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Ubah: How Najib, Guan Eng swapped places

There is an asymmetry to Najib and Guan Eng naik turun mahkamah. There is however a symmetry to their judicial ‘fortunes’ on the political calendar.

Harapan won the general election on 9 May 2018.

Najib was first charged in court on 4 July 2018, coinciding with the American Independence Day.

Najib had been arrested the day before on July 3.

The authorities made their move on Najib in less than four months (three months, 23 days) after Harapan‘s arrival at Putrajaya.

Guan Eng was discharged of his corruption changes on 2 Sept 2018.

The DAP chairman was released from his bungalow-Gate court cases exactly two months after the Umno ex-president was shackled with his 1MDB court cases.

Guan Eng accepted an appointment as a Mahathir 2.0 cabinet minister even though at the time, his case was still in court.

For many decades, Dapsters had believed that DAP would swiftly put Mahathir on trial should the opposition come to power. How easily the Chinese are fooled …


When BN was in power, Guan Eng was facing charges.

After Harapan grabbed power, Guan Eng was freed of his charges.

Following Harapan’s loss of power in March 2020, Guan Eng was charged again – relating to a different corruption offence – on 7 Aug 2020.



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One thought on “Ubah: How Najib, Guan Eng swapped places

  1. I do not understand why these SCIONS of respectable political DYNASTIES of the PRIVILEGED CLASS, committed such crimes to be charged in court and brought to trial. How can it be ? Did’nt these privileged boys were brought up in cosy homes, well-fed, doted on by their famous fathers, given a pukka education and seamlessly inserted into the very top jobs of the Nation with duties and responsibilities ? TO A MAN, WITHOUT REMORSE, THEY ALL DENIED ANY WRONG DOING.! If their fathers had whacked them when young, such brash wrong-doings might not have taken place at our expense. .As TDM said yesterday, ‘ Some have no shame !’ Or like his BACs or born again christian boot lickers. Why people in high places sank so low as to steal money brashly from Public coffers. Certainly, they are not stupid because in one day by stealing, they are multimillionaires whilst those who are honest may take a lifetime to make RM 1 million. So, who are really stupid ? No. We can not equate thieves with the majority in any society. Or else, we as Malaysians are no better than any 4-legged animal. Yet, in France, Taiwan and South Korea, Israel etc we see the parade of Presidents or Prime Ministers going to jail. Such is Humanity.when exposed to temptations at a moment of weakness. I had the opportunity to cheat my brothers and grabbed their share of the fortune. I did not even think of it. If I did, I would probably be pushing up the daisies. ( a phrase from my Senior Tutor ).long ago. The flip side of my stupidity was all the top tycoons of Singapore befriended me because they found out from their fertilizer suppliers that I never demanded a commission. It’s a small World. In another scenario, I caught my Jewish suppliers short. They invited me out to sea in a yacht in Singapore. I told them I do not sue debtors. But please return what was due in time. All repaid but some not 100%. That’s business.Rich men’s sons failed ? Let us have a lady Prime Minister who would be NORMAL and PROFESSIONAL especially no trips to the latest fad, ISTANBUL to inspect Malaysian investments like IHH Berhad ! HASTA la VISTA baby !. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I am exceedingly happy !

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