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The root of Guan Eng’s anti-PAS animus

Lim Guan Eng today issued another press statement attacking Hadi Awang and PAS — something the DAP chairman has been doing nonstop.

In his latest diatribe, Guan Eng claimed that Hadi lied when he (Hadi) had supposedly alleged that (Pakatan Harapan) “PH was dominated by non-Muslims who are anti-Islam and anti Malay”.

Should Hadi have been more explicit and highlighted instead that DAP is dominated by Born Again Christians such as Guan Eng and his ilk?


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14 thoughts on “The root of Guan Eng’s anti-PAS animus

  1. For the very first time in Malaysian Politics, we see the entry of religion as an active participant instead of communal. Let us face it. How can the BACs or born again christians garner so much political Power without the Income Tax Free money Power from its many bases around the country and from overseas ? And why do the BACs or born again christians want to rule in a Muslim majority country apparently with others? Why don’t these BACs or born again christians just confine themselves as evangelists which is strictly their ken ? Or the BACs or born again christians assume that they have the advantage of looking like the Chinese to represent the Chinese even though they have NO Chinese-ness inside ? It is obvious that the BACs or born again christians can only gain ascendancy because the communal politics of the Malaysian Chinese is weak and open to manipulation by the others especially the BACs or born again christians. The larger picture of this unique Malaysian political scenario is the entry of foreign interests in an important strategic country like Malaysia which is destined to be one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny Singapore ! We live in a World which is transparent to all. To assume that no one cares about us Malaysians, is a grave mistake. In fact, being in the centre of things, Malaysia stands out as the transit point for all activities as the many illegal cases have shown us. Therefore, our security is under threat all the time from within and without. And Malaysia may become a sort of battleground for others unwittingly. Forewarned is forearmed as always. BACs or no BACs !

  2. Why Lim Guan Eng has taken up the cudgels alone to down PAS ? Because he wants to be the knight in rusty armour to tilt at Don Quixote and the proverbial windmill without Sanchez by his side. Do you think the Malaysian Chinese will swallow this one hook line and sinker like in the 14th GE ? Not a bit. The weakness of the BACs or born again christians is that they turned out to be worse than their political colleagues from other parties who never claimed to be squeaky clean whilst festooned with all manner of Suits connected with big bucks as alleged. Even these BACs or born again christians eschew all things Chinese but their weakness for a sumptuous 10 course Chinese dinner cannot be hidden by the well-fed girths of their leaders. In one suggestion, I proposed that the DAP senior veteran join DSAI for a Gandhi-like 100 day fast to death event to win POWER at Putrajaya. Not a squeak was heard from these battle-hardened duo well who are well-versed in the arts of hot air and BS like ye olde Lee Kuan Yew ! Who says Malaysian Politicians are underpaid or our beloved Malaysia do not provide opportunities to the cunning and astute ? Here are the groups which are well cared for by the public’s money and tax free too !. i) The Politicians. ii) The BACs or born again christians. iii) the NGOs. You get ennobled, freedom of cities faraway and pockets stuffed with cash if you know how. iv) The Youths. A youth made an attempt to short-cut the experience of a youth to become an adult at 40? or 50? I wonder what comes next ? Cats with 2 tales? Its our beloved Malaysia for you and me !

    1. You can. But the others thrive on religion mixed with communal politics. The very first of its kind in the World. History recorded this is a dangerous mix. I do not understand why the BACs or born again christians move this way to POWER. Just a minority of 500,000 souls.

    2. HY. I strongly believe that none of the political parties have the slightest gumption to develop a policy or policies to deal with the macro-socio-economic problems now looming over our beloved Malaysia. Still less the micro-socio-economics issues. The Nation lost 22 years of proper development of Leadership as per our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong plus another 20 years which followed 2004-2022, the Era of the Playboys/girls at the Public expense. At the end of the day, the Nation ended with more than 1MDB and over 300 money losing GLCs in an increasing difficult environment. I n 1957, if you tell me that Malaya will end up like darkest Africa, I would have shot you. Throughout, 1972-2022, 3 Generations of real Malay elites were self-destruct which now leaves us with the fakes, the copy-cats, the clowns and the liars. Without real Malay elites, the non-Malay elites cannot develop or progress as per the Constitution. This is the nub of Malaysia’s problem today. The want of a Normal Leadership at the very top. No more. No less. Comparatively, the shenanigans of LGE do not make any impact anywhere ! It’s the broad strokes that count. LGE’s high-profiling will be forgotten the very next day. That’s a fact. That’s Malaysia for you and me ! During the PH Government, 2018-2020, LGE had the chance to write volumes of his good-works. But it turned out he could produce only a damp squib – all alleged goodies given to Singapore or alleged cases dropped by the alleged controversial AG are not included, to be fair and just !

