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China vs Taiwan: Cina DAP show their colours

Penny Wong, the Australia foreign minister, yesterday slammed China for sending its missiles whizzing over Taiwan.

Wong is an ethnic Chinese immigrant and naturalized Australian born in Sabah.

Tiong King Sing, Malaysia’s Special Envoy to China, slammed Nancy Pelosi for taking her trip to Taiwan.

The condemnation of American House Speaker Pelosi by Tiong has been disavowed by Wisma Putra as not aligning with Malaysia’s official stance on the matter.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Although not born in Australia, Wong speaks English impeccably.

By contrast, it is a cringe to hear Sarawak MP Tiong – just like your typical Cinapek – “manyak” mangle bahasa Melayu when he speaks in parliament.

China is world super duperpower

China is carrying out a de facto naval blockade through its “military drills” in the strait and the sea around Taiwan island.

Beijing is bullying the Taiwanese — that’s how many Malaysians view these aggressive actions by China.

This is however not necessarily the view held by Chinese in Malaysia, many of whom are strongly pro China.

After all, DAP’s star ceramah speaker Hew Kuan Yau had once said the South China Sea belongs to China. And when Harapan came to power, Hew was rewarded with an appointment as chairman of the Malaysia China Business Council.

Ketuanan Cina

What we know for sure is the lack of support among Dapsters for our Malaysian defence forces.

Malaysian Chinese make up less than even a half of a single percent in our country’s military. The precise figure is 0.3 percent.

Only three out of every 1,000 Malaysian soldiers are ethnic Chinese. Put this figure in the context where 232 out of every 1,000 Malaysian in the general population are of Chinese descent.

We can see for ourselves who Cina DAP are cheering in the China vs Taiwan standoff.

Their behaviour in this issue is a good reflection of the attitude of Malaysian Chinese living here as an ethnic minority.


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9 thoughts on “China vs Taiwan: Cina DAP show their colours

  1. It seems comical to the non-Chinese that an American politician visit to Taiwan could raise the ire of China which responded by sending rockets whizzing over the heads of the Taiwanese. As a Chinese whose father settled in Malaya as a dishwasher for Towkay Loke Yew in 1889, some Malaysian Chinese seemed to have gone overboard in their support for the actions of the People’s Republic of China which has been in existence for 5,000 years. Let us face the reality that there will be no Ukraine like War between China and Taiwan. It is just a political show. At a time when Taiwan becomes a pawn in Uncle Sam’s sphere/scheme of things. There is no doubt Taiwan will return to China one day as 50 years in China’s history is just a comma of no consequence. The Chinese Taiwanese will not fight either if this can be avoided even though there are well-wishers who will give their un-dying support to the fullest like in Ukraine. Putting all in a nut-shell, the mainland Chinese and the Taiwan Chinese will not fight for a fact which has already been established long long ago – Taiwan is China. Global politics in a World of looming super-power rivalries will.catch some countries unwittingly like Singapore which is trying to serve TWO MASTERS as the tiny State has NO human and natural resources but only BS ! There will be NO TAIWAN WAR because of the strategic geo-political location of Taiwan and its size. The Taiwanese are not so stupid as to permit War to rage on their present peaceful and prosperous environment. Does any one think the Taiwanese will fight and die for Uncle Sam ? Fact. It was alleged that President Truman’s aide reported to him that every time Chiang Kai Shek received Marshall Aid from the US, the next moment, the money appeared in his New York bank account. His wife Madam Soong May Ling died peacefully at the age of 102 at her Long Island estate in New York, US of A. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Taiwan will continue to receive US Aid but for them to fight and die for NO CAUSE is a very difficult pill to follow. After all, it’s only World Politics as engendered by Uncle Sam and his view of things at any moment. And as for my compatriots, the ennobled Chinese who swore allegiance to our beloved caring and compassionate Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, I frankly believe they have over-reacted with the full knowledge that their assets are invested in OZ. Traditionally, all overseas Chinese support their incumbent Governments including Singapore. But those Chinese only some of them, in Malaysia, are the exception. And this goes back a long way to their origins over time in Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    1. And in 1947, what was President Truman’s retort on hearing the news about Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek’s naughty behaviour ? ” HE IS A BASTARD. BUT OUR BASTARD !”. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth !

