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Ethnic minorities better represented in conservative govt

There’s a new occupant in No.10 Downing Street.

Also, the cabinet of new conservative UK prime minister Liz Truss has a quite lot of female faces.

PM Truss is the third Tory woman to become Britain’s top leader. Earlier women PMs – the late Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May – were/are Tories.

Truss has appointed another woman too, Therese Anne Coffey, as her deputy prime minister.

Liberals in Britain have never appointed a woman as PM or DPM, much less for both jobs together in a bundle — as is the present package with the UK Tory government.

BELOW: New man headed to No.11, Downing Street

Kwasi Kwarteng (pix above) is the newly minted Chancellor of the Exchequer aka Finance Minister. His parents arrived in the UK from Ghana.

In the previous Tory cabinet, then PM Boris Johnson picked Nadhim Zahawi (ethnic Kurd) and before him, Rishi Sunak (ethnic Indian) as his Finance Ministers.

Note: Nadhim Zawawi has been included in the Truss cabinet

Johnson’s conservative predecessor PM Theresa May had selected Sajid Javid (ethnic Indian) as her Finance Minister.

Liberals in Britain have never appointed a non white as Finance Minister. Nor were the British liberal cabinets ever this ethnically diverse either.

BELOW: Liz Truss’ top cabinet people

The Truss cabinet has as Home Secretary, pictured above, Suella Braverman (ethnic Indian). FYI: ‘Braverman’ is her married name.

Former PM Johnson’s Home Secretary was Priti Patel, also an ethnic Indian.

James Cleverly (pictured above, left) – whose mother immigrated from African country Sierra Leone – is the new British Foreign Minister.

The Truss cabinet also includes Kemi Badenoch, Alok Sharma and Ranil Jayawardena.

Yet when liberal propaganda portrays conservatives as white supremacists, misogynists and racists, the Sam Harrises of the world swallow such misinformation hook, line and sinker.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the group most easily taken in by propaganda is DAP supporters.

Dapsters incapable of processing real data

In our country, many pro-opposition Malaysians reflexively believe that the Harapan government was more multiracial than previous BN governments.

This belief is factually wrong.

BN had more non-Malay, non-Muslim MPs than Harapan, actually — see full name list comparison HERE[‘Where do Nons get their (mistaken) idea Harapan was most ’multiracial’ govt ever?’]

The Badawi cabinet also had more Chinese ministers and deputies than the Mahathir-Harapan cabinet — compare full name lists and their designations HERE [‘More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum’]

After Mahathir was temporarily sidelined in 2004, BN chairman Abdullah Ahmad Badawi led the long-ruling coalition to its most multiracial elected representation.

This is because Mahathir was, and still remains, a highly toxic racial element.

BELOW: Syed Saddiq’s BFF are all three DAP Christians

Yet Chinese voters were prepared to anoint Mahathir as their PM 2.0 and are currently pinning great hopes on Mahathir protege Syed Saddiq.

And Cina DAP, who claim to be strongly anti corruption, are the staunchest defenders of Saddiq who is in court for corruption charges.



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13 thoughts on “Ethnic minorities better represented in conservative govt

  1. not a fair comparison. liberal except lloyd george, not really a main force in uk politics. even lloyd george have the backing of conservative. 2, liberal ideology is more on economic and worker, and perhaps less colonial centred. anyhow i dontknow much about uk, i learn most of it when i read churchill biography. dap is (supposedly) a socialist party, maybe labour party is a better match.

    msia no liberal party, we have only malay chinese indian and muslim party.

    1. Yes, leaning more to Labour party Corbynistas.

      I used the word ‘liberal’ (= woke !!) as opposed to the ‘conservative’ ideology. Not referring to Lib Dems per se.

      Your clarification is useful for my readers. Thanks.

