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DAP synonymous with ‘Saving M’sia’ schizophrenia

DAP is again accusing Najib and Umno of being ‘corrupt’, this time over the littoral combat ship (LCS) contract.

If Najib and Umno are so corrupt, then why is DAP repeatedly batting its eyelashes begging to get into bed together?

Only last week, DAP sec-gen Anthony Loke said his party was willing to work with Umno.

And it was only last month (mid July) when Kit Siang once more declared that he was prepared to work with Najib.

In October 2020, Kit Siang had also expressed his willingness to work with Najib to save Malaysia. Or was that fake news? — see tweet below.

In July 2017, DAP said it would work with Mahathir to save Malaysia — see below Gobind Singh Deo’s tweet (he is DAP deputy chairman).

In March 2016, Kit Siang said he would work with even Najib in order to save Malaysia.

In April 2015, Mahathir said he was not willing to work with DAP even to save Malaysia from Najib, snubbing the advances made by DAP.

However, DAP obviously succeeded in persuading Mahathir to change his mind for GE14.

This week, Kit Siang implied that Najib is the hidden hand behind LCS.

When the Harapan government fell, Mahathir accused Najib of being behind the Sheraton Move — see BFM News on 11 March 2020.

Below is a historic photograph of the Sheraton Movers. Where is Najib hiding? Hidden behind the curtains?

DAP and Mahathir are a slithery pair and perfect for each other.


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4 thoughts on “DAP synonymous with ‘Saving M’sia’ schizophrenia

  1. Is our beloved Malaysia willing to be saved ? HASTA la VISTA. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

  2. Do we Malaysians after 65 years of Merdeka understand the difference between FREEDOM DEMOCRACY and MONEY DEMOCRACY which will destroy us all and all which we have achieved and our famous penchant for neglecting our Sovereignty and National Interest always? HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  3. It was President Soekarno who inspired Freedom in South East Asia in 1945. It was Indonesia which beat the Dutch with their ultimate sacrifice which eventually drove the Dutch out of Indonesia by 1947 ! The heroics of President Soekarno are seldom known in these parts as exceptional. But against a background of hundreds of years of colonialism from the Dutch to the Japanese, his feats in defeating the Dutch were exceptional. It was only a couple of years ago, the Dutch returned to seek forgiveness which showed how badly President Soekarno beat up the Dutch without any external aid. ! He was a great World Leader whose mark is still evident in Indonesia today ! I had a short wave radio which I could listen to the messages between military units in those tumultuous days.from across the narrow Straits.from where Peace and Freedom reigned to this day !

  4. As a long time observer of our beloved Nation’s political scenario and a Constitutionalist since 1954, I fail to see a President Soekarno type amongst the DAP neophytes or BACs, born again christians. I can only see that the whole lot of DAPs put on a lot of weight since 2008. I advise them to check their blood pressure as hypertension is a silent killer.! Recently, I lost 2 good lady friends at 70 and 50 respectively suddenly at the height of their productive age. HASTA la VISTA, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom..

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