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Best of the Best award: DAP clown show

Henry Kissinger, the great guru of geopolitics, has a new book titled Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy.

The six leaders whom Kissinger profiles are Charles de Gaulle, Richard Nixon, Anwar Sadat, Lee Kuan Yew, Konrad Adenauer and Margaret Thatcher. These are very big names; the five men and one woman were game changers in international politics.

Of the named leaders, the one closest to us geographically – i.e. Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) –created a powerhouse city-state through “the strategy of excellence” (meritocracy), according to Kissinger.

Singapore’s meteoric rise against the odds is a success story dear to the heart of the enterprising Chinese ethnic minority living here in Malaysia. Note also that the name of ‘Mahathir’ is a byword for the antithesis of meritocratic practice.

Kissinger personally knew the six leaders and outlived them all — de Gaulle died in 1970 aged 80, Nixon died in 1994 aged 81 and Thatcher died in 2013 aged 87. Adenauer and LKY died both at age 91 in 1967 and 2015 respectively while Sadat was assassinated in 1981 (he was 63 years old).

BELOW: Mahathir treated the Harapan manifesto like toilet paper, deservingly

The 99-year-old Kissinger, however, does not place our 97-year-old Mahathir in any pantheon of transformational world statesmen. Neither would most people except the Perkasa crowd and deluded Dapsters.

Celebrating the anniversary of our tiny neighbour’s Independence from Malaysia, an op-ed in Singapore digital paper Today last week on Aug 9 recalled that at the time of their emancipation (1965), “Mr Lee had the optimistic vision, which he articulated to his cabinet colleagues:

‘The picture of a prosperous and flourishing Singapore doing better than the rest of Malaysia is most attractive’.”

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh last month declared that Mahathir is “respected by others around the world”

Malaysian Chinese who are great fans of meritocracy admire LKY and look up to Singapore.

Therefore Cina DAP would surely be chuffed to hear Kissinger’s glowing appraisal of LKY.

Asked by Bloomberg in a July 20 interview how the leaders portrayed in his book would fare in today’s world, “Kissinger said Singapore’s Lee would be the best of the six to serve as US president, if such a thing were possible”.

High praise indeed. Kissinger thinks LKY would have been the man most capable of ‘saving’ the currently dysfunctional USA.

So how do we reconcile Cina DAP admiration for LKY (i.e. reflecting what they feel) with their licking Mahathir’s feet (i.e. how they actually acted from 2018 to 2020). And some DAP leaders are still the old man’s pet poodles.

The behaviour of DAP’s sycophant leadership and their most Bersih supporters looking to Mahathir as a saviour is splendidly schizophrenic .

In mid-2019 when Mahathir was PM2.0, Hannah Yeoh gushed (see above) her eternal gratitude to the Harapan chairman for the “chance of giving us a new Malaysia”.

How did that work out, DAP?

The evangelical party helped to install Mahathir as prime minister for a second time when he was then 93 years old.

As a nonagenarian, he already had a long track record which any thinking person can evaluate, but still DAP managed to con zombie Chinese into believing that Mahathir would work with the evangelical party to save Malaysia.

In a more bizarre twist to the Dapster schizophrenia, Mahathir had, in March 2019 – roughly four months before @hannahyeoh’s glorifying tweet reproduced above – said in an interview that he needed to save Malaysia from China! See below.

(You know … “the Motherland”.) Hahahahaha

It all ultimately ended with Mahathir saving Malaysia from the DAP — a party supported by 95 percent Chinese voters.

Speaking to the BN convention on June 1 this year, PM Ismail Sabri told his PWTC audience that Harapan’s 22-month rule had been “a nightmare” for our country.

It was. Yet at the same time, the relatively short period of Harapan at the pinnacle of power also provided comedy gold.

The sight of all those DAP leaders sucking up to Mahathir was priceless!

DAP’s foot fetish (kissing those ancient toes) is something you simply cannot unsee. Black humour at its best.


