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Trump rockin’ the USA

Potus-45 took out the Bush, Clinton and Cheney political dynasties.

The Donald rocks!

In this video montage below shared by his son on Twitter, the former, rightful and future president is clipped dancing to the chorus of a classic rock song that goes “em>Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey Hey Goodbye” — sending off Liz daughter of warmonger Cheney in her departure from Congress.


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One thought on “Trump rockin’ the USA

  1. My favourite Presidents are Truman and Nixon. The US Democrats bungled in Afghanistan and Ukraine and doing their best to stop the slide into ignominy by blaming others for the gigantic bungle sponsored by Democrat Clinton in a speech in 1992 being Uncle Sam’s generous spiel, ‘Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ The Americans were naive towards their former enemies Russia and China. Both behemoth authoritarian States. The damage has been done. The World now suffers from the US oversight..Tiny Singapore the creation of Uncle Sam because of the Cold War 1948-1989 got squeezed and forgotten thereafter. But the potential problems of Singapore Post-Cold War were papered over with smoke, broken mirrors and whistles, 1990-2019 by Singapore’s humongous Ministry of Information, the best and biggest in South East Asia but second best to the US. The arrival of the Covid-19 and the Ukraine War in 2020 and 2022 respectively, stripped Singapore completely naked as confirmed by Singapore’s Prime Minister’s 2 recent statements. His forthcoming speech on Singapore’s future will provide more insights.And the hiatus between the Democrat White House and the Singapore Prime Minister is evident unlike the Lee Kuan Yew days when the White House was as familiar as 38, Oxley Road, Singapore. Singapore now has no Super Power backer because she is no longer a bargaining chip during these days of the Net, Drones and weapons.One thing for certain, the lush profits of the Cold War Trades 1948-1989 for Singapore is now but a ‘Pipe Dream.’ Plus the difficulty of serving 2 masters, China and the US ! Singapore is now in a ‘balls out’ situation as the British always say in a crisis. Unlike the Lee Kuan Yew days, Singapore now controls NOTHING, not even the 20 million Chinese of South East Asia ! All that is left for Singapore is the WEALTH from the Cold War Trades 1948-1989. As for President Trump 2.0, he always deal in big strokes in an expansive way. To him, Singapore is just Hollywood’s Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamar version of his Florida Mar-A-Largo.- A tiny tropical isle of natives ! To keep themselves busy, the Singaporeans have been telling the World, they are in the forefront in the fight against Climate Change. It is logical because if the sea kept on rising, the sea will reclaim Singapore again. My suggestion for Singapore’s SURVIVAL and SUSTAINABILITY ? Confederate with the United Kingdom or get more FREE GIFTS FROM MALAYSIA ! Any more left ? HASTA la VISTA, baby !. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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