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. One day in the distant future, a perceptive historian will relate factually how our beloved Malaysia got into the awkward situation in which our media headlines only talked about Public money in private hands daily. Malay Dilemma 4.0 or no Dilemma. But for the present, all we can do is to glean the media headlines to fathom the hidden Truth which the perpetrators always cover with many layers of proxies or excuses. However, here are the scintillating media headlines of gigantic pecuniary wrong doings arising from the abuse of POWER which all denied. With such denials, one thing for sure, the Ringgit keeps on depreciating and inflation keeps on rising. Or political events to come arising such acts as recorded between 25 July and 9 August 2022. Thus :-
    1. FMT ” MORE GLC INVESTMENT NEEDED TO BOOST ECONOMY SAYS SALLEH.” One day the uncontrolled and off-Budget GLCs will kill us all.
    2. Malaysiakini. ” WITHOUT MA63 THERE WILL BE NO MALAYSIA.- ONGKILI ” The banker has finally realized how the money was squandered.
    3. Malaysiakini. ” 5G farming technique to secure Nation’s food agenda.” Have’nt we heard about these derring-do ideas well beyond the appearance of the RM350 Million cow-girl and her Gemas ranch. IN THE WEST IT’S KNOWN AS A POTEMKIN SHOW.
    4. FMT. ” GUAN ENG LAMENTS MALAYSIA’S ACUTE LABOUR SHORTAGE, RINGGIT DEPRECIATION.”. The dear ex-FM should be the best person to know the reason why ?
    5. NST. ” RINGGIT RELATIVELY STABLE COMPARED WITH CURRENCIES OF KEY TRADING PARTNERS. BNM ” Since BNM began to read the tea leaves, their statements were wonky !
    6. FMT. ” IPOH FARMERS WIN RIGHT TO CHALLENGE EVICTION NOTICE.” The State Policy is different from the Federal’s. Where else but Malaysia’s ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.
    7. The Edge. ” FELDA SETTLERS TO HAVE RM 18,000 IN DEBT FOR REPLANTING OF OIL PALMS.” The replanting reserves have gone overseas and invested in pukka students hostels in Melbourne to make more MONEY !
    8. The Edge. ” SARAWAK HOPES TO LEARN FROM UK TO SET UP SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND SAYS ABANG.”. That is the way to go ABANG ! Where money is treated like money and not like toilet paper ! Sarawak has woken up too like Sabah !
    7. The Edge. ” BNM. MALAYSIA’S INFLATION TO REMAIN 2.2% TO 3.2% THIS YEAR.” The US inflation is 8% whilst UK’s 9%. Believe it or not !.
    8. FMT. ” MALAYSIA’S PROPERTY PROBLEMS BIGGER THAN CHINA SAYS REALTOR.” Just take a drive on a highway out of KL. Seeing is believing.
    9. FMT. ” 1MDB, SRC DEBTS DON’T DIRECTLY GOVERNMENT LIABILITIES SAYS TENGKU ZAFRUL”. You mean if it’s off-budget, debts guaranteed by the Government don’t count ?
    11. Malaysiakini. ” MINISTER MUST TAKE RAP FOR LCS FIASCO SAYS VETERAN GROUP.” Another Potemkin show. There must be hundreds around to suck MONEY !
    12. FMT. ” EX-SPY CHIEF GETS FULL ACQUITTAL IN RM 50 BILLION CBT CASE.” Where else but Malaysia for beautiful spy 004 ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.
    13. Malaysiakini. ” LCS FIASCO: SENSITIVE TO WHOM ? PAC CHAIR SHOOTS AT ZAHID.” There are no secrets in Malaysia since 31 August 1957 ! All you need to do is to ask any Singapore banker who will up-date you with the latest MALAYSIAN SECRET. !
    Finally, the perceptive historian will try to draw the conclusion on who was responsible for opening the Malaysian Pandora’s Box of Temptations ! Definitely, it’s not you or me ! BUT WHO ?
    HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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