2 thoughts on “Racist cat, hahaha

  1. i recall the lou jing event in shanghai many years back, at that time, many claim that the chinese are not capable of racial like whites do, but look at the reaction and comment, the chinese are equally capable of being racist. so dont simply draw a conclusion that chinese are not capable of war, to invade, and to conquer etc.


    1. No one will say the Chinese are not capable of winning a War. The 1952-1953 Korean War and the 1962 Sino-Indian Wars were fine example of China’s capabilities. I say that War is not in China’s equation now or at any point in the future because she does not depend on wars to progress if anyone understands the history of the United States and China, especially a Chinese. Over 20 years ago, a US spy plane operating near Hainan Island collided with a Chinese jet which crashed. This was well before the present South China sea tussle over sovereignty and territories. In fact, the activities of the 5th US Fleet never ended with World War II. Fat Leonard’s activities track the the 5th US Fleet through the Western Pacific. It is the drawing of lines in concrete and not sand which now highlight scenarios which were previously unknown or not reported.

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