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My contemplation as a BN voter on Najib’s jailing

I’m saddened.

Whatever one feels about Najib’s guilt, he is our former prime minister. That an ex-PM would be sitting in jail is saddening although this sentiment is not to disrespect the verdict of the court.

Also Najib is the son of Tun Razak and the beautiful Tun Rahah. I feel sorry too for the dignity of his illustrious family.

I do sure hope that Najib’s cats will have good caretakers to look after them during this period of separation from their owner.

Two political tribes at war

The evangelical party and Dapsters have reacted true to bloodthirsty form.

Smugness at Najib’s plight – he now being at the end of his rope – is ginning up the celebratory DAP base no end.

On the matter of Najib’s jailing, Kit Siang said (see tweet below) the “country is divided” between those who ask what’s next for the man and what’s next for Malaysia.

Typical DAP posturing. Pergi lah!

Yes, Kit Siang, our country is “divided” as you say.

We have a real race divide despite the DAP’s disingenuous denial. Response to Najib’s predicament is split along racial lines with Umno Malays on one side and the DAP’s faux ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ on the other.

We have, further, a religious divide. Response to Najib’s predicament is as well polarised according to religion, with Muslims feeling pity and DAP non-Muslim selendang fetishers visibly jubilating.

And thirdly, we have the political divide. The hatred shown toward Najib over the last decade by DAP and Dapsters is not forgotten.

Kit Siang’s vision of the future

The DAP totem answers his own question regarding what comes next for our country — see below @limkitsiang’s tweet two days ago calling for a royal commission of inquiry into the “LCS”.

LCS refers to ‘littoral combat ship’. Kit Siang points his finger at Najib for the LCS irregularities.

And since Najib is down and out for the count, it will be easier for DAP to use him as their endless corruption punching bag.

Kit Siang’s party views LCS as a government-toppling scandal 2.0.

Rubbing their hands gleefully, they want to see more people thrown in jail, that is with the sole exception of Lim Guan Eng. (Make that two exceptions, LGE and Syed Saddiq.)

Indeed, a few government-linked individuals will soon be charged over the LCS mismanagement.

Speaking to key media last weekend on the occasion of his first anniversary in office, PM Ismail Sabri warned that Harapan is using LCS as deadly ammo.

‘1MDB-Najib-bad’ was the serampang dua mata silver bullet used by DAP the last time. ‘LCS-Najib-badder’ is a reboot of Harapan’s potent political weapon.

Already the opposition leaders are loudly repeating their mantra of “save Malaysia”.

BELOW: The ‘Save Malaysia’ Squad of 2018 … Amen

DAP offering to save M’sia again

Undeniably, Najib’s conviction has set BN on the backfoot. In fact, the jailing of Najib is consequent to the negative result of GE14.

As DAP national assistant publicity secretary Hannah Yeoh recapped the course of events – see her tweet above two days ago – DAP supporters had “crossed oceans and mountains to come back to vote for a change on 9 May 2018”.

Their strong determination to ubah earned them Najib‘s scalp. In Dapster eyes, he is the very embodiment of evil.

For example, @hannahyeoh tweeted “Wicked regime” at @NajibRazak accusing him (in 2015) of putting opposition people in jail — see below.

For the record, Anwar was first sent to jail under Mahathir’s watch, and yet DAP had no qualms in making the old man their PM2.0.

Those gloating over the fate of Najib are presently perched on pious high ground because of Umno’s court cluster.

Due to the Harapan moral superiority complex, they’re at the same time blind to their own court cluster.

Always remember that the off-the-wall public hatred for Najib was hatched and egged on by DAP every step of the way.

Unfortunately BN still remains complacent and not battle ready for GE15 despite losing GE14.

As a BN voter the past two general elections, I have no intention of changing my vote. However the BN war room needs to wake up urgently if they don’t want history to repeat itself.