      1. uncle, economy thrive and grow require freedom and liberation. umno (start with mahathir era) make use of glc to ensure most major biz is under their control. from a racial perspective the wealth distribution do shift, however the creativity reduce and risk factor increase correspondingly. we perhaps achiece some sort of objective of the nep but regionally and worldwide, we have to see who could break out from the middle income trap: china india indonesia vietnam and msia.

        chinese msian still manage well in low margin manufacturing, on the condition that govt continue to subsidize energy and import of cheap labour (more and more difficult unless god bless us with inexhaustible oil and bangladesh forever poor) while on the technology front, didnt you notice sporean almost buy up most of msia start up that demonstrate potential?

        thats why i tell if msia will to continue with umno or umno kind of political ideology, we can still proudly claim we are stable and happy with what we are and have, when the other march on. i am not saying this is bad, not everyone want to be a millionaire, but umno politician definitely want to be one, and this is the best approach to achieve their goal, thanks to the very kind and tidak apa malaysian.

        1. HY. You are right to express the sentiments generally accepted by the public. But no one has said that different communities do have different attributes which combined together creates a practical and workable amalgam of human efforts. In other words, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. What is holding back a close detente of the different communities is the suspicion and fear which have been used or manipulated by the mischievous leaders to pull support to their side or to justify hidden crimes. I have closely observed my compatriots since 1954. They began poor and penniless. But once, rich and powerful, they forget their past and origins. All communities behaved like this without exception. To this day, I wonder if this sort of crass behaviour was a creation of a rough and tough colonial society or a manifestation of the normal behaviour of Humankind. To foretell or stereotype human behaviour is well nigh impossible. What to do ? If we have Leaders who only lead themselves unlike the Greats of the past in our Malaysia’s history, large sections of the population are not aware of their strengths but only their weaknesses. There is a hint by you of the unawareness of the Chinese of their own 5,000 years origins and strengths. What you stressed was only the apparent weakness and fear of others, from a Chinese viewpoint at present. I believe in reaching out and do things with my compatriot, Malays or non-Malays. The public arena is a two way street. If they are insouciance, it is their right and to their loss. With all the failings which are experienced or felt or assumed by the Malays or non-Malays about each other, I have always exhorted the urgent need for our beloved Malaysia to be led by a NORMAL MALAY LEADER AGAIN like some of our early Prime Ministers who were always aware of their humble status, the rights of others, their duties and services to King and Country and God’s Will. How many Prime Ministers in this World have handled hard cash with no feelings giving rise to more and more ? Search your self HY. You will find our beloved Malaysia is the best home for all in this World. We do not need the Singaporeans to find this out or tell us. Vide. The Edge. Singapore snapped up all the Malaysian start-ups ! Today ! As for LGE’s age-old gambit and attacks on PAS. only the 15th GE will tell us whether it is the right strategy of just a DESPERATE GAMBLE now that the DAP is up the tree with the BACs or born again christians.

          1. uncle, i think you miss my point. i always say chinese is equally capable of racial, bribing, war and conquer hence dont always accuse usa, colonialism, islam, malay this and muslim that.

            to make it more clear, what i am trying to say is if the country policy tend to make use of government machinery via glc to compete with commoners in commercial and business (which in our case many are chinese), this would kill entrepreneurship, i am not talking about race, just coincidentally our govt is essentially a malay govt. one cant have the cake and eat it too, you cant produce a great national car with a forever protectionism not only country based, and race based somemore. its very easy to say reach out, thats why we see how our young businessman reach out to singapore and singapore fund.

            uncle, how many of your family member remain here and trying to reach out. slogan is meaningless to a talent and entrepreneur, they look at opportunity. so no, i am not talking about race, me also talk the fundamental of human character.

            1. HY. You are talking to the person who delivered the best from the 1960s-2000. Think. In 2 weeks in 1965, I built an international shooting range for the SEAP Games 1965 from a mine’s tailing.. In 1966, at rhe request of the Olympic Council President, Tun Abdul Razak, I restructured the Selangor Shooting Assn controlled by 33 Taipo Hakkas into a multi-racial sports organizatioan with thousands of members who won a Teheran Asian Games Gold Medal in 1972. I also won medals as an unbeaten champion in the sport for Malaysia. As a member of the EPF Board of Trustees, from 1968, I insisted the EPF complied with the Trustees Ordinance. EPF did not do any business till I left in 1974. From 1972-1991, I was a member of the Board of Directors, Bank Negara Malaysia which was World renowned and had gold in the vaults. The Ringgit = SG$ 1.03. In November 1975, I delivered the 1st GLC in the World, Sime Darby to the Malays supported by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak so that THE CHINESE WERE FREE TO DO BUSINESS WITHOUT HINDRANCE and the Malays fast tracked into big business because on 13 May 1969, the Malays had just 2% of the economy, the British 70% of the best and the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate assets. For this effort, a MCA Leader called me ‘ A Malay Bum Sucker ‘. With this excuse, he cheated his own Chinese and went to jail on both sides of the Causeway. From 1975-1984, I saved the biggest corporate bankruptcy, Folex Industries Berhad, in Malaysia up to today WITHOUT A SINGLE SEN FROM THE CONSORTIUM OF BANKS LED BY MIDF, HSBC, STANDARD CHARTERED, BANGKOK, UMBC AND MOSCOW NARODNY. I made millions of ringgits for the shareholders. I was paid RM 7,000 per month for 9 years. Now, executives wallop RM 500,00 salary per month. At the end I could make light arms, textile machinery, motorcars, steel, etc. I found the Government only interested in the FTZs and the products I mentioned were allotted separately to associates. Also, after collecting their money in full, , the banks walked away as though they did not know me. In 1975, I proposed the establishment of the Bank Simpanan Nasional. In 1984, I restructured Bank Bumiputra together with others. And many, many more. In 1957, I donated my father’s mansion with 13 acres to be the First Istana Negara 1957-2010. Because of the peculiar communal compartmentalization of the communities with a heavy political overlay, information about my many contributions to the Nation was suppressed. To this day, no one has surpassed my record of contributions to the Nation in the National Interest. I understand you, HY. Do not believe that the Chinese in Malaysia did not contribute to the Nation as publicly stated by some others. The Chinese all contributed to the Nation like all the others as history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Think. It was the British who pointed their fingers at the Chinese as profiteers. How could the Chinese be profiteers when the British owned and controlled 70% of the best assets and goods were ONLY distributed by British trading houses like Sime Darby, Guthries, Harrisons & Crosfields, Bousteads, East Asiatic, etc. ? The trading risks were borne by the Chinese agents which reached right out to the small towns or villages. That was how British Colonialism worked. It was the lack of true information which led to many misunderstandings between the communities to day.

