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DAP’s war targeting PAS … why?

Because the two parties are both competing in the same milieu of religion.

PAS is causing Malaysia to pay “the price for being seen as extremist and racist”, Guan Eng said in his media statement two days ago.

PAS accused as anti non-Malay, anti non-Muslim

DAP is accusing PAS as “racist” and “extremist”, i.e. religious bigotry. It is playing the race card as well as religion card against the Islamist party.

On top of attacking PAS president Hadi Awang, DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng also attacked the PAS ministers in Ismail Sabri’s cabinet.

Derangement Syndrome

Guan Eng is a born again Christian.

And DAP is a party made in the image of the Father and the Son.

Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng between them held the post of DAP sec-gen for altogether 84 percent of the party’s lifespan thus far — see full details of dates and years in FOOTNOTE @ bottom of this page.

A super majority of DAP’s women MPs are Christian.

DAP Malay YBs all do not wear tudung with the sole exception of Young Syefura. Instead it is the DAP Christian YBs who love to photo op in their selendang.

Guan Eng and his fellow Christian politicians have Hadi in their crosshairs.

Hadi has “extremist, and bigoted political and religious views”, said Kit Siang in his media statement a couple of days ago on Sept 13.

BELOW: Guan Eng labels the PAS president “a clear and present danger


DAP was born in 1965 and the evangelical party is 57 years old. For almost all its life, DAP has been under the firm control of the Lims.

Over the DAP’s close to six decades existence, Kit Siang was its sec-gen for a total of 30 years and 2-½ months, i.e. from Oct 1969 to Dec 1999.

• Summary Kit Siang was DAP sec-gen for more than half of the party’s lifetime.

Guan Eng was DAP sec-gen from 4 Sept 2004 to 20 March 2022. He clocked 17 years and 6-½ months in the post.

DAP’s age is 56 years and 10-½ months. Between Lim Jr and Lim Sr, the father and son duo together totalled 47 years and 9 months as DAP sec-gen.

This means the two Lims were DAP sec-gens for altogether 84 percent of the DAP’s lifetime.

And not to forget, Kit Siang was successively DAP chairman, DAP advisor and DAP mentor after he relinquished his long-held sec-gen position.

And Guan Eng is furthermore the current DAP chairman.



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6 thoughts on “DAP’s war targeting PAS … why?

  1. under hadi, pas become a anti non malay and non muslim party, while under lge, dap become a kiss malay kiss muslim party.

  2. Why DAP attacks PAS ? The answer is simple. DAP must be seen to fight on behalf of the non-Malays because there is no other party left for the BACs or born again christians to make an impact whilst cuddling up to UMNO ! But the following relevant statement automatically follows, WE DO NOT REQUIRE THE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS TO LEAD THE CHINESE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CHINESE BUT ONLY LOOK LIKE CHINESE ! Besides, only a few of them made a lot of noise. If at all, there should be a breakaway from the DAP by the pro-Chinese group leaving the pro- BACs to their shell game. The total sum of the toe-ing and fro-ing by these hyperactive BACs but do nothing for Pulau Pinang, is the fall of the island state to their enemies. It is alleged that the whole country is now aware that the BACs only care for themselves and Singapore.

  3. The BACs or born again christians, now the leaders of the DAP which was once the home of hard-core Chinese chauvinists, are far too big for their shoes. Their short tenure in Putrajaya turned them heady with undeserved achievement, egoism and insouciance. Their sojourn in Putrajaya was due entirely to the d’etente between TDM and DSAI. The DAP were only bridesmaids to warm the bed as event subsequently showed. Each of them had different dreams ! That was when the PKR had the sum of its parts greater than the whole. Since then, events which may be recorded in volumes took place with the BACs DAP leadership left far behind far in the wash. Is it Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and never be the same again ? I should think so ! Who wants to sleep with fellows who look like the Chinese but are not Chinese, only robots of a foreign kind ? This leaves the BACs DAP completely isolated for the very first time since their innermost intentions of alleged service to themselves and tiny Singapore were exposed and mocked by all and sundry ! They now regret for having moved faster than the Covid-19 ! It was amateurish. Now, the BACs are making moves to make amends. But with politics, the question of TRUST is of paramount importance even if these BACs fellows cover themselves up from head to toes ! It is not seeing is believing. But TRUSTWORTHINESS is believing ! If the BACs basic principles of political conduct is absent, how to defend their citadel of Pulau Pinang which they only owned since 2008 ?. They did absolutely NOTHING to benefit the Rakyat apart from cleaning the streets and painting a few dilapidated buildings for optics sake ! The Rakyat have been fooled once but not TWICE. The DAP State Government is on its way out of the Pulau Pinang equation as they lost their marbles whilst in POWER. A few dummies will not convince the long suffering Rakyat that the DAP State Government will be Malaysian bias in the Rakyat’s favour at tiny Singapore expense. . As for the ‘politics shy’ and slow moving MCA, it pays and pays if they know of the phrase. ‘ TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE’.

  4. Let it be crystal clear that we Chinese who number 6 million do not back the Chinese looking BACs or born again christians Leadership of the DAP – now playing with FIRE – with their brand of politics. . I believe it is also appropriate for the hard core 30% DAP Chinese chauvinists to state their stance. It is absolutely inappropriate and outrageous for the Chinese looking BACs or born again christians, the ones who are imbued with an extremist foreign religion which is NOT even conventional in the West to act in the name of the 6 million non-BACs Chinese. And the BACs only number not more than 500,000 including those from Singapore ! They are not wanted in India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore etc. The now serious attempt to politicize racial and religious issues by the minority BACs WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE OF THE NON-BACs CHINESE is serious misrepresentation and misinterpretation of the fact. Why are the BACs so cocksure that the 99% NON-BACs CHINESE will support these fellows with overseas havens when trouble comes ? WHO WILL TAKE THE RAP with the BACs since long gone back to their foreign homelands leaving the 6 million NON-BACs CHINESE to carry the bag ? If this message is not clear to the 99% NON-BACs CHINESE who only want Peace, Harmony,Prosperity,, nothing will. In 2002, Lee Kuan Yew said. ‘ This time when riots appear in KL, we will grow barnacles in our hearts. We will NOT open our gates to them !’ Forewarned is forearmed ! If the Chinese-looking BACs want to play with fire let the fire burns them. Not the 99% NON-BACs REAL CHINESE ! Fakes are a dime a dozen in our beloved Malaysia these days. HIDUP OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA with her revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans.

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