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2 thoughts on “Best of the Best award: DAP clown show

  1. Lee Kuan Yew is the Founding Father of Modern Singapore circa 1965. Sir Stamford Raffles was the Founder of Singapore in 1891

  2. Many Malaysian Chinese stand in awe at the mention of Lee Kuan Yew as his method of brainwashing others was purported to be advised by the best from the West (Israel) via his humongous Ministry of Information.. Aided by the Chinese love for high achievements in the academia. The Malaysian Chinese media blew with the wind. My cousin, Tan Sr Dr Too Chee Chiu or C.C.Too who was not a Hainanese but a Cantonese told me once when I asked for his opinion on Lee Kuan Yew,in the 1960s, ‘ He is a thug’. was his curt reply. C.C. Too was the most senior Chinese Adviser on Counter-Insurgency to the Federal Government. Also, I asked my sister who was a contemporary of Tun Abdul Razak,, Lee Kuan Yew, his wife, Tun Hamdan, Gabenor, Pulau Pinang, Dr Goh Keng Swee and many others what she thought of Lee Kuan Yew. She said ‘He was brash and always wanted the limelight and be the Number One in Raffles College !’ In 1956, Lee Kuan Yew was in Chief Minister David Marshall’s delegation to Whitehall on the future of self-government for Singapore. He came up to the University as the guest of the joint Malaya-Singapore Association which was held at the University Arms Hotel. I saw him dressed in a tuxedo with a tall glass of beer leaning against the long bar. He asked me,’ Are you George’s brother ?’ I replied,’Yes!’ That was all the conversation between us. In the 1990s, there were 2 family wedding dinners with the prospect of sitting next to Lee Kuan Yew, I politely did not attend.
    Singapore to-day has lost Lee Kuan Yew’s solid iron-cast Legacy designed for the survival and sustainability of Singapore. Man proposes. God disposes. Overnight, the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War destroyed his Legacy beyond repair. Recently, Singapore’s Prime Minister said.’ We have to plan for the next 50 years and beyond! ‘ This confirmed. The World has now entered a New Era of Superpower conflict in a new dimension with tiny Singapore out of sync with NOTHING strategic as a bargaining chip unlike the Cold War 1948-1989 when Lee Kuan Yew could extract from Uncle Sam in 1962 an iron-cast guarantee for Lee Kuan Yew;s PLAN B to exit Malaysia in 1965 and make money with Uncle Sam;s blessing by doing the Cold War Trades. THIS WAS THE CAT’S WHISKERS OF SINGAPORE’S WEALTH TO PUSH HER WITHOUT EFFORT TO BE A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY BY THE 21ST CENTURY. Only Uncle Sam or Heaven could have done this ! This was yesterday but today is today ! With the scintillating wealth from the Cold War, the Singapore Government engaged the services of an UN Dutch economist in 1962 who visited Singapore twice a year with his wife. All the glittering structures, Bedok Reclamation, Changi Airport, Jurong Industrial Park, etc were due to his advice and supervision 1962-1984. In 2014, a tiny lane was reluctantly named after him, Dr Albert Winsemius.who was rewarded with 2 medals only one of which was gold and 2 pieces of parchment paper.
    The facts show the failure of Lee Kuan Yew’s Policles – 47 of them. First, his Policy towards Malaysia. Second, his 1972, 2 Child Family Policy. Third, the Thaksin Purchase. Fourth, many pundits alleged the Singapore Judiciary System does not reflect the ultimate glory of a Double First Cambridge Law graduate. Fifth, it was alleged his ex-policeman brother had a quota of 2,000 pigs imported daily from 1997. whilst another could turn a paper license into over RM 1 Billion by selling it to a naive Malaysian bank.etc.etc. Sixth, his penchant for meritocracy based on Oxbridge and the Ivy League which was scrapped in 2013. etc.etc. One thing is certain, Lee Kuan Yew was not corrupt even though the pedestrian good Dr Albert Winsemius could have been a CIA agent to keep a baleful eye on the huge wealth garnered by Singapore in the Cold War 1948 to 1989. Lee Kuan Yew did not let the Americans down. With the arrival of Covid-19 and the Ukraine War, 2020 – 2022, the curtain falls on tiny Singapore’s World’s Best Opera.Lee Kuan Yew’s Saga. – the First Part. The Second Part began with the Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Speech in Rwanda, June/July 2022. ‘ A New Era has begun. Be prepared for crises.’. An ambitious Icarus failed to reach the Sun? . For the curious, did you ever ask yourselves why LEE KUAN YEW WAS NOT LAUDED BY THE UNITED NATIONS AS THE PARAGON FOR THIRD WORLD NATIONS TO EMULATE OR WHY HE WAS NOT AWARDED THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE ? Hasta la Vista baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex- Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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