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What kind of back-walking govt do they have?!

Four times now the White House has walked back President Biden’s commitment to defend Taiwan militarily from a China invasion.

This Democrat presidency is comedy hour gold. Beijing’s toes are laughing.

The blue-check Newsweek opinion editor (tweet below) has counted four times already that the American president and his White House have done this walk-back.


In May 2022

In Oct 2021

In Aug 2021



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17 thoughts on “What kind of back-walking govt do they have?!

  1. If America realizes one day China exists and not the United States, she would adopt a different Policy towards China. As one Australian Prime Minister said not too long ago, two Wongs do not make a right. China has always been a civilization, unique in this World. America is a hegemonic empire built on the Mighty Dollar and through Wars since the War of Independence. In1992, she made the cardinal mistake with her spiel ,’ Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ which her recent enemies Russia and China grabbed with both hands using the generous leverage provided by the US ! . By the mid-2000s, America felt uneasy and 10 years later, she was prepared to renounce what she encouraged to all at the end of the Cold War 1948-1989. We now have the War of Sanctions. China will never go to War over Taiwan which is China except for the Politics which is used by the US as a leverage tool. China will only go so far because she is not going to self-destruct on what she has achieved since 1982 after decades of backwardness and international suppression . Again, history shows the Way in the Life and Death of Nations. By defending Taiwan, it does not make any sense to do so for the United States. She would have been better served if she stayed put in Afghanistan and avoided a bungle. Again, by encouraging Ukraine to fight a proxy War against Russia, it will not serve American interests World-wide in the longer term because the World is no longer a World of black and white like the Cold War 1948-1989, but now with many shades of grey. A mere few billions of US dollars for Afghanistan would have gone a long way. Now America is prepared to give hundreds of billions of dollars as US Military Aid to Ukraine which is a highly developed State. See how reluctant tiny Singapore is during these days of multi-pronged sanctions affecting chain-linked supplies and trade. She is lost and confused in the face of the War of Sanctions – now compounded by the double whammy of Covid-19 and the Ukraine War with more crises to come for her. Fortunately, Malaysia has avoided serving too many masters with her neutral Policy of friends to all, enemy of none. Pacts, Blocs etc are cropping up all over the Indo-Pacific fed by misinformation and fear of each other’s apparent sinister moves which may be true or untrue. Fear is now feeding fear in the scramble to defend the status quo of interested nations. Once upon a time, tiny Singapore was the Darling of the US and the West during the Cold War 1948-1989. But, now they ask ‘ Where is Singapore ?’ in the latest era of global conflict using cyberspace , e- trade, drones, nuclear threats, spies, energy, climate change, sanctions etc. International agreements appear to be no longer binding ! Hence, we have flip-flop statements like confetti ! And in order to be occupied, Singapore’s media has now taken up counting the number of mega-billionaires in Singapore, flora and fauna, and last but not least exotic cuisines !

    1. when usa fight the vietman war, they were not there just to protect the vietnamese per se. like you said, usa is a empire. and what make one think ccp objective is limited to taiwan?

  2. Pre-Covid-19 and the Ukraine War, Singapore was proud of her wealth from the Cold War Trades 1948-1989 which turned her into a First World country with no effort,, her economy with the mighty Singapore Dollar and all that glittered in her terra firma which were all meticulously planned by Lee Kuan Yew as his Legacy for the Survival and Sustainability of modern Singapore – his creation with the technical assistance of the UN economics expert Dr Albert Winsemius, 1962-1984. All that could be grabbed from hapless Malaysia were grabbed except for 2 more goodies waiting to be grabbed as well ! But Man proposes. God disposes for avaricious Singapore now struggling to grasp at any straw which comes her Way ! As the new Era dawns, with the War of Sanctions gathering momentum by the line drawn in the sand separating the warring parties as led by the US and some reluctant Allies on the one hand and Russia and China on the other, Malaysia now has her work cut out for her to tread carefully along the invisible given path as one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Our forthcoming 15th GE is the most critical since Merdeka 1957. All our beloved Malaysia requires as the Leader at the moment – a moment of urgent need – is a super NORMAL MALAY LEADER, MALE OR FEMALE WITH A PROVEN RECORD. It is as simple as this. We do not need an Icarus or ye olde Lee Kuan Yew to fly to the Sun to show the Way ! This is in the revered Constitution as supported by the majority and the minority in 1957 and now it is safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. We should avoid shooting ourselves in the foot always or get our goodies grabbed by impoverished and false friendly pretenders !

  3. usa is slowly shifting their stance, start with the so called senile president. this is the result of newton law of motion, ccp under xi keep pushing, now moving towards a tipping point, lets see how many chinese believe a war with american would lead them/us break free from the shackles of 100 years humiliation.

