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In M’sia, who is supporting China?

Malaysians do support other countries.

For example, some Malaysians support Brazil in football because the Brazilians play a beautiful game. Some Malaysians support English clubs in the European soccer tournaments.

Some Malaysians are pro Korea because they like K-pop and Korean TV dramas. Some Malaysians are pro Italy because they love Italian food.

Some Malaysians are pro Palestine. Some Malaysians are pro Singapore and many Malaysian Chinese are pro China.

Generally this support for another country can be nothing more than just a little fun. One may attend Bon Odori, dress up in kimono for the day and tuck into yummy sushi.

The support among certain Malaysians for China however is not quite as harmless — particularly with the crowd that style themselves incongruously as Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Belligerent and bellicose

China is a bully. It is oppressing the Uighurs in Xinjiang and has successfully subdued the Tibetans (the Dalai Lama fled into exile in the 1950s).

China has crushed the protestors in Hong Kong and is coercing the Inner Mongolians to be assimilated into the Han hegemony.

China is intimidating fishing boats from other countries in the South China Sea, and harasses our Petronas ships “on a daily basis”, according to a report by the South China Morning Post last October.

In June 2020, Chinese troops killed at least 20 Indian soldiers in Ladakh, Kashmir during a border clash.

Other than in its military manoeuvres, China is also a hostile power in more subtle ways such as its malign influence on the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international bodies as well as its debt trap of the poorer countries.

Now China has got into action around Taiwan.

Note that the Chinese people are not natives of Taiwan. Note also that Taiwan is not a breakaway ‘province’ of China, i.e. the island has never been a part of the modern Chinese state.

Australia’s Foreign Minister who is an ethnic Chinese is able to condemn China. In contrast, Malaysia’s Special Envoy who is an ethnic Chinese nonetheless seems unable to similarly condemn China.

The staunchest defenders and cheerleaders of China can be found in Malaysia. We hear them loud and clear in our social media.

DAP pretends to be clueless as to why Malays don’t trust the party. At the same time, DAP still relishes that it has electoral backing from 95 percent of the Chinese community.

If DAP will parse the current bullying behaviour of the Malaysian China supporters with regard to the Taiwan issue, then the party will start to understand why its staunch support is only limited to that by Chinese voters and not the other races.


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