              1. Sori. A small typo error. My humble apologies. 1972-1981 I was the youngest Director of the Board of Directors, Bank Negara Malaysia to this day. The Golden Age of Bank Negara Malaysia.

              2. HY. Here are my further contributions as a Chinese born and bred in Malaya. In 1990, my Renong Berhad monetize the assets of UMNO. Do you know what this meant ? Not only that, I lent 9 million Renong Berhad shares to UMNO Baru to redeem the old UMNO assets from the Official Assignee. I donated to the buildings of the UMNO, MCA and the Kelantan UMNO ( MB Hj Yacob was my friend ). I donated the World’s best Gold and Silver Coins of 18th & 19th Century Malay Sultanates to Bank Negara Malaysia and one set each of the best Straits Settlements coins to Bank Negara Malaysia and Maybank. I donated 3,000 World’s best Malaysiana books to UTAR in 2008. And many more. Who says the Chinese did not contribute anything to Malaya/Malaysia, HY ? These fellows must be from Mars !

            2. HY. With all due respect, there are English educated Malaysian Chinese who are argumentative and basically have no Chinese cultural ballast in them. But they think very highly of themselves. On the road, you meet these types driving Honda CRVs. First, I was driving a MyVi along a narrow road ahead of this Chinese who deliberately squeezed me on my right. I followed him to his house. Second, a few months ago, another Chinese in a Honda CRV drove into a yellow square in a traffic jam at the bottom of the Maybank HQ blocking all. Third, another Chinese in a Honda CRV, dashed into the small space in front of my MYVi as I was slowing down before a set of traffic lights. Fourth, a MIC Tan Sri in his white Porsche cut across a double white line just before the bridge near the Science Museum. His left door was completely damaged. Not a scratch on my Toyota. His bodyguard took the keys of my car and ordered me to drive to the Porsche workshop owned by Sime Darby. A company in which I got for the Malays and was a Director for 18 years. I did not call my lawyer nor identify myself. He forced me to pay for the damage which cost RM 10,000. He asked me where I lived. I said Bukit Tunku. His eyes rolled because he told me he lived in Bukit Damasara. A few weeks later, a drunken Chinaman crashed into my garden and paid me RM 7,000. In 2018, MIC lost all and later the Covid-19 hit the MIC Tan Sri businesses which lost millions of ringgits. Man proposes. God disposes. Like tiny arrogant Singapore ! I hope you understand what I am trying to say to strangers, HY !

  3. uncle, interesting journey, however do you think your next generation can walk the same path as you did? how many chinese in midf, bnm, maybank or any glc today? umno used to tolerate a tauke mca, do they still tolerate a no more tauke mca today? umno remain in power applying the same approach, while now pas emulate the same way hoping the malay would pick the most racist one as their choice. if you remain in your position, you are depriving the malay a right to their privilege, is this not the mainstream thought among most malay? moreover you are also a tauke, or from a tauke clan, with pretty impressive academics and experience in an era when malay is synonymous with backwardness.

    we either obliterate this kind of umno/pas politicking, or we do as what helen imply, we live in a rather peaceful, tolerate and pretense everything is fine msia. i opt the latter since i am quite use to it and the former is rather unreachable, but i hope my kids can have a choice, could be better or worst, i dont know.

  4. i think there are ground why the british label chinese as profiteer, british can be a bully but they are generally respect the spirit of contract, while chinese have the habit to twist and spin on contract, agreement and promise. my observation could be wrong wrt westerner but i am pretty sure how most chinese attitude towards agreement contract and promise.

    not only chinese tauke made contribution, the leftist, the islamist, the socialist also made lots of contribution, are they being properly documented and told in any official platform? umno govt is no diff with ccp, they revise history like how a kids amend their drawing, disregard any fact, logic and sanity, this revisionist though all readers are kids and ignorant.

    yes, write as much as you can, its up to the reader to draw one conclusion.

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