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Deterministic link between bahasa and bangsa

Beginning tomorrow (Friday), people living in eastern Ukraine will vote to decide if they prefer becoming Russians.

The four ‘oblasts’ (provinces) of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are each holding a referendum from Sept 23 to 27.

The referenda will settle the matter of secession from Ukraine and accession to the Russian federation.

Russia President Vladimir Putin views the four referendums as a means for the “liberated” (or “occupied”, depending on your point-of-view) territories in Ukraine to exercise their will and “decide their destiny”.

“And we will support the choice of future made by the majority of people in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions,” said Putin in his nationally televised address yesterday morning (Sept 21).

The four musketeers

ONE: Leonid Ivanovich Pasechnik, head of the Luhansk People’s Republic, is requesting Russia to consider LPR joining the federation as promptly as possible following the referendum outcome. Pasechnik said this in a recorded speech published in his Telegram channel, it was reported today.

TWO: Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said on Tuesday that DPR residents living in areas still under the control of the Kiev (i.e. President Zelensky’s) government will have an opportunity to cast their referendum ballots too.

Luhansk and Donetsk – located in the Donbas basin – have their own independent parliaments. They declared their breakaway from Ukraine after years of fighting a separatist war.

THREE: Yevhen Vitaliiovych Balytskyi, the governor of Zaporizhzhia, also announced his oblast’s immediate readiness to hold the “reunification” (ala the Taiwan-China situation) referendum. “Technically, we are ready. Security of polling stations is ensured,” Balytskyi is quoted as saying.

FOUR: Volodymyr Vasylovych Saldo, who heads the military–civilian administration in Kherson, said on Tuesday that his oblast is going ahead with the referendum this week.

Saldo said on his Telegram that following the referendum, he hoped Kherson would become “a part of Russia”.

BELOW: Are the areas shaded orange eastern Ukraine or western Russia? 

Ready, willing and able

Are Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Crimea all Russian souls unhappily trapped in a Ukrainian physical body?

The map above is illuminating. Note the location of the five areas including Crimea (in red) which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

The two republics, LPR and DPR, both have land borders with Russia. Zaporizhzhia and Kherson have a sea border with Russia.

The Crimean peninsula is directly connected to the Russian mainland by a 12-mile bridge over the Kerch Strait.

Bahasa jiwa bangsa

Even more illuminating than the previous provinces map is the language gradient map above.

Putin regards the majority Ukrainian population in this swathe of dark blue mapped territories as nonetheless a part of the Russian ‘nation’.

Why? Because three-quarters (75%) of the Donetsk population speak Russian as their mother tongue.

In Luhansk, seven out of every ten (69%) inhabitants cite Russian as their first language. The figure is highest in Crimea, featuring 77 percent Russian native speakers.

Meanwhile, close to half (48.2%) of the people in Zaporizhzhia have Russian as their mother tongue as well.

BELOW: The generation lost in translation … some refugee children from Ukraine are Russian native speakers

‘Nation’ is people sharing a language

“The word ‘nation’ can also refer to a group of people who share a history, traditions, culture and, often, language – even if the group does not have a country of its own,“ says an explainer by the National Geographic.

Putin regards the eastern region in modern Ukraine as being actually historical western Russia and thus to the motherland “bound together by one language (which we now refer to as Old Russian), economic ties, the rule of the princes of the Rurik dynasty, and – after the baptism of Rus – the Orthodox [Christian] faith”.

Putin also calls the people in Ukraine’s conflict regions “our kin and kith”.

The ‘Russkiy Mir’ or Russian World ideology is Putin’s genuinely held political belief which additionally receives religious blessing.

Read ‘President Putin’s war is also Patriarch Kirill’s crusade’, a 31 Aug 2022 essay by the Zentrum Liberale Moderne, a Berlin-based think-tank.

Patriarch Kirill is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church who backs Putin’s war.

The Russkiy Mir narrative holds that present-day eastern Ukraine comprises “the historical lands of Novorossiya” (in Putin’s words). The term ‘Novorossiya‘ literally means “New Russia”.

Therefore in Putin’s reckoning, the territories now successfully occupied by Russian forces belong to the wider Russo civilizational world. After all, modern Ukraine is a country only created in August 1991.

Following this advance of the Russian aggressor army, people in the conflict areas who have not yet fled are being given the option of choosing either Ukrainian or Russian nationality.

We shall know the results of the four referendums in a few days’ time.

