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Comparing the Najib, Guan Eng ecosystems

UPDATE: Najib’s conviction is upheld by the Federal Court and his jail sentence begins today.

My thoughts: I hope Guan Eng’s hearings are expedited.


Uneasy social undercurrents are rippling as Najib is facing jail (sooner) and Guan Eng too (probably, later).

Najib Derangement Syndrome is now peaking among Dapsters anticipating the final court verdict on PM6.

Najib / Guan Eng supporters

(1)  Those who physically show up at the court house and public rallies

(2) Fans and well wishers on social media

(3) Party apparatchiks and machinery

(4) Fellow politicians

How they stack up

The following is my assessment. I could be wrong. You’re free to disagree.

(1) I’m not sure but I’m adjudging that Najib and Guan Eng might possibly be just about near even here, i.e. it’s a draw. We’re talking levels of public support over their respective court cases. What do you think?

(2) Both Najib and Guan Eng are active on social media.

As a biased cat lady, I’d give this one to Najib. I love dogs too but I don’t see that any dog person would necessarily be partial to Guan Eng.

Some may think that Najib is a ‘kleptocrat’ but you gotta admit he has the easy personal charm born of noblesse oblige.

Guan Eng, on the other hand, is utterly charmless.

I’d compare Lim Jr with Tajuddin Pasir Salak who recently said some of the DAP women MPs have “mulut jahat”. (For the record, I agree wholeheartedly with the Umno YB-from-Perak’s opinion of the mouthy DAP female evangelist MPs.)

I’d also venture to say that Guan Eng has less grace than even Azeeeez Baling who at least displays a sense of humour — he spoke Tamil to an agitated elephant to calm it down.

(3) Guan Eng wins this one. RBA are incomparably vicious and the DAP machinery is well oiled. Umno is not united and its cybertroopers are engaging in friendly fire.

Results of the match so far … (1) a tie, (2) win to Najib, (3) win to Guan Eng.

We come to (4). Is Najib getting more support from his fellow politicians in Umno-BN or is Guan Eng getting more support from his fellow politicians in DAP-Harapan?

Tough call.

Najib polarises Umno. Guan Eng polarises DAP but to a much lesser extent because the evangelical party is totalitarian.

Kit Siang adds to the Chinese support for his son. Rosmah detracts from the Malay support for her husband.

I’d have to grudgingly say (4) is another win for Guan Eng. Please don’t shoot me. I’m a BN voter!



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4 thoughts on “Comparing the Najib, Guan Eng ecosystems

  1. FAQ ? I hope to fill in some gaps in your comprehensive comment on the 2 Scions of famous Malaysian Political Dynasties.being Bossku and Junior. First, Bossku’s core Power in UMNO is alleged to be his control of 40 Division Chiefs out of 70. A few years ago, I had the privilege to join one of his Division Chiefs for tea at the Yaohan Hotel. I was pleasantly amused to note the Chief and his driver sitting side by side enjoying their RM 25 club sandwich and Earl Grey tea. Second, Junior’s gambit was that he put his cards on the BACs or born again christians after the demise of Lee Kuan Yew and the crumbling support of the aging Chinese chauvinists..That was Junior’s belief in winning at General Elections in a Muslim majority country. It is my belief that political talent is not genetically transferable from father to son. It has to be earned like any other professional Hence, the sons do bungle big time like in business. These 2 scions are good examples of what might go wrong when they are surrounded by false friends exactly like in a business. History is only repeating itself. If Bossku’s Appeal is dismissed, rest assured the whole cohort will join him. If he is pardoned, CAN HE BE THE ONLY ONE ? As TDM said, ‘ It’s complicated.!’.In his National Day speech recently, Singapore’s Prime Minister forewarned that the future of Singapore depends on its Leadership. I note one Singapore Government Minister was trained by Malaysia. With Malaysian talents, he was parachuted directly into the PMO.. HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  2. Why the scions of the rich and powerful Political Dynasties committed felony when already at the top of the heap ? Why the rich and ennobled with many wives also committed huge felonies in their old age ? Why this ? And why that ? All these miscreants are first Gen urban folk emerging from an agrarian society with age old traditions. We have never heard about Dr Freud in our beloved Malaysia at all being not simple minded or simpletons. There must be hundreds of qualified psychiatrists or psychologists outside of Malaysia, hankering to provide services in our beloved Malaysia now over-populated by ‘Dr Freud on their minds’ types in the top privileged class with no recourse to proper treatment. They will certainly tell us that the root cause of these Dr Freud types were the pampering and doting on these spoiled brats who could do no wrong being male brats. Because of the utter lack of proper up-bringing, all these spoiled brats thought they owned the World and could do anything without REMORSE and never say sorry ! If their famous fathers had whacked their backsides, our beloved Malaysia would be such a lovely place today. I bet my bottom ringgit a psychiatrist or psychologist would recommend corporal punishment for spoiled brats which would turn them into NORMAL adults in Life ! But the sad results of bad upbringing are for all to see today ! All my rich brothers thought they did nothing wrong by NOT WORKING FOR A LIFETIME ! Malaysia will be a rich harvest for the psychiatrist or psychologist. My grand-daughter is taking up this profession due to the fact that Politics, and NGOs with fakes, are now fully overcrowded by aspirants and there are 30,000+ lawyers and 20,000+ doctors on call. Who says there are no opportunities in Malaysia ?.HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    1. How many Malaysians noticed that Psychiatry and Psychology is a serious profession in developed countries ? The West has recognized this malady for many years. But Asians still refused to admit that their progeny have turned ‘psycho’ or ‘cuckoo’ or ‘amok’ because of the social stigma connected with ‘Madness’ which may appear in different degree of severity or forms.! In other words, who wants to marry into a ‘MAD’ family in Asia for the fear of producing ‘cuckoo’ children especially the Chinese ? As a result, one wonders how many ‘cuckoo’ personalities are in the Malaysian Political or Professional arena today ? Your guess is as good as mine ! I know of a few. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

      1. FAQ. In my own family, I observed that at least 4-5 of my close relatives require psychiatric help. Amongst my friends, 10% of whom have children who need special attention. This is a serious problem which has been swept under the carpet for too long. Until these disadvantaged persons are recognized and accepted by our Society, then we can rightfully call Malaysia a developed country. We must sweep away the cobweb in our minds. HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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