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DAP stroking Abang Umno’s macho muscles

DAP is cozying up to Umno because it recognises the Malay party’s masculine strength, said Umno sec-gen Ahmad Maslan yesterday responding to his counterpart in the evangelical party.

DAP’s overture regarding its willingness to work with Umno, came from party sec-gen Anthony Loke a few days ago — see Aug 7 news report below.

Loke’s come-hither look to Umno should be no surprise. After all, DAP previously not only worked with Mahathir but were quite happy to suck his toes after their shotgun wedding.

A few months ago (Apr 17), PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli revealed to FMT that it was DAP which had forced his party to accept Bersatu into Harapan.

According to Rafizi, DAP had given PKR an ultimatum in 2016 to expand their king-sized bed … err their ‘big tent’ … so that the coalition could win the forthcoming general election.

Grabbing power is everything to the DAP.

Elasticity of the evangelicals

In Malaysian politics, “loyalty is more elastic than a rubber band“ — Joceline Tan (The Star, 6 Aug 2022).

And DAP is continually showing us how elastically kamasutra-ish the evangelical party is. Incapable of any real loyalty, DAP switched bed partner from long-time ally Anwar to old Mahathir purely for the sake of Putrajaya.

DAP’s elasticity comes from its evangelicals or the Born Again Christians (BACs) who were Mahathir’s most assiduous bootlickers.

MCA and Umno have been friends for 70 years having first begun their cooperation in the 1952 local elections.

Both parties are still friends today because neither pretends to be what they’re not. MCA is the Malaysian Chinese Association and Umno is the United Malay National Organization.

DAP, on the other hand, rejects popular public perception that it is a Chinese-dominated party.

Instead DAP insists that it is “not Chinese” but Malaysian First and belonging to a pretend multiethnic called Bangsa Malaysia.

Last time when DAP stroked Pak Lebai’s janggut

DAP had once kahwin mutaah dengan PAS. Let’s examine the breakdown of this typical example of the DAP’s fungible relationships.

The two images (see above) from the not-too-distant past show Teo Nie Ching bowing and scraping to the PAS leaders.

YB Teo is presently the DAP National Publicity Secretary and a selendang-wearing Christian.

DAP is no longer on good terms with PAS today, however.

Hannah Yeoh – the DAP National Assistant Publicity Secretary – and her fellow DAP Christian MPs are at the forefront in attacking PAS’s Siti Zailah who holds the No.2 position in the Ministry of Women and Family.

Like Nie Ching, YB Hannah is another selendang-wearing Christian.

The DAP bullies are also foremost in lobbing criticisms on Islam-tinged issues like underage marriage and the discretion wielded by the head of a Muslim household.

Regardless, why else doesn’t PAS want to be friends with DAP given how its evangelists ghairah tunjuk Islam, e.g. being the first to wish Muslims ‘Salam Ramadan’, the earliest stationed in pasar Ramadan to distribute buah kurma to the fasting Malays, yang terawal to welcome Maal Hijrah, the most eager to condemn Siti Amira for peeling off her tudung on stage, and other non-secular displays of mesra Islam.

DAP’s affair with PAS did not last long but its flirtation with Bersatu was even more shortlived.

DAP’s transactional relationship with Warisan is up in the air and its wannabe friendship with Pejuang failed to take off.

Although not a Malay party, Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s ties with DAP were prematurely aborted too. As early as 2013, PSM had already complained about being “backstabbed” by Pakatan.

The only relationship which the DAP is able to sustain is the sugar daddy type such as its mentoring of Muda or where it played midwife like in the birthing of Amanah.

Middle-aged DAP is only able to be ‘friends’ with toddler and youngster parties like Muda and Amanah.

While DAP is able to make some new friends through its cosplay and mimicry (the selendang, mucking around in masjid and surau), it is usually unable to keep those more mature friends it briefly made.

Acknowledging Umno’s strength

So now DAP is trying to be friends with Umno. What tactic will DAP use? Well, flattery is the way to an older man’s heart. 

”Oooh Bang, you’re so strong,” we hear DAP begin to coo to Umno, “I so very like your muscular biceps”(stroke, stroke)see DAP ‘akui kekuatan Umno’ above.

For aeons, DAP has labelled the Chinese peers of Umno as “running dogs”.

But then again, since its leaders do not not admit they’re Chinese, evangelical DAP trying to become a new girlfriend of Umno will be something else altogether to behold, right?

DAP’s selendang-wearing BACs can do flirty things not ever done before by frumpy Chinese MCA, like coyly batting eyelashes from under their faux tutup aurat.

More power to Umno, more tudung to the DAP!


