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Political Christianity and its effective brainwashing

Today (Sept 27) is the state funeral for slain former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

The suspect in Abe’s killing is Tetsuya Yamagami who allegedly murdered the ex-PM in revenge.

Yamagami sought to assassinate Abe because of the poisonous links between the latter’s political party and the politically active Unification Church.

Yamagami claimed that his mother had been irretrievably brainwashed by the manipulative church.

Japan’s ruling party LDP (note: the Liberal Democratic Party is the late Abe’s party) has deep connections with the controversial church.

The LDP has since confirmed that 179 out of 379 its lawmakers surveyed were found to have “interacted” with the church, Reuters reported last week.

The church successfully sunk its many tentacles into Japanese politics even though Christianity is ‘only’ a minority religion in Japan.

Political Christianity there is almost cultish in its recruitment and indoctrination of the rabid supporters.



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3 thoughts on “Political Christianity and its effective brainwashing

  1. Political Christianity is openly overt and aggressive in Malaysia which is a majority Muslim Nation via the BACs or born again christians, a religious cult born out of a quirk in the Malaysian laws beginning 1975. The historical track of this cult may be clearly tracked in Malaysia beginning with a crooked Chinese tycoon who found this sort of cult suitable for his money laundering and income tax evasion in property development and banking/finance. Other crooked Chinese tycoons jumped on the bandwagon. The BACs are now deeply entrenched in Malaysian politics battling away their type of satans after capturing the Chinese chauvinistic DAP with a Lee Kuan Yew bent since 1966 for a song. As soon as the BACs were in POWER in April, 2022, they amended the DAP’s constitution to be less democratic under the pretext of party discipline. If the 99% Malaysian Chinese still do not realize that the DAP is no longer controlled by the Chinese but by Chinese- looking BACs robots, nothing will save them for being misled big-time into an abyss ! A foreign cult which destroys all manner of things Chinese like their beliefs for 5,000 years in Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, customs and culture, fine porcelain, furniture etc. The 99% Chinese already had a taste of the forked tongue by these BACs which completely misled them and vaulted the fakes into POWER for just 22 months. It is time the 99% Chinese vote BN which has been their traditional representative with no bluffing or brainwashing since Merdeka 1957 !

    1. The Japanese carried out a pogrom against Christian missionaries and BACs in Nagasaki during the era of the Tokugawa shogunate.

      But the martyrs have made a stealthy comeback to Japan in the postwar period. Hence the backlash from the Japanese non-Christian public against Abe’s (given honour of) state funeral.

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