BELOW: Nato ganging up on Russia … Infographics produced by ‘Business Insider’ in Sept 2014

Since then, Nato is looking at a further planned expansion with the fast-tracked inclusion of Finland and Sweden.

For the record, Putin’s list of grievances prior to his invasion of Ukraine in February

• They (the Russophobic West) encouraged groups of international terrorists in the Caucasus

• They moved Nato’s offensive infrastructure close to Russian borders

• They nurtured a hatred of Russia for decades

• They designed Ukraine to become an anti-Russia bridgehead and in the process making Ukrainians cannon fodder

• They unleashed a colour revolution in Ukraine in 2014

• They organised terror operations against Russian speakers who refused to recognise the Western-installed, post-coup Ukrainian puppet government

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14 thoughts on “Deterministic link between bahasa and bangsa

  1. i think multiracial is a after ww2 solution to alleviate and reduce the various conflict due to history, race, language, religion and territory when the after ww1 nation state creation failed to achieve peace. just “jew” people alone one can see how complicated and vary they are in europe, but it seem india have less war and conflict even though there are also with various language and different history background, does this have to do with religion?

    so the war has nothing much to do with nato threat as many russia and ccp worshippers try to portray, the core objective is territory? no wonder russia so huge.

    secondly, since most ccp worshippers give their no limit support to russian, should they not suggest the same referendum for taiwanese?

  2. A beautiful essay on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict which should have been resolved at the end of the Cold War 1948-1989. There are many places like this in the World especially Africa which was carved up in the 19th Century by the colonialists via a map without any regard to racial, religious or tribal lines. Hence, we often heard of massacres in these distant places without any inkling of what were the causes of such tragedies. We may assume the present Ukraine War has a similar origin like the tragedy of the Partition of India 1947. That’s the macroscopic aspect. On the microscopic aspect, we have the constant harping by self-appointed activists for reforms. What reforms as urged by the minority as outnumbered by the majority which supports the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans ? The Constitution was approved by the majority with the support of the minority in 1957 ! I wonder how many countries in this World today are racially and religiously homogeneous ? When Uncle Sam in 1992 spelled out ‘Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ it was a clarion call for unrest in many countries around the World ! Recent events in Hong Kong is a good example. It is now reported the 250,000 Hong Kongers in the United Kingdom are unhappy and want to leave the place. So we find the World of dissatisfied people seeking a haven which they call a home for different reasons. Therefore, the best solution for our beloved Malaysia is for all to put our efforts to push to be one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Without bribery and corruption, Malaysia still has plenty of Wealth if you know where to find and create it ! Not tiny Singapore which has NOTHING.. This achievement is just a whisper away with a NORMAL Leader who eschews corruption as exhorted by DYMM Sultan of Perak recently. Surprisingly, it is as simple as this. It was also surprising that 1MDB and others were created to siphon Public money where money could be legally made in a country full of opportunities to make money. See how the valuable Sime Darby was screwed down to NOTHING which in fact it could be a Fortune 500 worth RM 22.0 per share not RM 2.20 ! What a waste of a golden opportunity !

  3. On Taiwan, at the end of World War II, Japanese conquered Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China under Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek who subsequently holed up in Taiwan with at least 2 million followers.. There were much local resistance to the new arrivals and many lives were lost. A dark period in Taiwan’s history. Taiwan was part of China before Japan occupied it in the late 19th Century when China was at its weakest. With the Peoples’ Republic of China assuming control of China’s Government and its ultimate recognition as the rightful and lawful Government of China by over 180 nations of the UN, there is no doubt Taiwan was always a part of China. It is interesting otherwise to see why it was not.

    1. taiwan history only started during china civil war. taiwan indigenous people is the cucu of qianlong, so whatever land conquered by qing definitely part of china. apply same logic, we are integral part of portugal, netherlands and british.

      1. HY. Also, again the Anglo-Saxons and the Europeans show the World the very bad example of warring, warring and warring all the time despite their religion and philosophies under the pretext of Democracy, Human Rights etc. How the World will emerge from this forthcoming fiasco is as yet unknown with the firm knowledge that nuclear threats have been made. See the difference between us, the Asians and the Anglo-Saxons and the Europeans ! However, our beloved Malaysia is well-placed to survive this unnecessary tragedy as led by a NORMAL YAB Dato Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi and his Team. All will be well and end well. It is best to come closer in ASEAN as we have many commonalities and keep our Region in Peace, Harmony, Prosperity and be friends to all in this small World of ours.