    1. HY. The end of this 21st century belongs to India and China. Both are not colonialist nations but with World renowned ancient beliefs and philosophies. The 22nd Century belongs to the Islamic World. PRC is the font of ancient Chinese wisdom which will guide China to success as dependent on their economic successes. Marx was revolutionary. That was why Malaysia fought a Counter-Insurgency War and fortunately, won. But my relative Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too ( a Cantonese not a Hainanese ) an expert on Psychological Warfare and the most senior Adviser to the Federal Government once told me that the communists will return in another form eventually. Seeing is believing. This is the main reason why I always exhorted my fellow Constitutionalists that Malaysia is one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, and not tiny Singapore and not be subsumed by false midgets’ BS. We stand alone always with our Sovereignty and National Interest, notwithstanding China, Singapore etc.

      1. how china and india become so huge if no colonisation? invade, annex and assimilate one attached neighbors within the same continent is still a form of colonisation. i know very little of india, but i do lots of reading wrt china dynasty and their territory and various ethnic group. the diff is perhaps like mahathir said, the malay ruler dont rule, the british advisor did, while in the case of china, there is no malay ruler or xinjiang ruler or tibet ruler. i am not saying china is wrong, all i wanna say is china is not really that diff with one we accuse ie the west.

        china and india were the world biggest economy for most of the centuries until the last three hundred years, its no surprise if they return as one, nothing to shout or hoohaa.

        marx wanna create a humane society with a inhumane approach and without the appreciation of what human want and how human live, he is delusional, not revolutionary.

        i dont believe islam have much impact to the world if pas is the exemplary of what islam is about. most muslim dont want a century that belong to them, i think thats not the core of islam. however those that want a secular islam might have a diff idea.

        i am glad to live in an era that see how communist china finally open up and improve the livelihood of millions. but i also sad to see how easily they turn into a nationalism type of fanatical citizen.

        msia economy is doom under umno or umno brand of politics. but i can agree msian are relatively happy, peaceful and contented.

        1. In the 1950s, 60s, there were no Indians in the UK till the East Africans gained their independence. Thereafter the Gujaratis emigrated to England. By the 1980s, they took over all the 24 hours shops in the UK and the motels in the US. By the 1990s – 2022, their descendants moved right to the top. The same movement will take place amongst the Islamic emigre’ this Century and the 22nd Century. Whether the Hindus will co-operate with the Muslims in the West remains to be seen. Before and after the British colonized India, I believe there were over 300 Indian Princely states which were dissolved by India on Independence Day in 1947. These were asking to be taken over by the British in the 18th Century. As for China, 18th Century China was more advanced than the West. Hence, Napoleon remarked,’ When China awakes, the World will tremble’. It is the traditional pacification campaigns conducted by Emperor Chien Lung which were of note in Sinkiang. Remember about the Great Wall of China. Invasion by barbaric hordes from the North was an eternal Chinese obsession. The Chinese had always been threatened by the tribes from the North. Hence, when the Emperor was strong, military expeditions were mounted to reduce the barbarians down to size. In those far off days of slow communications, there was a lot of territory in the far west of China and the Ladakh Region of the Himalayas were undefined and subjected to dispute. Korea and Vietnam offered tributes and were not colonized by China. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. In India, it was reputed that the British used only 500 civil administrators to control the whole of India. In the Federated Malay States, the British were alleged to have Advisers in Selangor, Perak,, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Kedah and Pahang. In other words, the British turned colonization into a fine and efficient art form with a commercial bias. Unlike today, we are over-governed by layers of administrations manned by over 2 million civil servants of all kinds like the beautiful spy 004 with a bajet of RM 50 millions ! It pays to be a Government Servant !

      2. “china and india were the world biggest economy for most of the centuries until the last three hundred years……”.

        Pls note there was no country called India in ancient time.

        India as a nation was only after British colonialism.

        1. i dont think there is a china during qing dynasty not to mention ancient time. it was either dynasty or empire occupied the more or less same territory of the modern state, for eg the moghul, vijayanagar.

  4. uncle, we keep reading about threatened by barbarian of the north, i am a fan of wuxia, most chinese know jinyong ie louis cha leung yong, in one of his novel, he presented the view of northern barbarian, they were continuously assaulted and attacked by civilised chinese from the south. and today, 92% chinese is “han”, didnt that imply something who are the mighty one? most of us rarely see thing from others perspective, and its quite funny i start to question all written history and opinion piece only after reading this jinyong novel.