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5 thoughts on “My contemplation as a BN voter on Najib’s jailing

  1. I will not even contemplate. I will continue to vote BN until a better grouping appears. If the BN Leaders make a fool of themselves and become clowns of the World with the gumption they own the Earth, it is for the electorate and their supporters to throw them out – these rotten eggs. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Malaysia has become an example to the World on what can happen if there are no checks and balances like a Prime Minister was also the Minister of Finance. Whoever created this corrupt anomaly is responsible for the pains we all suffer today ? The revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, the Laws, the Administrative System etc are intact. But the digits were rotten. Once, the digits are NORMAL and rule NORMALLY, our beloved Malaysia will be up and running with her peoples and bountiful resources being one of 4 most important small countries of the World, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. So why are we sooting ourselves in the foot always ? Here are 3 examples of minions permitting the POWER of driving a common Honda CRV get to theirs heads. !. I was driving along a narrow road in Bangsar. A Chinamam in a Honda CRV deliberately squeezed me on my right. I followed him to his house nearby. 2. Another Chinaman in a Honda CRV drove into the yellow square below the Maybank HQ at the height of a traffic jam. He blocked cars in all directions. 3. Yesterday, outside the Bangsar mosque, another Chinaman in a Honda CRV who was behind me, suddenly dashed into the small space in front of me as we were queuing up at the traffic lights. Chinamen in Malaysia with a sen in their pockets have always been arrogant and boastful. THEY HAVE NOT CHANGED ! I am not surprised if they were vernacular schools educated. HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I will continue to vote BN. No contemplation by me, please !

  2. In the case of Najib’s jailing, for the Ismail Sabri’s government it is damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But looking at the news, Najib and his family looked composed and calmed. We don’t know what is going on behind the scene. But one thing for sure, the Opposition cannot say the Executive influences the Judiciary anyone. Anwar has made a statement yesterday chiding leaders who celebrating Najib’s jailing (Get off high horse, Anwar chides those celebrating Najib’s jailing, The Vibes). It remains to be seen whether the jailing of Najib will benefit the Opposition at all. It might even be beneficial for the BN.

    1. tooyid. Opposition ? What Opposition, Sir ? This Opposition PH lot with the once squeaky clean DAP being the non-Malay buffer between the 2 diametrically opposite Poles in POWER could not even hold a sen for one moment and was kicked out of POWER seamlessly (2018-2020) History will record that this PH lot were d….d fools ! All they did were to deliver tiny free gifts to Singapore as the alleged Trojan horse. HASTA la VISTA baby. Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I vote BN without contemplation !

  3. “In fact, the jailing of Najib is consequent to the negative result of GE14”. Consistent with the video below,

    1. Anonymous. I agree with you. On the one hand the PH acted in haste and on the other, DSN was a changed man when in POWER as his once closest childhood friends told me. I wanted to meet him for 2 long years via his phalanx of closest friends and associates to tell him to defend himself. NONE OF THEM HELPED HIM for fear of losing their filthy lucre. HE WAS SURROUNDED BY SELF-SERVING SYCOPHANTS.! One of his 40 Division Chiefs wanted RM 200,000 to arrange a meeting with no guarantee of success. He was the guy munching the RM 25 club sandwich with his driver. Thanks to his BOSSKU !. DSN’s father was my family friend who was at Raffles College with my sister and my peer for whom I performed a number of tasks successfully. He and YBM Tengku Razaleigh supported me to deliver Sime Darby for only RM 23 millions ( with the help of 2 Singapore corporations because in those days the Malays had no access to BIG MONEY ) to fast trek the Malays into BIG BIZ in 1975 arising out of my 1972 Concept which focused on buying up British assets at fair market prices and leave the Chinese businesses alone ! A MCA Leader called me ‘ A MALAY BUM SUCKER ! ‘ With this remark as an excuse, he cheated his own Chinese and went to jail ! Sime Darby the first GLC in the Region. But was treated like an ATM by some thereafter. Otherwise, Jaguar, Volvo, British Leyland and other World class goodies would be Malaysian etc. But it was not to be with Sime Darby now worth NOTHING ( only RM 2.40 per share when it should be RM 24 ) but a truncated version of a British trading company without the Empire Preference selling products MADE by others and NOT making things for our beloved Malaysia and the World with the Executives enjoying sky high salaries.and perks which corrupted the rest of the 300+ GLCs. SIME DARBY WAS BANKRUPTED TWICE AT RM !.2 BILLIONS IN 1997 AND RM 2.10 BILLIONS in 2010 BY THE SAME EXECUTIVES WHO WERE NOT CHARGED.. I DID NOT REALIZE MALAYSIA HAS SO MANY FAKES AND HYPOCRITES UNTIL THE BN FELLED IN 2018 ! Within the context of Politics and in the name of Sovereignty and National Interest, DSN’s case may be a travesty of Justice when other bigger crimes are overlooked ! It is still not late for Sime Darby to do proper business and stop selling the products made by others and call themselves GREAT ! Just look at Mother India post-Cold War 1948-1989 ! HASTA la VISTA baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson designate ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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