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Sam Harris is the American Bangsar Bubble-ian

The last 36 hours saw the Anglosphere commentariat weighing in on Sam Harris’ viral ‘corpses’ in the basement remarks. 

Sam Harris’ meltdown has also been covered by some big and other less prominent news channels.

Sam Harris believes his opponents lack integrity

Lauren Chen curates a few relevant clips showing how Sam Harris is really a lemming.

Sam Harris is a navel-gazing virtue signaler who can be relied upon to join the mob attack on anybody not aligned with the woke groupthink.

According to Lauren, Sam Harris is quick to judge others when it is really he himself who is the “slimy”, and “unprincipled” poseur — video below.

Self-conscious preener Sam Harris is not someone able to withstand leftist peer pressure. He is a popularity seeker who just wants in with the ‘virtuous’ crowd. Therefore he is typical of those living in the Bangsar Bubble.

Democrats are not at all democratic

For Tim Pool, the epic display of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is Sam Harris going “full fascist” — video below.

Those who like to posture as democratic are in reality the totalitarians, i.e. when they accuse the other side, three fingers are pointing back at themselves.

According to Tim, Sam Harris is “an authoritarian who would use, by any means necessary, powers to crush people he doesn’t like” (timestamp: minute six).

Sam Harris gave the game away

A good take comes from Ben Shapiro – video below – on how this stream of consciousness by Sam Harris is saying aloud the veiled core of the Never Trumper credo.

Sam Harris embodies the ‘Must-Win-At-All-Cost’ school of thought. To Ben, such an approach (i.e. what Sam  Harris characterized as the “continuum” of permissible action one is allowed to undertake) is beyond sliding down a slippery slope.

Sam Harris likens the reelection of Donald Trump to a world-ending cataclysm akin to an asteroid slamming into planet Earth. To the Democratic Party, Orange Man is literally Hitler.

Therefore pulling out all the stops to derail Trump is justified as averting the most existential threat to humanity. “Save the World”, muh.

From the rest of the English-speaking literati — Carl Benjamin in the UK features a ‘Sam Harris is deranged’ podcast while Prof. Gad Saad in Canada says that Sam Harris is “pathological” in his hatred of Trump.

Avi Yemeni in Australia reveals that he has just been blocked by Sam Harris on Twitter. Typical Dapster … to silence one’s critics by deplatforming.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Sam Harris is the American Bangsar Bubble-ian

  1. When we deal with Western media especially American, we must be cautious on the origin of these commentators so that we know why certain statements are made. For example, Shapiro, Avi Yemeni are Jewish names. Sam Harris looks Jewish. The American media is heavily dominated and owned by the Jews. The Irish come up second best followed by the Italians. Hence, Trump went out of his way to cuddled up to Netyanyahu. The American Jews dominate the media, textile (with the Shanghainese), the film industry, finance, academia, fine arts, property, etc. There are more Jews in America than Israel. Clinton’s and Trump’s son-in-laws are Jews.

    1. Uncle,

      (1) Ben Shapiro is an orthodox Jew, an alumnus of Harvard Law School and founder of the Daily Wire organization.

      (2) Avi Yemeni is Jewish and a correspondent for Rebel News.

      (3) Sam Harris has a Jewish mother but he does not practise Judaism. He is an atheist.