  2. Malaysian politicians are way behind the British The root cause which many have forgotten was the lengthy 22 year Administration when nothing was done to improve ourselves politically but overwhelmed by the filthy lucre – like a lost child lost in a dark woods from the Grimm’s fairy tale. Now we pay for such neglect in spades. I really do not dare to think when we should be proud of our home-grown politicians again. It is alleged even those who were educated at Oxbridge could sell their grannies down river to Singapore of all places. In this instance no necessity for the Trojan Horse ! You know what I mean. Malaysia lost at least 42 years in our political development 22 years + 20 years. We had plenty of talent too. Unlike now when the talent pool is dried up and we have to beg them to return home but none will. As for Britain’s latest menu of a Cabinet, which side of the penny should we look at ? Britain’s success in diversity or the many foreigners within its gates ? In 1982, the History Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge told me when I asked him why there were so many foreigners in Britain, ‘ The fall of Rome was because there were so many foreigners within its gates.’ In the case of Malaysia, Malaya began her Merdeka as a land of Diversity not Homogeneity ! Believe it or not ! Whilst Britain ended up as a Land of Diversity from Homogeneity – that’s the difference. with a hodgepodge of politicians elected from different ghettoes which is Great Britain today !

    1. uncle, the so called gb diversity is more on indian, not black. i read some books from ethnicity indian vs naipaul though he was not born in india, i notice the indian elite class are more easily integrated into the british life compare to a chinese, basing on yr life in cambridge, is it due to cultural or colonisation? even msia also quite same, for eg the 22 yrs ruler.

      1. Naipaul was either a British Guiana or Trinidad & Tobago Indian. There are also Hakka Chinese communities in these places and Jamaica. The Indians mainly Gujeratis immigrated into Britain from Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika at the point of their Independence. The first West Indians arrived in Britain in 1954. There were no visible signs of Indians in the 1950s or the 1960s. By the 1980s, the Gujeratis have taken over all the English 24 hour shops and the US motels !. It is their descendants now in Whitehall or the Parliament. Because of the Indian Caste system, there are no Indian elites in Britain but only in India. Rich Indians in Britain are not from India. The British Indians we see today were born and bred in Britain. The lack of British political talent arose from the fact that in the 1980s, the Britons eschew politics and headed for the City where the money is. With the varied distribution of Power in the British Government, it remains to be seen where Britain is heading. For some years, I have proposed that the now naked Singapore with no human and natural resources but only their largesse from their Cold War Trades 1948-1989, to confederate with the United Kingdom or Scotland or else she be taken over by the Indians in the next generation like in the US and Britain. Then, Singapore will have the World’s First Tele-Parliament of the Singapore-United Kingdom Confederation in keeping with their penchant of doing the first things in the World next to these United States ! Singapore has the money and the Asian connection and Britain the talent and technical know-how of all kinds. Our beloved Malaysia will have the advantage and benefit of the United Kingdom on our door-step. As it is, we have a poor neighbour which kept grabbing things from us, the 1962 Water down to the loss of our KTM huge assets which ended up as half an office building in downtown Singapore plus those precious Jurassic rocks before Singapore was founded in 1819 etc.etc. We should have our heads examined by a competent psychiatrist or psychologist for enjoying being screwed by a small timer always ! Or money talks ?

        1. i believe there are many educated chinese that move to gb especially hker during the 80s and 90s, and equally many chinese msian and sporean that prefer a more progressive society who did the same. however we rarely see them having a prominent role in politics as compare to indian. i still think it have much to do with culture and characteristic. i guess in politics of the western and democracy world, there is less element of patriarchy, authoritarian and prestige, and less chances of making tons of money, thus its not a aspiring job for the chinese, what do you think?

