Opposition politics: Indians, Chinese beginning to diverge

Malaysiakini columnists Gunasegaram and Thayaparan questioned the DAP’s willingness to work with Umno in their recent back-to-back articles.

This increasing intent to cooperate with Umno has been articulated by Chinese movers and shakers in the opposition.

Doing damage control for DAP is the party Indian Hindu politician who is Penang’s forever third fiddle, i.e. DCM (II) Ramasamy — see his FMT op-ed below.

Unlike the Chinese electorate, Indian voter support for DAP never quite reached the dizzying height of 95 percent. What this means is that whereas the Malaysian Chinese are locked in a ‘hive mind’ of collective thinking, the Indian community more thankfully enjoys a greater diversity of political opinions.

Ramasamy tackles the question “Can DAP work with Umno?”

The answer is simple and straightforward: If they can work with Mahathir, they (Cina DAP) can work with anybody.

But Indians here (just sayin’) have no need to be as pathetic as the Chinese who lurch mindlessly from their one anointed Malay saviour to another — from Anwar … to Mahathir … to Nurul … to Syed Saddiq … to Rafizi …

Nonetheless Indians should still clear the air by asking the DAP’s selendang-wearing (poster below) BACs – such as Hannah Yeoh – whether the evangelical party intends to hook-up with Umno after GE15.

The reason Indians need to do this – seek clarification – is because DAP is heralded as the voice of the Chinese, and a DAP-Umno combination will make for inclusivity of both Chinese and Malays in government.

Meanwhile nobody ever bothers to ask the Indians what they want!


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2 thoughts on “Opposition politics: Indians, Chinese beginning to diverge

  1. Of course, we must expect the Indians and the Chinese to diverge given time. Once communal politics gives way to political beliefs and arguments. In fact, we should expect the schism between the Indians who are Hindus and the born again christians who only look like Chinese but do not represent the 95% Chinese and are NOT Chinese inside.. The centuries old Chinese beliefs,culture and traditional practices have been cast aside by the BACs or born again christians long ago.They are empty of things Chinese. The Indians have NOT cast aside theirs. Those Indians with western names are not Hindus who are in the majority in Malaysia and Mother India…Therefore, we must not be mistaken that ‘Indians’ support the DAP. This is far from the truth ! In fact, the BACs or born again christians are incapable of representing any one in Malaysia except themselves ( only 500,000 out of a population of 32 millions ) who are empty of things Chinese. If the 95% Chinese still vote for the BACs or born again christians, the whole lot should have their heads examined by a head shrinker from Woodbridge, Singapore ! See the tremendous LEVERAGE the BACs or born again christians have by capturing the DAP from Lee Kuan Yew. They could not make an iota of political space in Singapore. But in Malaysia, the naive 95% Chinese thought the BACs are tiny honest versions of Lee Kuan Yew. Time these be-fudged 95% Chinese wake up en mass ! I have always said the 95% Chinese are not stupid like their Malaysian compatriots. The BACs are on the downtrend after riding the crest of the wave with TDM. Being demagogic they just could not hang on and were thrown out seamlessly. They failed to out think and out manoeuver TDM ! It’s a FACT. All those nice photos should now be in the dust bin. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson, designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    1. In our beloved Malaysia, communal politics hold strong. So how a person who looks like a Chinese but NOT A CHINESE INSIDE con others that he or she is the person to represent the 95% Chinese ? Don’t be stupid 95% Chinese ! Be Chinese, and vote any other Party but the BACs or born again christians controlled.DAP ! Even squeaky clean Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore or Japan does not want them because they actually don’t exist ! Japan found to their horror 100 lawmakers infected with the Unification Church Syndrome. HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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