      1. I first met a Jewish Pole 8 years old up in the high Himalayas, Mussoorie, the Convent of Jesus & Mary ! He told me, ‘ I am Paul.’ I told him ‘I am Ronald.’ after the popular Hollywood actor Ronald Colman in the 1930s/40s.. Today I wonder what a Jewish Pole was doing up in the High Himalayas in 1943 when World War II began on 1 September 1939 ? In 1953/54 I lodged with an elderly Jewish German couple in North London which cost me 5 pounds sterling a week. My bed was in the lounge where there was a piano. A fellow Jewish house mate, a music student, used to play Chopin’s works. I appreciated classical music from then on.. As soon as I passed my exam, I scooted back to Central London because the sad couple was quite strict on the use of their common bathroom ! The only adverse comment about the Chinese during my stay in England came from a East Londoner barber who was Jewish. He made an insulting comment about Chinese females whilst shaving me. I never went back. But generally the Jews in England were helpful and sympathetic to me. At exams and play, I beat them and they beat me. Their character because of years of suppression was prickly like that of a durian. I have met them from blonde to black Jews. I can spot a Jew a mile away. The only Malaysian who could do so. I had a good laugh when a Malaysian was associated with a Jew for years and did not know it.! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !. She was paid off with her own stolen 1MDB money ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Smart ! This showed we Malaysians are still peasants ! In the 1960s, there was a Jewish optician and a couple of Jewish professionals in KL I knew them all. .Now only that boudoir philanderer from GS since long gone in 2018 ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

        1. We Malaysians have still got to learn about the ways how the West go about their business via old school ties, secret lodges, clubs, etc whether in the Public or Private.arena. Right up to today, most Malaysians are gullible and naive. Take the case of how a fat young boy with no merit could create a situation which nearly brought down a Kingdom. See how a tiny isle with no human or natural resources could suck out all the goodies they wanted free of charge and Malaysia paid for these free gifts ex-delivery obligingly. . May be there are only 2 goodies left and soon will be gone if we are not careful and become poor forever ! The reason for this lack of self-defense against a cunning foreigner is simple. Malaysians have been quite fortunate so far in respect of everything e.g. the climate, the bountiful resources, the hard working people etc. These foreigners come from desolate places. Desolate of money and natural resources. As a result, avaricious foreigners took advantage of our traditional hospitality and friendliness. And before we could kiss and say good-bye, all our precious were gone in a jiffy. Not only that, these ungrateful types even published a book to tell the World how clever they were versus the Malaysians who lost the rocks to them after owning them for thousands of years.whilst they were founded only in 1819 ! To rub salt into the wound, the head of this jolly team was an ex-Ipoh man who looked for greener pastures after the tin ore ran out ! In gratitude, this smart fellow is now a Patron of the Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society where historical documents are kept and confirmed the rocks were owned by Malaysia since the time of Adam and Eve ! ‘ Something is wrong somewhere’ was what an UMNO warlord responded when he found out that I was not ennobled. With these words he moved to the next table and bussed a lady of a certain age on both powdered cheeks. His Singaporean banker ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  2. Whilst it is good we have an open mind about World affairs, America and the Jews, it is good also to be aware of our standing now and the future in this turbulent World where sometimes civilized men or women lose their senses and engaged in bitter wars of attrition like what happens now in Ukraine. As we Malaysians live in one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, on certain occasions like now, it pays to follow what our neighbors may do or think in the face of crises .I have always respected the views of my peers. By this manner, I saved myself from many pitfalls which I could not see but they could, being the more experienced. On this score, I thought the Singapore’s Prime Minister’s speech to his Nation was full of insights of his view of the World in relation to tiny Singapore which has no human or natural resources. And now caught completely naked after decades of the First World life-style ! Here are his highlights of his insights. First. ‘around us a storm is gathering.’ Second, US-China relations are worsening. Third,Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has profound implications for the World.and Singapore. Fourth, war in Europe will affect Regional the Asia-Pacific.Fifth, Singapore has launched a Long Term Plan Review. Finally, reality forced him to call for the enhancement of talent, domestic and foreign ! As for our beloved Malaysia, FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. Let us all hope after the forthcoming 15th GE, a normal Leader will lead us again as one of the 4 most important countries of the World. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  3. Why ?
    Even among my many college buddies here and there
    “Jewsphobias” crept in …. even before any discussion started about America
    Trump can run
    Trump can never win , just like before
    That Trump America ship had sunk long ago
    There is only the ghost ship around still

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