  4. More then maybe75% of Singapore speak Chinese language of sort so they can choose to be with Communist China
    Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa?

    1. Sir, Singaporeans very proud of their pidgin English known as Singlish. China does not want the Singaporeans who are also forgotten by Uncle Sam. Singapore is no longer strategic for the US as modern warfare methods by-pass Singapore which actually depends on the Gurkhas to protect them. Only way for Singapore to survive is to confederate with the United Kingdom. Now is the best time. Negotiations will take 3 years followed by a National Referendum or else Singapore ends up in India ! Believe it or not. Singapore will create the World’s First Teleparliament ! Zelensky has shown the way.

    2. Our beloved Malaysia is the KEY country in South East Asia which the Imperial Japanese Army confirmed in 1941 by attacking Singapore from the rear !

  5. Whilst we Malaysians have been engrossed in our eye-ball to eye-ball politics, the World is reaching towards a crescendo of seismic proportions in terms of the once zero interest regime which was created by the Crash of October 2008. Since then, the World of finance and business was kept stable by zero interest rates which encouraged cheap speculation of all commodities which fed the banks to recover from 2008 ! The Fed being the leader of the World’s Capitaiism did not know what to do until 2022 after the ravages of the American economy via the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Ukraine War. The Fed was forced to move when inflation reached 9.5%. At the material time Britain’s inflation rate was 11.9% and Singapore’s according to CNA 7.5% for August 2022. These are huge figures of inflation which are now forcing the hands of central banks to hike the basic interest rate rapidly. No one can foretell what will happen. The Edge reported Carl Icahn, the American billionaire said that it is going to be much worse. Russia is upping the ante for the Ukraine War with a partial mobilization of 300,000 and spending more on arms for a long war. Finland today closed a main thoroughfare for fighter jets to practice landing in preparation for a Russian attack. Britain brought out a mini-Budget in preparation for more military expenditures. The pound sterling is I = US $ 1.10. The Chinese yuan is weakening. Japan relaxes visa requirements for tourists whilst Hong Kong is giving up its 14 day hotel quarantine for visitors. All these signs bode more headwinds to come for all with the expected drop in revenues of all kinds for Governments. The writing in the wall for our beloved Malaysia is the fact that most countries which she trades with, will be beset with problems of all kinds with indefinite durations. The good times which we took for granted between 1990-2018 have gone in a jiffy. Hopefully, a new NORMAL leadership of UMNO and her BN partners will guide us through this new type of War of Sanctions unscathed. The sooner the better ! Bahasa and Bangsa will have to be put in the back burner for awhile for all to put our efforts to the wheel of success ! MALAYSIA BOLEH !

    1. Historians will tell us in the future about the Leadership bungles of these United States. First, Pearl Harbour 1941. Second, Uncle Sam’s hegemonic spiel of 1992, ‘ Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ The former brought about World War II because America adopted a isolationist policy after World War I. The latter was the fact that America did not destroy both her communist enemies during the Cold War 1948-1989. On hindsight, America is now trying to turn the clock back. It is far too late !

  6. It is good news that the President of UMNO has been acquitted of all charges. It is good that YAB Dato Seri Dr Zahid assumes his rightful place under the Malaysian Political Sun and lead our beloved Malaysia again. A time of the coming of crises of immeasurable proportions and duration whilst Malaysia has still got the time and the wherewithal to protect and ease the sufferings of her citizens. There is n time to waste in public affairs when negative news come flooding in from all directions every day. In other words, this is the time for square pegs in square holes, round pegs in round holes for the humongous Cabinet to get down to business. The business of keeping the Rakyat satisfied and happy. I believe this can be done and will be done by DSDZ and his team. He should discard the term ‘ Keluarga’ and replace it with ‘TEAM’ in which he is the Captain or Leader. All in the Team toe the line ! As it is said ‘ You can only win in the streets by having harmony at home !’, the DSDZ Team will go places by safeguarding our basic nodes of governance . First, the good governance to be meted out by the Government and the Civil Servants. Second, a bountiful supply of rice and other foodstuff to keep down the cost of living and inflation. Third, all extraneous expenditures not conducive to socio-economic intentions are scrapped or put in the back-burner. Fourth, an effort is made to increase employment in finance houses, GLCs, plantations, glove manufacturers etc where super profits are being made. Fifth, there should be focus on proper fiscal methods and the avoidance of pouring in money into failed ventures. Sixth, security of the Rakyat to be enhanced by beefing up the PDRM. Seventh, more efforts to attract the FDI and tourists into our country. Eighth, policies to increase food and aqua-products production is encouraged to create Malaysia as a major hub in food production for the World.. Eighth, a special Agency to monitor and store essential foodstuffs like rice, flour etc to be established and free from CORRUPTION. . A Minister appointed for this important duty to ensure there is always cheap and plentiful rice supplies for all. Ninth, the education curriculum includes the teaching of self-respect, confidence, filial piety, ethics, standards, Sovereignty, National Interest in relation to our beloved Malaysia plus the importance of personal hygiene Tenth, the importance of teamwork as could be encouraged through team sports in schools is encouraged. Eleventh, school teachers are encouraged as a noble profession like the police, medics, military, etc. Twelfth, there must be a follow-up on all the activities so named ! This task is a must for efficiency, competence and delivery of results !