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  1. How many people realize that there is no one type of Chinese but many. And each type of Chinese behaves in a stereotypical sort of way. Hence, in Malaysia which has many clans of Chinese, the uninformed often mis placed all Chinese as behaving in a common fashion. Not many realize that each Chinese Clan is different from another like chalk and cheese. Malaysia has the most number of Chinese clans outside of China. The only people in the World who made a serious study of the Chinese since the 19th Century are the commercial minded British. It was they who exploited the strengths and weaknesses of the Chinamen in the Straits Settlements and the Malay States and elsewhere in the 19th Century.. It was Tan Sri Claude Fenner, ex-IGP who gave me the insight on how the British kept a wary eye on the recalcitrant Chinese and their covert activities in the china-towns in pre-War Malaya and the Straits Settlements. Young British police cadets were sent to Swatow, Canton and Xiamen for 6 months to learn more about these 3 types of Chinese which dominated the Straits. On their return, the cadets were posted to the Office of the Protector of the Chinese (a euphemism) in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The offices were located next to the china-towns to remind the Chinese of the British presence and easy access for the acquisition of information. The former building of the Chinese Protector is still evident at the head of Petalling Street, Kuala Lumpur to this very day. Therefore, it was a simple task for the British to place different types of Chinese in different locale e.g. Hokkiens, Teochews and Cantonese in towns. The Hakkas in mining areas like Ipoh ans British North Borneo. The Foochows in Sarawak and the Dindings, Perak. The Hainanese were placed in the catering trade for the British clubs, plantations and mines. They also monpolised the ice trade and china-towns lodging houses and coffee shops. Under the British rule, all Government forms required the Chinese to DECLARE THEIR DIALECT. The DAP is now dominated by Hainanese BACs or born again christians.and some Hakkas. It pays for the non-Chinese to have an insight into the sort of Chinese they deal with especially in politics and business to avoid unexpected pitfalls. One ex-British Protector, Victor Purcell made a career out of his studies and experiences dealing with these inscrutable Chinese who claimed to be from a 5,000 year old civilization. He became a don at Cambridge. Vide. Purcell. ” The Chinese in Malaya “. A classic. HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson. designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom..

    1. For a Chinese, it is possible to differentiate the physical characteristics of each clan of Chinese. I can do so to a certain extent coupled with their indisputable behavioral characteristics. Take the case of Hannah Yeoh. A Hainanese. First, the surname. She hides behind a christian name. Her Chinese name will expose her as a Hainanese. Her flat face and loquacious eyes are other characteristics. To top off, her zany suggestions on the establishment of a nursery, stop building condos to stop traffic jams, anti-bottom pinching Bill etc coupled with zany dress outfits show her mentality in 4D. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth.. The British with their great knowledge of the inscrutable Chinese sic Hainanese can tell us why ? HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom A few years ago in New Zealand, a judge said that the Chinese all looked the same to him ! I don’t blame him till he got hit by one chinaman !

      1. My humble apologies for a typo error. The sentence should read’ her zany suggestions on the establishment of a nursery in the Dewan Rakyat.’. Teo Nie Cheng is another Hainanese with a flat face and loquacious eyes. Teo is a common Hainanese surname. In my life, I only met one, a lady, who proudly told me she was a Hainanese. For this she has my respects. I also met many successful Hainanese who behaved normally and impeccably. To them they also have my respects. HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  2. Will the 95% Chinese who are Atheists, Taoists, Buddhists, Confucianists etc be happy and willing to be led by the nose by a bunch of anti-Chinese culture and beliefs neophytes whose religion only appeared in our beloved Malaysia in 1975?. It was exploited by a crooked Chinese tycoon for money laundering and control over his banking staff. when he discovered a quirk in the Federal legislation governing places of worship. That RM 2 incorporated places of worship were TAX FREE ! Thereafter, hundreds of these TAX FREE places mushroomed in Petaling Jaya which imposed a 12% levy on their flock’s salaries. Tiny places ballooned into huge palaces ! RIGHT IN TH HEART OF TAXED AND TAXED MALAYSIA ! From here it was the sky was the limit to acquire UNTAXED AND UNTOLD WEALTH for those with a nubile mind. IS THIS FAIR TO THE CONVENTIONAL AND LONG ESTABLISHED PLACES OF WORSHIP ?. FACT. My illiterate sister-in-law who was a hair- rinser in a Jalan Imbi salon established her own RM 2 CHURCH. She made millions of ringgits which were invested in the Marble Arch area of London and made more in pounds sterling. She died young. Her CHURCH BUSINESS is now with her daughter who is making more TAX FREE MONEY FROM HER FLOCK ! My cousin the head of a temple of worship rides around in a golden Mercedes S long wheel based driven by a chauffeur ! There should be a RCI to review why a tiny minority live with so much WEALTH in a TAX FREE HAVEN which is not provided by the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans.? At least, IT IS TIME TO FIND OUT WHY THIS STRANGE RELIGIOUS PHENOMENON OF BACs or born again christians EXISTS IN MALAYSIA EVEN JAPAN HAS FOUND IT IS AN ANOMALY AND A THREAT TO THEIR SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST ! . Religion was used by the British in India, Africa and China to pacify the natives. This Policy failed to make any headway because EACH INDIGENOUS TRIBE FOUND THE RELIGION THREATEN TO WEAKEN THEIR RESOLVE TO EXIST AS A TRIBE OR NATION ! The Portuguese and the Spanish used their religion as a sword to force the natives to submit to their conquests in South America, Asia and Africa. HENCE, THE WISE JAPANESE YOSHIDA GOVERNMENT REALIZED EARLY ON THAT THE UNIFICATION CHURCH IS A THREAT TO JAPAN’S SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST and the Japanese Throne.. It is time other countries wake up as well like Singapore ! Ho hum, Malaysia ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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