    2. uncle, the question shd be is american willing to die for taiwanese, not the other way round. american can close both eyes and let the whole asia turn red from 50s onward, whats the point to send american to die in korea and vietnam.

      if tanah melayu turn communist, yr dad will become a mao comrade, and you could be a teacher in a sg besi reeducation camp teaching english. and have to wait until communist wake up from their pipe dream when deng xiaoping change course to capitalism. and i strongly believe you would become a english teacher jack ma turn entrepreneur and shine in a capitalistic republic of melayu.

      1. HY. As the saying goes, The Americans die for FREEDOM.. The British and French die for MONEY.!” The Americans will fight in Taiwan but NOT the Taiwanese ! I would not conjecture how I ended up if my father did not wash dishes in Towkay Loke Yew’s kitchen. I probably would not be around as the youngest son of my father’s 4th wife !!! He had 10 !!!! Life has many twists and turns. I was bombed twice and machine-gunned once by the Imperial Japanese Air Force Mitsubishi Betty bombers in Malaya, Singapore and the Banka Straits !. In 1992, a young Italian on a Vespa crashed headlong into me in Milan. He was shaking like a leaf. I felled and got up without a scratch. Later, I rang my friend aged 49 in KL. His secretary told me he died on the badminton court the previous night. As the years went by, I began to notice a strange phenomenon affecting me. Those who harmed me either they died or something adverse happened to them and their dear ones. 65 of them. the youngest was 40 ! There was NO EXCEPTION. The few who became my friends became rich and powerful.. Hence, I am always humble and low profile and exceedingly happy ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

        1. mum hospitalized, kids back from twn for holiday, so stop writing for a while, but still read.

          1. My sympathies. Hope your Mum will get well soon. Last year, I lost 2 good hard-working female friends who went at 70 and 50 from stroke due to hypertension .Hypertension is a silent killer. All should have their blood pressure taken every 6 months from 30 onwards including you HY. It’s good your kids are in Taiwan. Please request them to visit the MILITARY MUSEUM, TAIPEH, to discover whether there is a section on my father, CHAN WING, who donated a plane, hospitals, ambulances, money for the ANTI-JAPANESE WAR EFFORT 1937-1941.. A friend told me he saw this section in the MILITARY MUSEUM, TAIPEH.

  2. It is so very often that most people forget their origins especially the Chinese in Malaysia. It is no shame to say that most of the Malaysian Chinese originated from the poorest of the poor in turbulent 19th Century and early 20th Century China. In other words, they were peasant immigrants. Their post-Merdeka off-springs especially those who attended non-vernacular schools lacked Chinese cultural ballast. Those Chinese who attended Chinese vernacular schools are no better being half-baked with only a knowledge of 1,200 Chinese characters out of 10,000 as recorded. Just enough to read the Chinese media like the Sin Chew Jit Poh. A Chinese University graduate commands 3,000 – 4,0000 characters. To top off their deficiency, these graduates have an inferiority complex which is overlaid by brashness and arrogance to the disgust of others. Hence, we have 21 year olds Chinese who are datos datos. And Chinese chauvinism holds sway because the Malaysian Chinese lack the fundamentals of the 5,000 year Chinese Civilization being not originated from the Mandarin or ruling class of China. This is a fact. We may call the Malaysian Chinese as rough diamonds. And from this, their actions since the beginning of time may be explained e.g brashness, arrogance, commercialism, chauvinism etc. I have often asked,” Have you ever met a stupid Chinese ?”. The unanimous answer has always been, “No!” But I quickly answered ” But there are some who are so very clever as to be STUPID !”. They would scratched their heads looking for an answer. I quickly interjected 2 household names, one a Singaporean and the other, a Malaysian convicted felon. Shocked. They all responded with a loud, ” YES!”. You will also note that most Chinese chauvinists are ennobled and swore allegiance to our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Are these ennobled Chinese loyal, hypocrites ,chauvinists or not ? No one can tell !
    HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    1. It is sad to note that most of the corporate crimes in Malaysia were created by vernacular school educated Chinese – the biggest frauds and cheating cases..These felonies began to appear in the late 1970s and gathered momentum which reached a peak in 1985 with the Pan El scandal. Surprisingly, a huge scam was created in Singapore in recent years. The culprit was caught and found guilty even though he denied he committed any crime in rigging over 300 share transactions. May be he lived in a World of his own. At the moment, another one is wanted by both Malaysia and China whilst being locked up in Thailand.. HASTA la Vista baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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