  7. A good example of waste is the millions of unnecessary road bumps created by the DBKL coupled with many roads which are not repaired. My view is why the bumps which cost MONEY. If the recalcitrant driver wants to speed to kill himself without regard to the Highway code and the laws, so be it. Why spend so much money building MORE AND MORE BUMPS which serve absolutely no purpose ? The money spent on the millions of bumps should be spent on repairing the roads ! Quote, ‘Something is wrong somewhere !’ Unquote. As said by an UMNO warlord when he discovered I was not ennobled like all my friends !

  8. It is time again for us to view the headlines as reported in the media for laughs or to cry, thus

    1. FMT. 16 Sept. ‘ Don’t you want more autonomy for Sarawak ?’ Tengku asks Fadillah.’ Time to wake up ! It’s 9 o’clock !
    2. FMT 16 Sept. Nur Jazlan. ‘Trans-PN-BN-Borneo Plan in the works.’ You appeared from nowhere recently. where have you been, NJ ? To see The Queen ?
    3. The Star. 16 Sept. ‘China braces for a slowdown that could be worse than 2020’
    You said it, brother !
    4. MK. 16 Sept. ‘ Improve education system so parents won’t send kids to international school, MP. .’ My kids and grand-kids all went to SMKs. They topped the local and overseas exams. I did not request the National Education System to be changed !
    5. FMT. 18 Sept. ‘Sabah and Sarawak will stick with Malaysia, says Abang Jo’ Someone is feeling guilty ?
    6. FMT. 17 Sept. ‘ Malay Unity Alliance needed as PM again, says Dr M’. The gobbledygook says he is available to be the PM the 3rd time at 98.
    7. The Star. 18 Sept. ‘Sabah and Sarawak quest for more Parliamentary seats could see only one beneficiary says Sim.’ Who is the beneficiary, may I ask ?
    8. The Edge. 21 Sept ‘Singapore among World’s 20 wealthiest cities in 2020’ Global Citizens Report. With nothing, what else is there for Singapore to claim credit ?
    9. The Star. 21 Sept. ‘Zafrul. No plan for ringgit peg. We are not in crisis.’ The first statement.
    10. The Edge. 22 Sept. ‘ Malaysia will not escape global slowdown in 2023 says Zafrul.
    The second statement. Two Wongs do not make a right said an Ozzie PM.
    11. The Edge. 22 Sept. ‘Top Indian court orders forensic audit on Fortiss-IHH share sale.’ Finally, the Indian pigeons are coming home to roost. ANOTHER SCANDAL FOR MALAYSIA. The Singaporean fellow responsible, took RM 100 million salary a year according to The Edge June 2018. With his solid Malaysian training in KL, he is now a Minister in the squeaky clean tiny isle. The 2 Singh brothers had their first deal with this fellow in Singapore and now the troubled Fortiss-IHH deal involving billions of the Malaysian Government’s money. The 2 Singh brothers are in an Indian jail. Who is next?
    12. FMT 24 Sept. ‘Zahid could emerge as BN poster boy now, say analyst. ‘ HIP, HIP, HOORAY, for our beloved Malaysia !
    13. MK 24 Sept. ‘ Dr M willing to be PM again if no other choice says Dr M.’ HIP HIP HOORAY !
    If you feel like laughing please do laugh ! If you feel like crying, please cry loudly ! This is our beloved Malaysia for you and me !

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