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Dear Anthony Loke, DAP needs tudung upgrade

Sec-gen Anthony Loke says his party needs to convince the Malays that DAP is not their enemy.

“Our messaging approach to the Malay community is that we are not against them,” he explained today to FMT.

Oh dear, oh dear. Even after the DAP’s stupendous effort at “messaging” and mimicry and all that mucking around in Muslim religious spaces, the Malays still view DAP as enemy? Tsk, tsk…

The problem with DAP and its unconvincing relationship with Malays is the half-assed way evangelical YBs do things.

If your women are so enamoured of wearing “selendang”, then put on the head covering to tutup aurat properly lah. Your Aduns in the pix above are still showing their hair.

Wear a head scarf decorously like how the Malay women (in the same pix) are doing. Selendang when worn arranged and neatly pinned is called tudung litup.

The cop-out (diversionary excuse) that non-Muslim women are wearing secular selendang – and not really ‘tudung’ or telekung – is a disingenuous argument when Makcik Kiah and her dozen cats can see that DAP is only engaging in cheap gimmick.

Likewise the loyar buruk claim by your supporters that Chinese rubber tappers wear non-religious tudung too — see pix below.

And you still wonder why the Malays don’t trust you?


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9 thoughts on “Dear Anthony Loke, DAP needs tudung upgrade

  1. A little message for Anthony:
    The Malays have not been able to spot the sincerity of DAP. No amount of talking could bring a progress. Just prove it by sincere understanding and action for the masses and not selectively.
    Shahredzuan Johan who ?
    Yong Sefura who ?
    And don’t talk of the fake Zarul.
    And no Nurul could convince the Malays. Neither could Fahmi Fadzil or Salahudin Ayub.
    Listen to the Backbenchers hard. They tell something insightful.

    1. d d. I agree with your comments from a Constitutionalist since 1954 never a Communalist. UMNO must lead again so that our beloved Malaysia is one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny Singapore, a country with no human or natural resources but only BS. . HASTA la VISTA. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  2. It is crystal clear and as clear as the World of the Web that there are some Leaders who benefited tremendously as mega-billionaires on the backs of the Rakyat in the past decades and have hidden their huge Wealth overseas via proxies and have not given serious thoughts on how to put our beloved Malaysia right again. The solution is SEAMLESSLY SIMPLE. I plead with them to RE-JOIN UMNO. .AFTER ALL IT WAS UMNO WHICH BENEFITED THEM ALL ! As for the Rakyat, it is time the huge Weatlh which Malaysia still has, is to be developed for their benefit. Surprisingly, all the obstacles in the minds of the mega billionaires will vanish and a NEW ERA is born. LIVE AND LET LIVE. Do not let our younger generations suffer the consequences of the sins which we have created. AS ALL ACCOUNTANTS ADVISE US WE MUST START WITH A CLEAN SLATE !. With the mega billionaires rejoining UMNO, our beloved Malaysia joins the most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny Singapore with no human and natural resources but only BS. Like this we have not let our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans down. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  3. Today’s CNA reported that the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida removed all the Unification Church Ministers from the Cabinet. These are the Japanese equivalent of Malaysia’s 1975 home grown BACs or born again christians who masquerade in Malay traditional costumes.. For Japan, Sovereignty and National Interest come FIRST ! Black is black. white is white ! Will the Singapore Government do the same ?

      1. HA. If the democratically elected Japanese Government thinks the Unification Church does not represent the true Japanese, are Malaysia’s 1975 BACs or born again christians in the same boat on Sovereignty and National Interest of our beloved Malaysia ? Not forgetting the population of Japan is homogenous unlike Malaysia’s. Yet, the Japanese took appropriate measures to safeguard their Sovereignty and National Interest. The question now arises what sort of political animal the DAP has become.behind the smiling faces. Japan has given Malaysia a good example on Sovereignty and National Interesrt which are not negotiable.

        1. Unlike the MCA, the DAP’s seven headed serpent of loyalty is now in question being highlighted by their aggressive displays in traditional Malay costumes only and not Indian or Chinese or Iban or Kadazan or Sikh and also their penchant for chopping up fine Chinese porcelain and rosewood furniture because of images of Satan !. Instead of being the perfect guardians of our revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, the DAP after 56 years of struggles to survive, has only one fine thread to hang on – the CHINESE. What if this mesmerized (doped) lot of Chinese finally wake up to find out they voted DAP because they were MISLED by the BACs or born again christians circa 1975 who have a penchant to destroy their Chines Culture and Beliefs and their lovely image of the squeaky clean Lee Kuan Yew has been adroitly squashed to NOTHING ? Will the 95% Chinese now vote for MCA and reduce the DAP’s seats to 18 or less at the next GE ? When the 15th GE bell strikes, will DAP be the DING or the DONG ? The next GE will be the most interesting GE in our long lifetimes ! AND LET THE CHINESE WHO ARE NOT STUPID FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES THAT THE BACs or born again christians ARE AS DIFFERENT FROM THEM LIKE CHALK AND CHEESE ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson the designate Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

            1. The obvious problem with the DAP today is they have too much DING and not enough DONG ! DING in Cantonese means CRAZY !

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