          1. HY. You hit the nail right on the head ! I deliberately left out the BBCs or British born Chinese and the Singaporeans or Malaysians who settled in the UK to pursue their esoteric interests. Some Malays have done well in Britain. I remember a Malay who established a successful tutorial college. He passed away recently. But generally, , the Chinese began in the UK by jumping ship in Liverpool during the pre-World War II days.. Then, post-War, the many students from Singapore and Malaya who were mainly law students from the late 1940s-1960s. All Chinese were professionally inclined with no thought of staying. There were not many Chinese restaurants before the 1970s which were mainly owned by the Hong Kong Chinese. The Chinese kept to solid businesses like restaurants or the professions. How many Malaysians know that the following Malaysians are World Class and not a single Singaporean ? They do not boast ! The second son of our MCA Minister Khaw Kai Boh is World Class in his field of Paediatrics ! He was knighted by The Queen. He was awarded by all the best universities in the World for his research and innovations at the World famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London. His list of World Class Awards and Achievements filled volumes. Then, we have Professor Charles Loke, Towkay Loke Yew’s grandson who is not only a Senior Fellow and Professor of King’s College, Cambridge but an expert in birth control arising from his research into the human placenta . And the first Malaysian to achieve this distinction ! Many years ago, he was invited by Beijing to host a scientific forum. We must not forget Professor Khaw’s sister who is also a Professor of Geriatrics at Cambridge. My classmate from the Methodist Boys’ School, KL became a World Class Laboratory Technologist in the University of Toronto, Canada. He was so good in his field that his Jewish Professor colleague could not do without him. Another classmate became the Chief Engineer, Deptford, Kent, England. My list of successful Malaysian Chinese professionals run into hundreds. They do not boast and contented with their careers as all have no politics on their minds. One Malaysian Chinese from Seremban with a British spouse has a son who is a Gold Medallist in Pentathlon, Tokyo Olympics 2021 whilst his fellow BBC Yee whose father was from Hong Kong and mother British, was a Triathalon athlete Gold Medallist, Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Chinese have done well in the professions in the West and the United States. Their success is in the Academia where their abilities are highly appreciated and never politicized ! The Malaysian Chinese overseas have done our beloved Malaysia proud because they ventured overseas of their own volition !. What do we Malaysians know about them ?

          2. Yes ! I nearly forgot. My close Malaysian Chinese friend who was at college with me was very upset when he was kicked up stairs to be an Adviser and not promoted to be the CEO of Australia’s biggest telco. He told me he would have made a lot of money if he had stayed behind in Malaysia.. His contemporary was the founder of Sapura, a Colombo Scholar at Brighton College, England. His 2 children became doctors from Australian Government scholarships and the family are devout Methodists. I made no comment ! That was in the early 1990s.

          3. HY. I know of 2 doctors who returned to our beloved Malaysia on retirement. One from Vancouver who settled in TTDI or Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. The other returned to Penang from Hong Kong. We really cannot tell where the overseas Malaysian Chinese will settle on their retirement depending on the circumstances. For easy living, Malaysia is the best in the World. Believe it or not !

  3. Here is a true tale of human endeavour and gratitude which moved my heart. It is from Tamil Nadu, India. In 1888, a British engineer built a dam which could irrigate up to 340,000 acres of land in southern Tamil Nadu to provide 2 harvests a year.. It was completed in 1895. To this day, the people still remember his name Pennycuick who was born in Pune in 1841. In gratitude, they would name their children after him or celebrate his name at temples. However, the dam is situated in neighbouring Kerala which objects to its presence. But eventually the Indian High Court ruled in favour of Tamil Nadu. In its gratitude, recently the Government of Tamil Nadu has presented a statue of Pennycuick whose body is buried in Camberley, a town 30 miles south of London, to be placed in the garden where he is buried.. His great grand son recalled that there was no record of Pennycuick ever used his own money to build the dam. A student named after him Pennycuick, said his dream would be to travel to London to see the statue. Like the Chinese, the Indians too never forget ! Vide BBC.

  4. Finally, we must remember that Kwasi Kwanteng, Nadhim Zawavi and Suella Braverman were educated by the best universities in Britain and qualified at the top and had worked for at least more than 10 years in non-political agencies before they became active in the British Government. These British elites were trained and monitored from young and did not achieve their status through patronage. Their minority status does not reduce the recognition of their abilities by one iota ! . Kudos to the British for appointing the best and not the rubbish ! These 3 are not the only ones. There are many more who can also do the job. This is known as maturity in good governance in a normal democracy. What more can we learn from others ?

    1. Syed Saddiq is all flash and no substance. Most fitting that Cina DAP should be so enamoured of him.

      1. Sad. He should have taken his PPE Oxford degree instead of being used by the BACs or born again christians. He may end up as another aspirant for the PM at the age of 73 !

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