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Racist fish and rotten politicians

ABOVE: “Racist fish” — The Little Mermaid sculpture on a rock was scrawled with woke graffiti in July 2020

The mermaid bronze statue sitting in the sea off a Copenhagen pier honours the beloved fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

In the 1989 Disney cartoon musical, its mermaid princess was drawn as a white redhead.

Next summer (2023), however, Disney’s Little Mermaid live action remake is set to open in cinemas with black singer-actress Halle Bailey in the title role. Disney touts its choice of leading lady as “colour-blind casting”.

BELOW: Hobbits in 2001 were white, proto hobbits (‘harfoot’) in 2022 are black

Mermaids, elves, dwarves, hobbits and other such ‘races’ are fantasy. Nonetheless, the woke mob is screaming that since these beings are only fictional creations, they can be any colour. And black is preferred.

This woke position is reminiscent of American carmaker Henry Ford who was famously quoted as saying about his popular Model T automobile: “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black”.

You see how the diversity-and-inclusion racket works.

Even the characters from Jane Austen have been blackwashed in woke adaptations, such as this year’s Persuasion by Netflix.

Austen is best known for Pride and Prejudice, and her novels are largely set in the Regency period (early 1800s). Therefore, the insertion of black characters into an Austen social milieu is a historical anomaly.

BELOW: In its 2020 biopic, Channel 5 (an American subsidiary TV company) reimagined the second wife of English king Henry VIII as black; Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536

In 2008’s Merlin, a biracial (black-looking) actress played Queen Guinevere wife of King Arthur — he of the Round Table fame.

The latest race wrangle involves the world of Middle Earth created by JRR Tolkien.

Lord of the Rings was a blockbuster movie series of the early 2000s and derived from Tolkien’s work.

If the LOTR films directed by Peter Jackson were to be made today, its casting would definitely need to ubah to please the wokesters.

BELOW: Blackwashing Camelot and Middle Earth — Queen Guinevere (left), Queen Regent Tar-Míriel

LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring released in 2001 was the first part of the Peter Jackson trilogy. The eponymous fellowship comprised nine members.

All nine adventurers on the epic journey to destroy the One Ring were male, and all white too!

For today’s politically correct climate, this fellowship shall need the diversity-and-inclusion ubah treatment so as to feature more women and more people of colour.

Lord of the Rings

LOTR: Nine good guys and one bad guy

In our progressive 2022, the all-white, all-male characters from 2001’s LOTR must needs be diversified through race swapping, and made more inclusive through gender bending.

The LOTR story is set in Middle Earth during its Third Age and revolved around the following principal characters —

Four hobbits: Frodo Baggins the ringbearer and his servant Samwise Gamgee, cousins Merry and Pippin (pictured top of page)

Two men: Aragorn heir of Isildur, and Boromir heir to the steward of Gondor

One elf: Prince Legolas

One dwarf: Gimli son of Glóin

One wizard: Gandalf the Grey

The bad guy is Dark Lord Sauron, maker of the One Ring who lives in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

How to diversify and include

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon splashed one billion bucks (American dollars) to make its new streaming series The Rings of Power (RoP) prequel by bastardizing Tolkien’s lore.

RoP premiered yesterday to brickbats and is expected to bomb bigly.

The show early on alienated Tolkien fans by calling them “racist” for not being receptive to the black elves, black dwarves and black harfoots innovation by Amazon.

If we apply the 2022 RoP playbook, we can fix the lack of diversity in 2001’s LOTR easily enough too. Its two-pronged ubah rule is to replace male characters with female characters, and white characters with black characters.

You score a double whammy when you replace a white male character with a black female character.

BELOW: 2022’s RoP black female dwarf vs 2001’s LOTR white male dwarf

Now let’s play!

This is a game rigged so that “People of Colour” will win.

2001’s Gimli – pix above – was played by a bearded John Rhys-Davies who also appeared in the Indiana Jones movies.

2022’s Diversity Disa – a “dwarf of colour” – is played by Sophia Nomvete in Amazon’s The Rings of Power.

The white, blond, long-haired Legolas of 2001 could be recast as a short-haired elf of colour in a Fellowship 2.0 reboot so that wokesters will feel satisfied.

Role model from 2022’s RoP: Arondir, a first ever “elf of colour” played by Ismael Cruz Córdova — pix below.

Legolas was played by Orlando Bloom (below) in the LOTR trilogy. Which of the two actors looks more elvish?

Tolkien’s LOTR hero was Aragorn but in 2022 we need to show female empowerment and a sword-twirling, body-armoured she warrior.

Aragorn (pix below) was played by Viggo Mortensen. Instead of a 2001 hero, any Fellowship 2.0 crafted for our woke decade would be led by a heroine.

An inspiration for this virtue signaling role is RoP‘s Galadriel – nicknamed ‘Guyladriel’ – played by Morfydd Clark (below).

The diversity-and-inclusion pattern is simple. Kick out the guys, replace ‘em with gals, as done by e.g. Battlestar Galactica whose ace fighter pilot (a lieutenant going by the call sign ‘Starbuck’) was played by an actor in the 1978 TV version but by an actress in the 2004 cable version.

Apple TV’s 2021 series based on the Isaac Asimov sci-fi classic Foundation went even further. The show turned two main male characters – Gaal Dornick and Salvor Hardin – both into black women.

While they’re at it, why don’t the woke showrunners turn Gandalf into a transgender?

If any loyal Asimov or Tolkien fans were left disgruntled by these changes, there can only be one explanation — they’re “racists”, not.

BELOW: New lord of Mordor, the land where the shadows lie

In the Hobbit movies (2012–2014), Sauron was played by well-known actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

In a Fellowship reboot, the Dark Lord must be played by Joe Biden — pix above. The president absolutely personifies the role.

The USA is a soft power generating global pop culture in the form of entertainment, McDonald’s, Pepsi and tropes.

Aside from exporting their woke one-billion dollar turkey (RoP), dysfunctional Americans are also exporting destructive idea pathogens to the rest of humanity.

For example, earlier this year, woke America did not know how to react when black celebrity Will Smith bitchslapped black comedian Chris Rock live on stage at the Oscars. The USA has paralysed itself into an inability to criticize any black person for any wrongdoing — recall the BLM rioting and looting two years ago.

If Will Smith had instead been a white man, condemnation of him would have flown fast and furious. And if Chris Rock had been white, the woke crowd would have cheered Will Smith for assaulting him.

In the Obama era, 95 percent of blacks in America voted for the Democratic Party.

And under the current Biden presidency, Dems attack every American outside its Left Coast bubble as “racist”.

In Malaysia as well, the minority are forcing the diversity pill down the throat of the majority as if it is good medicine.



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  1. To fill in the details of the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen. It was the subject of political vandalism from the mid-April 1964 onward. I saw it after the first decapitation by vandals and had a new head. Wikipedia reports of the Little Mermaid being the target of vandals beginning from the mid-1964. I was surprised by the small size of the bronze statue. All the pictures showed a much bigger figure than the real Little Mermaid. Seeing is believing !

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