    1. I do not believe in the novels by Louis Cha who made plenty of money as an author of fiction. You might as well read the comics in Sin Chew Jit Poh for those with a command of 1,200 Chinese characters. Solid evidence of repulsing the barbarian hordes is the Great Wall of China and paintings of Emperor Chien Lung’s (1739-89) military expeditions to Sinkiang and other restless tributaries are well recorded and conserved to this day. China’s eastern border reached Vladivostock till it was grabbed by Russia when China was weak in the 19th Century.

      1. uncle, louis cha made his wealth from being the owner of mingpao, not as an author. but that also not relevant bec what he wrote is a novel, not history. all the barbarian in northern china, xinjiang and tibet now under han chinese rule, similarly all the red indian that kill many whites is now ruled by whites.

        vladivostok (lord of the east) was annexed by russian and ccp dont dare to say a word, but keep telling the world that taiwan, a territory occupied by almost 95% chinese is an integral part of china and would anytime invade the island if necessary.

        all i am saying is the narrative of chinese vs barbarian, cowboy vs red indian, malay vs non malay could be just bs to trick the commoner. most chinese are very clear on umno and pas rhetoric, but on topic of china and ccp, our reaction are not that diff with most malay.

        1. HY. You will agree with me that the Malaysian kind of communal politics divide the peoples of Malaysia ‘ It originates from the Constitution crafted by the British from their bitter experiences in the aborted Malayan Union, 1945, Palestine 1946 and India 1947. Now it is up to all Malaysians to see how FORTUNATE we are as compared with tiny states like Singapore (which resorted to grabbing freebies from Malaysia) to stand steadfast and united together to be one of 4 very important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. I say this not because I am not aware of this Malay-Sino-Indo thingy. It is because I faced it since 1954 and my achievements were suppressed always by others. In fact, I am an epidemiologist trained by Cambridge and the US Army Medical Unit, Walter Reed Hospital.Washington DC. No one was interested. Again. I offered my services to help our badminton players physically to win in the 3rd set because I developed myself to be unbeaten in another sport. Again, no one is interested ! I got Sime Darby for these fellows for only RM 23 millions which they screwed up and bankrupted twice by doing business with crooked chinamen !. Sime Darby now worth RM 2.20 NOT RM 22.0. THE FIRST GLC in 1975 before Singapore GLCs ! And more !! See the waste. Yet, I am still the last one standing ! From experience, NOT BITTER, I always exhort my fellow compatriots to realise the GREATER MALAYSIA with her hard-working peoples and abundance of natural resources in a beautiful location with a revered Constitution as safe-guarded by the Yang Di Oertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. AND FORGET THOSE FROM ALL SIDES WITH THE FORKED TONGUE and personal agendas. Actually, because we are Asians, we have commonality for starters. Just look at tiny Singapore again and again ! What have they got ? NOTHING ! We are still a whisper away from becoming GREAT ! With just a NORMAL leader ! No more. No less !

          1. uncle, i think most chinese msian dont agree with you wrt singapore. i can somehow agree if the comparison is about people and culture. but the latter also slowly encroached by fanatics. most muslim claim islam dont kacau others but political islam we encountered is not the case.

            and i dont think its good to criticize colonisation nonstop, especially british because they did leave us a political system that emphasizes rule of law, and economy that can thrive on commercialized, and a relatively decent education system. churchill insist on the creation of a jew state ie israel was not with the intention to devide and rule, more likely he was more sympathetic with how the jew were massacred in europe. but how thing progress is in most time beyond one control.

        2. My humble apologies. Typo error. It should read ‘Yang Di Pertuan Agong’. The inadvertent error is much regretted.

  5. China next moves toward Taiwan depend on unified free Democratic nations resolute
    Does not depends on non Alliance nations!!!
    Ukraine failed , Taiwan falls
    Thats how important Ukraine is to China

  6. China is caught in a bind or between a rock and a hard place. She did extremely well like Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa out of Uncle Sam’s largesse after the end of the Cold War 1948-1989 being ‘Globalization. free Trade. Human Rights.’ What the Americans did not envision then was the fact both Russia and China were not destroyed by a War and had kept their aging military intact with a new political dressing. The Americans were fooled by Russia and China. The former now wants revenge. The latter found her economic successes in the World now stymied by the recalcitrant Americans who firmly believed that they are threatened on all sides. As for us Malaysians, instead of preparing for the rainy day 2004-2022, billions of ringgits were wasted by poor governance as revealed daily in the media. Now all statistics point South ! And tiny Singapore ? Where are you ? Counting the number of imported billionaires, the jolly flora and fauna, and exotic cuisines re-labeled ‘Made in Singapore’!

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