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Sharpie cacamarba

Before further update on the Russian referenda in Ukraine, we’ll just take a quick look-see at a map of the African continent.

Behold some of their perfectly straight line borders below!

Omputih rulers simply used a ruler

The national boundary separating Egypt and Sudan is a perfectly straight line drawn horizontally across.

Egypt’s border with Libya is a straight line too, vertically.

Libya’s border with Chad is also a straight line. As well Niger’s border with Algeria — another straight line.

Likewise is Algeria’s border with Mali a straight line. Ditto Mali’s border with Mauritania — yet more straight lines.

Then there are the partial straight-line borders of Mauritania and Western Sahara as well as along national boundaries between a few other African countries going southwards on the continental map.

These perfectly straight lines are unnatural!

Why Africa’s borders are a mess

The video above and map below provide some answers for the ‘messy’ (straight) state of African borders.

British magazine The Economist, in its article ‘Why Africa’s borders are a mess’, also takes a stab at providing an explanation for unrealistic borders that are the colonial legacy.

“Colonial administrators drew lines on maps,” explained The Economist on 17 Nov 2016 but adding “The reality on the ground is quite different”.

Source: Map pdf here

Well, The Economist should know some because after all, Great Britain’s colonial enterprise – together with its frenemy France’s – contributed most greatly to our present-day Africa territorial map.

In late 2016, there were nineteen border disputes bubbling across the continent, according to African Union’s head of conflict prevention Fred Gateretse Ngoga — as quoted in The Economist.

Many Africans living in the borderlands disagree with these artificial demarcation lines which were drawn arbitrarily.

And there have been too many intra-African wars in the post-colonial era for us outsiders to keep track of.

For example, Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia through a war of independence. After a referendum in 1993, Eritrea was recognised as a sovereign nation.

Similarly South Sudan seceded from Sudan after a long civil war. Following a referendum in 2011, South Sudan was recognised as a new independent country.

(Ukraine became its own modern country after the breakup of USSR and a referendum in December 1991.)

BELOW: Why shouldn’t eastern Ukraine hold a referenda again today?

Never underestimate role of language

People are a ‘nation’ when they have religion, race, culture and language, history, custom and traditions in common.

After their split, South Sudan became a Christian-majority country while Sudan remained a Muslim-majority country.

In Eritrea, Arabic is one of its official languages. Others are English and Tigrinya. In Ethiopia, neither Arabic nor English are official languages.

There is a deterministic link between bahasa and bangsa. The term ‘nation state’ is expressed in bahasa Melayu as ‘negara bangsa’.

Remember this important language factor when we next discuss Bangsa Malaysia another time.



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8 thoughts on “Sharpie cacamarba

  1. you may cite quebec and catalonia, which is a more progressive society to support your assertion, however what about independence of canada and usa from uk which majority are english speaker, not to mention only 30% chinese speak beijing dialect ie putonghua/mandarin when ccp came to power, most southern chinese especially guangzhou and fujian dont speak putonghua, almost all taiwan native and earlier generation chinese that move to taiwan only learn mandarin after jiang jieshi flee to taiwan.

    what you said is merely facts, not necessarily a indication or prophecy that show any determinist link, there are too many other factor and variable.

    to me, inclusivity is still a workable solution.

    1. We’ll discuss Taiwan – maybe by next week – after the Ukraine referendums are concluded.

      For sure Luhansk and Donetsk will vote to join Russia. The other two oblasts are, respectively half, and a quarter Russian speakers.

      Interesting to see the vote margin in Kherson.

      1. Today, the CNA reported that a journalist at the UN asked Lavrov the Russian Foreign Minister whether China pressured Russia concerning the Ukraine War. He avoided the question. If true, it shows that China has no appetite for War. Still less for an unnecessary attack on Taiwan which is China but for the politics.

        1. I watched the Lavrov UN press conference from start to finish. The particular reporter asked a loaded and leading question. The Russian Foreign Minister considered her interaction to be in bad faith.

          Some members of the media displayed open hostility to him and were clearly biased.

        2. russia invasion started after meet up china in winter olympic, russia propose mobilisation after meet up with china again in sco this month. russia leak video show china no3 li zhanshu justify russian invasion, and would provide support and necessary cordination (策应).

          whenever a article talk about taiwan in any china forum, at least 90% comments talk about liberation by forced and give up illusion of peaceful unification.

          not sure how ccp a symbol of peace.

          1. There will be no War by China over Taiwan even with the greatest interference or intimidation by these United States. War just does not fit into the Chinese equation at the present time. Not only that, War initiated by China will only confirm what the US and Allies have been accusing China as an authoritarian State. With the determination by Biden to draw the lines not in the sand but in concrete, the World is now up for grabs. The little noises coming out of tiny Singapore in the UN clearly revealed the extent of backlash which will fall upon small states. It therefore pays and pays for our beloved Malaysia to play the ASEAN card for the first time in international politics. Please note, with the exception of the maverick Myanmar, Peace, Harmony, Prosperity reign in ASEAN, probably the only such haven in this troubled World. Hidup Malaysia. Hidup ASEAN !

            1. its ccp that intimate and interfere taiwan from time to time, dont blame american on everything. talk to any young taiwanese, they detest communist china like how all the small nation around russia condemn that bully. ccp claim almost the entire south sea and i agree all asean can do is to pretense ccp is all for peace.

  2. Some historians recorded that the British grabbed so much of Africa in the 19th Century, they found it was a mistake as these conquered lands were not profitable commercially. Hence, the British neglected their territories till their independence in the 20th Century without a proper administrative structure and an impoverished population. See how fortunate Malaya was. Yet, without any consideration for our history, much wealth was squandered. Despite this unwarranted setback, Malaysia will recover given a Normal Leadership to show the way. Who will be the NORMAL, a 98 year old or a 21 year old ? Or someone in between ?

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